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  1. You don't see Ahriman until the end of the game so he can't join.
  2. I was sure I played it. I saved it and when I played the game again, it's still there.
  3. I'm sorry, weren't you reading properly? Saurva is locked. Indra is not. I'll do the fight, but not the couple scene. If you look through my art in the collegium, you'll know why not. GUYS!!! What say you that Ahriman is Dameon's real father? :evil:
  4. Still not there. I played the game, saved the game, and it should be around the computer somewhere. But I don't know where.
  5. Soo.. I wonder where the Build B save files went?
  6. I don't know... My laptop is Windows Vista. I think it ended up somewhere else because the system is so confusing with Vista. For some reason the folder when I searched the APPDATA thing is still the Build C save files. I know it's build C because of the Save0. Build B begins with Save1 right?
  7. It's still the Build C. for some reason I have TWO Aveyonds, one build B from Yahoo and one Build C from Amaranthia.
  8. List of daevas description, in case people forgot: Nanghaithya: Purple hair with black cape Zarich: Big, tall, flowing robes, red eyes Tawrich: Looks like skeleton, period Indra: Blue woman Saurva: Red hair, bull horns, yellow-ish cape Agas: Blue armour with pointy things on the helmet Aesma: Grey, big, looks like a zombie winged minotaur
  9. For my doujin project (see here So tell me which daevas should join the party. In case you wonder where Nanghaithya and Agas went, I already had them join the party. I only want to know who else should hop in EDIT: I don't know how to get my poll going again. The "Restart poll" option don't work. So... Just post your daeva of choice as forum posts.
  10. I won't forget Te'ijal. She's one of the four members i always use. Every time I play AV, I always use Rhen, Lars, elini and Te'ijal. Sometimes i replace Te'i with Pirate John, but I digress.
  11. Let me remind you guys that I DO have a basic plot in mind. If the request contradicts my original plot too much and I truly can't work it in without ruining what I had, I can't use your request. @Kirroha: That might work perfect as one of the covers @brokenmind: It might be okay for one of the inner covers, but I'm talking about the front cover here. It's best to not have too many people there.
  12. @eveleny: Maybe... not? This is strictly AV and we don't have Talia kicking Ahriman's butt in Aveyond, do we? The opening scene is just something along the lines of "Ahriman wreaks havoc in Aveyond, SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!!!!". @theAdept_Rogue: To spoil you, no I don't have RhenxAesma. Told ya "locked" characters are paired with each other, only who with who I'm not really telling. Rhen and Aesma happen to be locked but they're not pairing. Gosh, I've told everyone these much, people might as well already know the pairings Hey everyone. Hope some of you are following this The original idea for this was only stories about how the Rhen party konked out the daevas and whatever happened in between daevas are up to your imaginations. So the original plot was about 8 or 9 short chapters and would only have 1 volume. Then requests came and I DID promise to comply, didn't I? So I'll have to conjure up in-between-daevas scenes. Meaning I'll have to make more covers. Soo... I'm out of ideas for covers. My first idea was a cover that mooshed up all characters in one cramped space. It totally won't do now. Give me cover ideas!!!!!!!!
  13. @Kirroha: didn't you read that Dameon is "locked"? Unless you want a non-pairing couple scene. @Melody: I swear, I hope you come back here and check this out. I have a serious question to ask you!!! That Talia/Ahriman thing was a joke. If you want it to happen, please outline HOW do I make that happen and WHEN. I seriously have absolutely NO IDEA how to make it happen.... I can make it a dream scene, like one of the party members or daevas had a real weird dream about Talia and Ahriman. If you want it to ACTUALLY happen in physical world... Well, do tell me how is it supposed to happen.
  14. Okay guys... I forgot to mention that this is a gag comic, IOW everything will be full of jokes/stupid. I might do the serious things you requested but as a "bonus strip" at the end of the chapters. Might as well reveal one of the pairings huh? I've decided for an Elini/Nanghaithya (and how on Earth does that happen you'll have to wait for the doujin to come).......
