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  1. Ha! I'm glad I could pull off my hate for him without dissing him too much.
  2. Not really, but I'll spoil ya something: One of the daevas got so bored of waiting for Rhen's party that (s)he made an outdoor hot spring baths (onsen). You know, like featured in Japanese mangas? Either: -Rhen and party hopped into the baths as well or -Freak out because said daeva is still changing and, well, you DO freak out if you see a stranger changing clothes right in front of you right?
  3. I know, I know... Hmm, Saurva is more popular than Tawrich it seems.
  4. @MoonPrincess: HOLY COW!!!! No wonder I thought something's missing. I forgot Dameon, arrrrgghh!!!! @Tei: Oh you!! I thought it wasn't really important so I didn't say it. Oldest to youngest: Tawrich, Aesma, Saurva, Indra, Agas, Nanghaithya, Zarich. @BeMused: Really? Well I hope you don't expect him to turn out cute because he won't. Okay, so now I need Talia, Dameon, and the rest of the druids. Well, SOME of the druids. Most of them only sat there and became statues. Boring.
  5. Okayyy... Guess no surnames then. So anyone knows how to close off this thread?
  6. (edited Eithera and the daevas a bit) Gotta excuse me if the daevas' characterization are longer that the heroes. It's just that as long as you guys ever played the game you know what they are like. We only get one sentence lines or hiss or growl from the daevas and only Agas actually spoke in a way that gives him some kind of distinguishable character. So yeah. And then I don't have Ahriman here because, well, we only will meet him at the end of the story and he basically did nothing throughout the journey whereas in my doujin some daevas hopped in the team and travel. About the druids, I don't really know if I should give them character intro too. I mean all they do are turn into stone, get revived and we take them to Aveyond. It really depends on the in-between daevas scenes though. These are the basic characters. The outrageous parts are omitted to avoid spoilers. This list can also be found in the doujin section of my cottage. Thank you EDIT: Added dameon and druids. Heroes first! We won't be having Mad Marge because she is useless. Thank you very much. EDIT: Added more character info. Rhen Darzon Pendragon:A stubborn swordsinger who is actually the princess of Thais. She had to go on the mission to kill Ahriman because the Oracle and Talia said so. Is not very happy about it because her mortal enemy (for now) Lars is tagging along in the mission.. AT FIRST. It's always good to have an extra hand. And since Lars became somewhat nicer later, they became friends. Lars Tenobor: A cocky and mean nobleman who always looks down on commoners. He is a sorcerer and he hates Rhen because he thinks she's a nobody, but got important all of a sudden. He tags along because he also wants the credit of defeating Ahriman. Well, he later became nicer because nothing like hardships change people for the better. And I mean MUCH later. People don't change in a day. he's still snarky all the way through, though. Lars is not Lars if he's not snarky. Elinidana ter'Lithir de Aramati: A summoner from Veldt who has 3 husbands and is looking for an fourth one. She joins the group because she gets to travel and hopefully find a husband. She's strong (what do you expect from women with whips?) and a little bit proud. Can be quite mischievous if she wants to, though. Te'ijal Ravenfoot: This vampress is bored of her dark village and wanted to roam the outside world. She has quite a mean bite - she is a vampire after all - but isn't really that evil. She can sustain herself on human food for some reason, don't ask me how vampires' bodies work. She also loves the sun and is quite willing to participate in playing tricks on others. Dameon Maurva: A sun priest who is actually in cahoots with Ahriman. He hates his mother talia because she killed his father and joined the party only to lure Rhen over to the dark side. Has eating tastes like an old person, acts like an old person, talks like an old person, and heavens knows if he IS actually a very old person. Galahad Teomes: This paladin is very black and white and doesn't believe in magic. He also thinks women are weak, so he joins the party because he thinks Rhen needs protection from evil (hahaha). Te'ijal thinks of him as a pet/toy/slave. He can't stand her (Te'i), much less the daevas in the party (because Zarich is simply AWFUL). Pirate John: Because he is a pirate, he gets into a lot of trouble. He used to be a dragon rider for the Veldt empire, but ran away because a woman with four husbands wanted to make him her fifth. Joins the party because the party needs a dragon rider. And because he basically had nothing to do otherwise. TIME FOR THE DAEVAS!!!!!!! I know you're all waiting for this Nanghaithya: This daeva likes peace and avoids arguments or fights if possible. He'd rather obey weird commands than pick a fight with whoever commands it, unless the result of him obeying would land him in a worst conflict. He's such a nice person - er, demon that nobody would believe that he used to be such a troublemaker when he was younger. Oh yes, he used to be such a terrible little monster who bullies others. Zarich: This androgynous daeva looks dark and creepy that no one can be too sure if this guy is a he or a she. Doesn't speak much, but very chattery to those (s)he is really close to. Looks very big and tall even though (s)he is the youngest daeva. Zarich's personal idol is Nanghaithya. Why? I don't know. And Zarich is Agas' accomplice/partner in crime/whatever you call it. Don't put them together in a small, closed place if you don't want havoc. Likes to play with hair (braiding, combing, playing salon, you name it) and speaks with random Japanese