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  1. Actuay Tshirts and Mugs are quite easy to get. And hats, unless you're all talking about hats shaped like the characters' heads. You can just buy iron-on sheets and print out AV stuff then iron it to shirts Mugs are harder, but I know there are shops that can take special print orders on mugs.
  2. Meh, sugar-coated reviews don't only happen in Amaranth.. This may be off-topic... I once wrote a crappy story, which has no plot whatsoever, and posted it in FFN. The only comments that aren't sugar-coated were this one that said my grammar needs working and another random flame saying "you hate this character so you suck!!1111!".. It's not until much later did I find that my story was "wanked" in a forum somewhere. Wanking is... mocking the stupid points of the story, I guess. I am fine with the wanking, since I myself now know that the story suck. It's so bad that I can't stand reading it myself. I wished they had honestly told me that my story suck in a review. It's like bad-mouthing me behind my back. How am I supposed to know that story is bad? At that time, that particular section of FFN is littered with similarly written stories, so I thought it was a great idea..
  3. @griselmay & natalie: Thanks I'm still working on my skills
  4. @Delphinus: Haha too bad. I never post my pics too. This is an exception, because my face don't really show. @thha: I guess the old paper pattern made it look like a bloody pic or a WANTED poster... Mwahahahaha @DAT: I am teh evilz :evil:
  5. I have 3 dreams and I'm confused. Well.. Rant ahead. First, is write and publish a novel. Or a novel series. Although it seems the easiest, and it probably is the easiest of all the goals, it's still quite hard achieve. Because the exact goal is to write a novel that could knock out Stephenie Meyer's fandom, be it the Twilight series or the Host. That wretched woman's writing is atrocious, a disgrace to literature - if it could be called literature at all, and has inspired people to commit serious crime, cause harm to the society, and cause people to act stupidly. So if I succeed in achieving this goal, I am doing the world a whole lot of good. The hardest thing is that I'd really like to win against Stephenie Meyer WHILE Twilight and the Host are still hot on sale. It won't be as satisfying if I defeat her in sales or in popularity when her works are long and forgotten save for the extremely loyal fans. On this, I do have a plot which I'm working to perfect right now. I swear, the more I work on it, the more crazy it gets. I think I'm gonna pull a mangaka on that and go by the flow and just let things happen.. Wait, isn't that what crappy writers do? Bleh. Second, create and publish a freaking MANGA. Because for some reason my ideas always spiral down to insanity that would NOT work in a novel. I know the cause; I've been reading too much manga. The problem is, I don't have enough supplies, I still suck at drawing backgrounds and effects, and, since I want to have this out in the world, not just circulating in Indonesia, I'm not sure if I must draw the sound effects in Japanese. Geez! Tones are damned expensive. I need more funds to do this. And a story. I mean, the big problem is that I never manage to complete a damned story. So yeah. Once I get a story handy, if possible my OWN story, I'll try and do it. If the worse comes, I'll use digital toning. I mean, I'm not THAT crappy with CG. I might be able to render a good tone. Tyshea managed it so why can't I? (11/9/09) Weeeelllll... Since epic manga are kinda hard to make and plot... Anyway, n00b mangakas start with oneshots right? Or at least one whole volume of crap (like Dramacon). And I just found out how mangaka writes their story: get a basic concept, then simply DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Of course, that would only work if the manga is in series. Oneshots needs to be well-thought. Thought I'd follow that way of thinking and work. After all, I get basic concepts easily, then go "What the hell, I don't know what happens". Third is make an anime. I won't say cartoon, because cartoon means those goofy Cartoon Network-style stupidity. Yeah, basically the same problem about the story, AND actually animating the stuff. Hey, animating is pretty much hard. I asked around and all they say is practice makes perfect. It doesn't help. I need to know where and what should happen in the next frame. So to speak, frame-by-frame animation isn't really effective these days. So what do I do? I don't know. Really, this sucks. And I meant anime as in 2D animation. Not Final Fantasy-esque 3D anime. If that could be called anime at all. On second thought, it’ll be cooler to be able to make those 3D animations. Whatever. Anime. No matter if it's my story or not. Last, make a friggin GAME. This is way off the others so either this or the others. Well, the choice is this or anime, actually. So the levelling is game or anime, then manga, then novels. Such and such, I think games are harder to make. First, the QUEST. Stories alone aren't enough unless you only want to make these... visual novels. Or Dating Sims or stuff like that. sighs I kinda get ideas from watching other cool games like KOEI's Warriors (Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, and Warriors Orochi). Though it'd be epic if I made something with Hetalia. I sawe in this game magazine a strategy game about the Napoleonic wars or something like that. Combining history and just plain fun should do good.
  6. Ehh? do I? It's just a normal grin that anyone could have...
  7. Did i post here yet? Okay.. I still don't want to show my face here so... Some stuff I've posted in the Collegium. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Agasgreetings.jpg[/img] http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/HetaliaID.jpg[/img]
  8. Hats... Hmm, when I'm done with the load of stuff I really need to do, I think I'll give hats a shot.
  9. Ahhh, I was talking about weeeee. I'm not new too, but I never introduced myself before.
  10. Woot!! New people!! welcome to the kingdom
  11. @Arwen: I do have a lot of stuff, but they're back home in Indonesia and I'm now in the states, and I can't very well take EVERYTHING here TT___TT
  12. daeva_agas