  15. EDITED ON 06/02/10 --> (This is DD/MM/YY format) IMPORTANT!!! Please READ The Crack doujin is now a series of short gag comics, not a crack parody of the whole game. Why? Because as I'm trying to connect the bits and pieces between each daeva battle, everything ended up being so serious that I had to relocate everything to Pangaea instead. Then it left me with nothing for this. Plus, a lot of the things can't be explained other than with a “because I said so” and... unless you're ok with that, this isn't gonna work. I mean, the daevas upped and left their tasks for no good reason at all and I really don't know how to explain it. So... tell me if you're actually ok with the daevas going and hopping on the road with the hero party for completely no reason at all. Draft pages are posted sporadically on the Collegium. The proper cleaned up version will be available when I have time to arrange the whole stuff. Alright, anyone have a pairing or scene request? For pairings, I've already decided on some and unfortunately you can't meddle with those unless your idea is more interesting than what I already have. The Elini/Nanghaithya stupid pairing have been rewired, scrapped and thrown off the side, so those two are definitely free for meddling. In fact, EVERYONE I previously locked (Agas, Saurva, Aesma, Rhen, Dameon, etc are free for meddling. Since I won't let you know which couple I already locked in my mind, I'll just let you go crazy with suggestions. It's still up to me whether or not I'll put them in the comics or not. Spoilers! None of the daevas will be dead/sealed in Elini's Summoner cage/somewhere I don't know/whatever. Either they join the party or lurk in Sun Temple and scare the druids. Heck, not all of them actually stole the druid's soul. Indra and Daena sitting and chatting about fortune-telling sounds really fun to draw
  16. Okayy.. This is a stupid question. I want to know what is the extra quest and what is the alternate method of solving the mountain King Quest. Send it to me via PM if you don't want to spoil it to anyone else.
  17. Umm... For some reason I have both aveyond 1 build B and C. The Build B I got from Yahoo. The thing is, I like to copy the "save file" so i can save my progress in case the game file crashed (happened a lot to me). So anyone knows where the game save file ended up in? Does it end up in a different folder from the build C one or did it end up rewriting one of the build c save files?
  18. Okay, I'm really desperate now. My laptop just contracted virus and now it refuses to boot. The virus has ate up the program that allows the computer to boot. If I reformat the laptop, all my files will be gone. I can't afford that, all of my schoolwork is there. Is there any way to fix this damned laptop without erasing the files? Or is there a way to retrieve the files once I reformat it? I know a guy who could do it but he lives in another country TT.TT
  19. daeva_agas

    Need help

    Hey guys.. Dunno if it should be here or not. I have a problem, my computer desktop suddenly turned upside down and I don't know how to get it back to normal. Even the mouse cursor move in the opposite direction from the direction I move the mouse.
  20. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

    I forgot what Indra told Agas. What's it got to do with Saurva? Aravis is in love... Ahahaha. So Agas isn't mad. I think Indra would be mad, though.
  21. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

    Probably. I'm wondering what happened to Galahad. His body's still out there lying around, right? GAH!! The kids!!! I can't help reading and laughing at it time and time again. Rhen would blow up even more than Lars, I suppose. And Indra explodes on Aravis. Their mom's are scary.
  22. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

    Gahahahaa!!! If Rhen found out who her daughter has a crush on.... Oh, wow
  23. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

    Oooh!! I missed updates!!! drat. Not that I've been alive for quite some time... Now who's that person Aravis met?
  24. @theAdept_Rogue Agreed!!! This dumb city is named "City of the Always-Flooding River". Or at least that's what it is when translated in English T_T
  25. daeva_agas

    The Agas Saga

    Full-scale warfare, totally Agas' specialty. Moreee..... blooooddd..... Mwahahahahahaha!!!!
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