words in the sentence. Tawrich: Even though he is the oldest he could still be very eccentric. For one thing he is obsessed with diseases and curses that cause disease. Another thing, he likes to act young. Like... Imagine a 70 year old man wearing t-shirt and jeans and sneakers, listen to iPods and dance hip hop.... That kind of thing. Scary? Yes. Double because he looks like a skeleton. Speaks like a pirate too. Indra: Her blue complexion and power to control ice makes people think her demeanor is cold too, but in fact it's not. She is nice and friendly, and a bit motherly too, if you don't piss her off first. She is somewhat a babysitter for Zarich and Agas (Yes, Agas too) because all hell would break loose if nobody watches them She's about the same age as Agas, give or take a few years (they DON'T matter when you're hundreds of years old) and the only other sensible person beside Nanghaithya. She knows a lot about fashion and hair, and likes good gossip, just like a normal girl would. Saurva: A daeva who constantly looks like he just ate a very sour lemon. Can often be seen complaining about Agas, though he doesn't actually hate him. He sometimes acts very childish for his age (third oldest among the daevas), so bad that others tend to think he's younger than Zarich. He's rather scatterbrained at times, but is always serious, which for some reason actually makes others LAUGH. He would sometimes forget spells, and if things were especially bad, he'd sometimes forget what he is doing and why is he there in the first place. Hard to believe? Well, heck it, at least he doesn't forget himself. It's also hard to believe that he used to be Nanghaithya's partner in crime as a kid. Aesma: This daeva looks like a moster so nobody could tell what is his/her gender. Very greedy and protective about his/her food, likes to eat weird things including people, and isn't very good with spoken speech even though (s)he's the second oldest and had PLENTY of time to learn how to speak. For some odd reason (s)he can "speak" properly mentally so others had to rely on telepathy to communicate with this creepy daeva. Has the most incredible speed that could even rival the Twilight vampires' and has a worse temper than a pregnant dragon with a toothache. Agas: The third youngest daeva. He is too happy and careless for his own good sometimes. Likes to have fun, acts like he couldn't care less about anything, and likes to flirt with anyone though he never meant any of them and made those he flirted with freak out, especially if they're male (he's not gay, though). Considering that he used to be very emo/gloomy/anti-social as a kid, it's beyond anyone why and how he changed so much. Heck, if you told him to dance the caramelldansen, he'd probably do it gladly. Maybe even drag others to join him. He can be serious.... when he's brain-controlled or hypnotized. Which is why he's all so serious when he kicked Talia's butt in the beginning of the story (I'm keeping that in MY story). Druids!!! Thanks for reminding me, peoples. Oh boy, now we have lots of girls in the druid section. Yay for girls!!! EDIT: The other druids aren't so boring after all, but I don't know what kind of character to give the at the moment so bear with me. Talia: The Dreamer who set Rhen off to the quest. It's basically almost her fault that Rhen got kidnapped because of the priestess ring and Rhen is still grudging about that. She killed her husband, the sun priest, because he was in cahoots with Ahriman. She's just so stiff about the whole good vs evil thing that she isn't very happy about daevas joining the group. Well, "not very happy" is barely touching it. She's practically hopping mad. Elini had to convince her they're all under her summon and she let them walk around to save herself from using mana too much. Eithera: This fiery druid doesn't really act like a druid. She prefers fighting a hand in hand combat rather than prevent the fight to happen in the first place. She also hates demons with a passion and is especially mad when Saurva ended up in her place. Ttoo bad for Saurva, because... well, something bad happened (read Saurva's profile and guess what happened)). She actually doesn't want to come to Aveyond with the party at first, because the daevas are walking around like nothing's wrong. Daena: As a druid of wisdom Daena had a power of foreseeing the future. Why she doesn't do anything to warn the other druids and/or prevent herself from meeting Indra? Well.. I'm sure she has her reasons. Did I even say that Indra actually did anything to her? Rashnu: Unlike most druids who hates demons and other dark creatures, Rashnu is more accepting of them, thus being the first Druid of Darkness after hundreds of years. At least that's what he tells everyone. The REAL reason is that normal human villagers would usually shower their druids with praises and gifts and offerings in return for various odd jobs that they really could have done themselves, so he chose to be Druid of Darkness to escape clingy followers. He likes kids and often played with the vampires and witches' children. IMPORTANT!!! Please READ The Crack doujin is now a series of short gag comics, not a crack parody of the whole game. Why? Because as I'm trying to connect the bits and pieces between each daeva battle, everything ended up being so serious that I had to relocate everything to Pangaea instead. Then it left me with nothing for this. Plus, a lot of the things can't be explained other than with a “because I said so” and... unless you're ok with that, this isn't gonna work. I mean, the daevas upped and left their tasks for no good reason at all and I really don't know how to explain it. So... tell me if you're actually ok with the daevas going and hopping on the road with the hero party for completely no reason at all.