    Nick Names

    Hmm... if other IDs can be considered username... Used to like to call myself Jazz online. But.. I don't really like it anymore. My current fave ID/name is AngelERenoir or AERenoir. Or just "renoir". Daeva_Agas is made especially for Amaranthia.
  13. @Jayshe: Canon pairing is the pairing that the original author/director intended it to be. For example, in Harry Potter Harry/Ginny is canon because it happened in the book. Harry/Hermione is NOT canon because they are not a couple in the book. Understand it better now? @Arwen: hehehe, I like a lot of art remember? On that note, I probably should add that I don't like watching TV and i don't really care about movies. I'm very loyal to the old stuff I like and it's hard for me to move on to new stuff. I usually like things when they are out of fashion (not that popular anymore). Once I like something, I stick on to it for ages. And even if I don't really like it anymore, I still read its fanfics/browse fanarts/ lurk in its community just for the heck of it.
  14. Sigh... It's hard to keep track on who is replying to who if you don't write which Amaranthian you're talking to. Arwengirl: I used the original pixels from the game as my chart. Open it in Paint or something, then zoom it in real big. Then I get to see the colour palette. Now each colour turned out to be used so little in the picture that if I go and buy floss/yarn, a lot of the floss would be wasted because I don't use a lot and the floss come in big amounts.
  15. @arwengirl: The only problem with this is that I base my cross stitch on the pixels directly taken from the game, and.. in involves a ton of colours that would just go to waste once I'm done with said daeva... *sigh*
  16. Whew.. Nickname.... i conjure myself a different username for different sites, but the most commonly used is AngelERenoir or AERenoir, and daeva_agas is made just especially for Amaranthia. I'm originally from Indonesia, but now I'm an International student in the US. I go to Bellevue college in Bellevue, Washington. I major in Animation. I like doing practically any form of art I can think of, except for maybe photography, and I can do well in most of them. I like sports that don't involve water or being tackled to the ground. My faves are reading manga and light-ish novels, preferrably fantasy, and certain fanfictions, drawing, digital painting/colouring, and writing. I'm also very excited about knitting, crochet, cross stitch and sewing. I don't really care about things, and I'm very lazy most of the time, unless the thing I need to do is really necessary (homeworks, paying school fee), and i don't have any particular preference to anything. I like and dislike when I see/hear/taste them. I approach things neutrally and judge after I've encountered it, unless I have been told bad things about them. I am a person who usually have a different opinion than others, and most of the time I do not like canon pairings in stories (unless there is no other possibilities). Fave movie: Phantom of the Opera (seen in my avvie and sig) and Pirates of the Caribbean Fave song: I like when I hear Fave actress: None. For some reason I think they're all lame. Fave actor: Johnny Depp. He's a good actor. Fave book: I like when I read them. Fave manga: Mainly Saiyuki and Axis Powers Hetalia. I also like a few others that catch my eye. Yakitate!Japan, Bakuman, Detective Conan, Hellsing, and Trinity Blood. End rant I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU CALL ME IN OTHER SITES BUT CALL ME AGAS HERE. "DAEVA" JUST SOUND WEIRD.
  17. International student simply means I'm not a USA citizen. and it's annoying because we pay about 3 times as much as citizens do. CALL ME AGAS!!!
  18. daeva_agas

    Nick Names

    Nanghaithya is debatable, as he/she is one of the daevas and all daevas are supposed to be male. Agas is a "drug" (heck, why do they come up with weird names???) and the Drugs are supposed to be all-girls. Weird myths contradict each other sometimes.
  19. International student in the US I'm from Indonesia.
  20. Oooo... really stuff Can't bring myself to scrounge up something. Animation class is hell. Too many drawings to do..
  21. Oh.. That. Sounds pretty normal to me Then again, I seem to be spouting weird wisdom once in a while... Speaking of my avvie, don't you just feel like giving him a hug? :Tongue: I sure do
  22. daeva_agas

    Nick Names

    Well.. you can't really come up with anything much since my ID is already somewhat a name. I prefer being called Agas rather than Daeva. In the real myth Agas is a girl, so there.
  23. Whoaa... Lots of awesome idea suggestions here!!! Tei, I want to see pics!!! *hunts down Tei* With all those manga/anime talk, I'm pretty sure my crack doujin project might turn serious anytime now... I have a cross stitch of the AV1 daevas project going on. Hunting for embroidery floss now..
  24. Whew, I almost never keep track of my sigs... Or maybe I did.. Lets see http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Daevasig-1.jpg[/img] http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Siggie-1.gif[/img] Only found these 2. I guess I didn't change my avvie and sig much... I'm pretty sure the sig(s) before these neither made any sense nor were memorable whatsoever.
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