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  1. Creepy is good all the better for Halloween
  2. Woot!! My Phantom set is finally complete!!! I think I'm changing my sig again later.. This one is somewhat not right....
  3. Wait, what's deep? My words in the PM is normal... My sig? I thought it's just this.... random catchphrase? If we're talking about my sig, I suggest you reply quick cuz I'm changing my sig and.. I hope you don't forget my old sig.
  4. I hate to rant here, but I'm really annoyed!! My sig PSD file just crashed!!! It kept on saying that the file is not correct format, but it IS PSD and it's alright in the morning.
  5. Ooohh.. Miku Miku's songs are awesome But for looks i prefer the Kagamine twins Annnddd.... I have a new avvie. It's the Phantom of the Opera because trying to move away from the daevas for a bit. Matching sig coming soon... If that accursed PSD file doesn't crash.
  6. I gave you my answer via PM.. Personal tastes can't be forced. Each one to their own...
  7. @ DAT: Waiiiii!!!! Sooooo cute!!! Looked like my dogs when they're puppies @all who asked questions: My dog is a mix-breed dog. I don't know what specific kind because I don't know what kind is the mom (my other dog) and the dad is some random dog who came into my house. My dog is a she, her name is Uno. She is one of a 5-puppy litter, and she happened to have 2 siblings looking very similar to her so we called the "triplets" Uno, Dos and Tres. Uno grew up looking a tad different from Dos and Tres. Where are the other dogs now? we gave away 3 and Dos died.
  8. My fave dog out of the 2 dogs I have. This one's got something wrong with her teeth... Curled up in my room http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/P1010451.jpg[/img] Again http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/P1010449.jpg[/img] And not curled up http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/P1000825.jpg[/img]
  9. @elonah: I draw a lot, yeah. I stuff my papers in this book and now the papers stuffed in the book have accumulated into a pile about 3 times thicker than the book itself. Lar's Diary of gabirela? What's that? Link please. @sandstorm: Unfortunately, I have other plans for the love potion already. Unless the alchemist had been so kind to give the team 5 love potion or something. Sorry~ I DID say I can't fuflfill requests that contradict my original plans, unless the new ideas are better than my plans.
  10. @pinkjaguar: Yes I DID. I played the game about 4-5 times that I have practically explored ALL explorable holes/caves/places. I don't care about canon pairing or true ending or what have you. I am a person who ALWAYS hates canon pairings, except for certain cases. I'd rather see Rhen marry Aesma and Dameon can rot in his Sun shrine for all I care.
  11. @natalie: SAIYUKI!!!!!! Yay! it's Sanzo!
  12. @wolfie_girl: VOCALOID!!!! I totally LOVE rin and Len. It's awesome!!
  13. MC's avvie is cute. I like the black-cat thing licking the "screen"
  14. I only playes AV1 coz I'm too lazy to play the others. The first one was the druid. When I saw the druid frozen solid I was like, "AAAAGGHH!!!! Why's the druid frozen? What do I DOOOOO??????" And I got hold of a walkthrough and finally solved the problem. The second one was Indra. I was wandering around the snow caverns trying to find the blasted daeva and when I finally found this room, I thought, "What the heck, there's only an ice elemental, and there's so many monsters guarding it??" and left. The problem? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ICE ELEMENTAL!!! Just as I got out of the room I realized the fact that ice elementals don't exist and that was Indra there. So I hurried back to the room and had to fight that crowd of creatures all over again.
  15. I did consider a design, but it kinda got lost in my giant pile of papers. I'm gonna need to redo it
  16. @silvermist: Call me Agas. That grey thing is a horn. And I stole my ID name from him (Agas). In AV1 he's one of your enemies, but I like to draw him
  17. @natalie: your Vampire Knight set is cute too @D.A.T: Oooh... Dragons.
  18. Just changed my avvie and sig. Not quite a set, but more or less from the same "series". Taken from the future chapter covers of my Aveyond comic. Original pics can be seen in .... my collegium submissions.
  19. @pinkjaguar12: You'll probably be mad at my work later coz you sound like you like Dameon. I HATE Dameon and I have something evil planned out for him. @elonah: Zarich huh? Good lord, since the poll has stopped I lost track of the votes!!!
  20. I'm barely scraping time myself. I've got everything planned, just a matter of actually doing them. Thanks for supporting
  21. Well, I'm only going to take actual college classes this fall. I've been attending college, yes, but I'm only taking High School Completion program.
  22. I kinda got bogged down with stuff coz I'm moving to another college that's in another city altogether. I had to arrange for a new place to stay and my diploma just got sent to my old address and I need to make sure the person there didn't chuck it in the bin or stuff GAH!!!
  23. You can use this program called Flashget. You can google it. The catch is that this program only works in Internet Explorer. It won't work if you use firefox .
  24. @TrueShadow: Hahaha.... Call me anti-feminist and all, but I still find it weird for a woman to dominate the man in a household. Women superior to men in jobs or other stuff is fine, but not in the household.
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