  7. Well, I already have something cracky planned for Zarich. I think you'll like it. It's even better than him/her having a soft side ..........I think
  8. Well, my point is that in my Aveyond concept (hey this is doujin/fanfic, I can basically do anything I like) the daevas are demons and they have demon families and to be a daeva is only receiving a rank or something. Like being knighted in the medieval times. You still have your name, but you are very important now. Especially if the demon comes from a noble family. Noble families are very proud of their names.
  9. @Badmagick: That's Aesma. Yay, finally someone asked for Aesma!! He's terribly unpopular @brokenmind: Zarich? Soft side? Are you requesting or did I mention that Zarich will be having a soft side?
  10. Because MS Word SUCK. I know I use sentences with weirdo sentence patterns for my Silli Writng and it doesn't detect grammatical errors too. as long as it's not a fragment or an error that is SO obviously wrong, it won't detect. I should know. I once wrote an essay and Word doesn't detect any grammar errors, but when the teacher corrected it, there were too many grammar errors that he stopped correcting half way through because it's the same mistake repeated too much. Stupid Microsoft... *grumble*
  11. Again, another question about the daevas for my doujin project. So I've been considering giving them surnames (family name/ last name, whatever). do you think it's a good idea? I mean, in the original myth they don't. and not in Aveyond either. But I personally think names sound cooler when it's more than one word. So? Surnames? No?
  12. Good one. Though... Here comes pointless grammar tips... -A man, named Fergus -but, instead Remove comma after "man" and "but" After a direct speech you need punctuation marks, right before the end quotation mark. If the speech was like this: "bla bla bla" X said, you put a comma before the end quotation mark. If the speech is right before the sentence ends, you need a full stop before the end quotation mark. Like this: "Bla bla bla." This: “This area is cleared” announced one, “Send someone to get rid of this mess later- we need to move on” should have looked like this:“This area is cleared,” announced one, “Send someone to get rid of this mess later- we need to move on.” Don't put full stop if there's already another punctuation inside the quotation mark. This is what you did: “Hurry up!”. Get rid of that full stop. (Sok menggurui mode over)
  13. @Delphinus: Delphi, I SAID I already had Nanghaithya and Agas in the team. I just wanted to know who else should hop in.
  14. Interesting... Another Tawrich Maybe I WILL add all daevas into the party anyway... Wait, then why did I start this poll in the first place??????? Hey, nobody wants Aesma on the team
  15. Go fish with tarot cards? Sorry, I don't even know how you play go fish so I don't really get what you're talking about. Hey, didn't I mention that this is a crack? People would be going about acting Out of Character so... I swear I'm sure you'd just FLIP when you read the part where the party encountered Nanghaithya.
  16. Oh it's not like I made a poll then go about my own way regardless. I based my new plans on the poll results. Not many wants Saurva, Tawrich, and Aesma in the team. I thought that Zarich should be a girl, just for the heck of having another girl in the team, though all along I've been having Zarich as a guy... You'll just see how well it turned out later
  17. Mwahahaha. Wonderful Writing is so much faster than drawing all right. Can write in class and get 1 full page. draw in class get a page equivalent of half a page of writing.
  18. ALright, alright Maybe I will. Not Saurva though. I already have plans for him And Aesma. The rest.... in consideration.
  19. Umm, I'd like to keep the genders divided thanks. Bisex daevas sounds really creepy to me!!!
  20. Because there ARE more guys than girls in the game? And for some reason I love drawing guys more than girls. Especially the daevas. 6 "guys" (Zarich, Aesma and Tawrich don't really count as guys) and 1 girl. And.... Heck, I might genderbend those with unclear gender. I COULD make Zarich a girl, nobody knows what gender the daevas are anyway, except for Indra who is definitely a girl.
  21. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

  22. I said I might. Not sure yet. After all, the inner covers would be a lot more bloody awesome than the front cover... As for Ahriman... The only idea I came up with is that Dameon's dad was actually Ahriman in disguise all along, but that would be too serious for this matter. I DARE YOU GUYS TO GUESS MY PRESET PAIRINGS. THE CLUES ARE THE LOCKED PEOPLE AND ONE REVEALED PARING (SEE ONE OF MY POSTS ABOVE)
  23. Howdy. Fancy YOU writing a story. Always thought you were the manga/doujin type. But here I am making doujins and you writing stories. :evil: Keep it up!! I wonder how it will turn out
  24. Bwahahahahahaaaa!! On second thought, I would have to do something about why Talia is going around making babies with Ahriman.... And that's really hard to do
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