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  1. I decided to just go ahead and start with the pages rather than wait for the cover. Who friggin cares about the sequence? T.T
  2. zarick? Whozzat? Zarich is the hooded daeva guy. Zarick is?
  3. Whew, everyone have cool avvies and sigs. Mine's lame and i never change them. So boring right?
  4. I'm wondering which part of the US is the snowiest. I love snow a lot. Last winter there's this sudden boom of snow that even the usually not snowy Washington is buried in snow. Too bad we won't be having that so often.
  5. @whoooopdeeeedo: Manga clip art? I'd like to check it out. Sounds interesting
  6. Oh gods I haven't read this in like a million years... I suppose I have to reread a few parts to get myself back in track of things.....
  7. @Cheapfungus: Hey didn't realize i hit 1000! Yay!!
  8. Have i posted here? Oh who cares, it's probably swallowed up somewhere in the middle. I'm from Indonesia too (looks around for more Indonesians). Currently living in USA as international student. Will be going home for the summer. I'm so excited, sqqueeee!!!!!!!!!! I miss home!!!
  9. Hey, brokenmind, you really made the set yourself? That's real awesome!! I thought you got it off some site or something. Didn't recognize the character, but the pic's cool
  10. Book? What book? did I miss something about this?
  11. daeva_agas

    User Names

    Hunh, well... Somebody in Amaranthia said it was from Persian myth, so I went and checked it out. Anyways, like I said before Agas is actually not one of the daevas. The one that got replaced got a sucky name so maybe that's why Amanda replaced that daeva's name with Agas.
  12. But I have Dameon on my list. His description is in the yellow-green icky colour just after Te'ijal's description.
  13. @Kirroha: Who's that girl in your sig? Looks like Shakugan no Shana?
  14. @Mistic: I know that pic. That's one of the very few Aveyond submissions in DeviantArt
  15. daeva_agas

    User Names

    Yesss..... The daevas and Ahriman come from the Persian myth. So are some of the druids, but I don't remember which druids. I remember Vohu Manah is one of them.
  16. @twiceth: You're not the only one, dear. I'm have an antagonist fetish myself, which is why I love the daevas to death
  17. daeva_agas

    User Names

    Don't bother... I'm just spouting info about the daevas in the original Persian myth
  18. Well, here's my avvie and sig. Not a set, but both are about daevas
  19. Agas is already in Aesma? might consider it if (s)he's popular enough.
  20. daeva_agas

    User Names

    YEah, well, SECOND fave. Nanghaithya's first. And in the real myth Agas is supposed to be a girl anyway. The seventh daeva is not Agas but Aka Manah, but the name sucked any way Agas is actually a member of the Drugs, the 7 girl demons serving Ahriman but they rank under the daevas (I think).
  21. @brokenmind: Euh... Maybe but really important @BeMused: Hohoho.. Still pissy and complains all the time.
  22. daeva_agas

    User Names

    Humm... This one looked interesting... Anyways, as you can see my name's daeva_agas and I prefer you call me agas. I chose this name after that villain dude in AV1 because he's my second fave character and his name's short. Too lazy to type "Nanghaithya" (he's my number 1 fave). Don't call me "daeva" ok? It sounds funny. THough it is rather weird if we're talking about the Agas in the game because we sorta have the same "name".
  23. I'm not advertising, just spoiling. And I said "Either this or that" is because I haven't decided yet. I take that you want the second one to happen?
  24. @puppis: Really? Oh great, I messed up again. I have problems with grammar. Where did I go wrong?
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