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  1. ??? If you mean me, I'm not a "he" XD I'm actually a girl. But if you mean a different member, then okay
  2. ??? What arc? You mean actor? Definitely not LOL. Oda Nobunaga is old, so his actor would be 40+ years old XD I think that one was the guy who plays as Sebastian in the live action Kuroshitsuji. Both. Most of the times I draw by pencil, then scan it, then ink and colour with tablet. But when I paint realism nowadays I don't sketch anymore. I just start making blobs of colour Time taken depends on how lazy I am and how hard the painting is The one with the stars took about 12-15 hours.
  3. In another news, I'm painting again already. Here's a little story: I usually don't paint the eyes until last. I draw everything like nose and hair and body and mouth and the eyes is the final touch. I don't remember why I do this, and I saw that other people actually like to start drawing eyes first, so I tried to paint the eyes in early to see what happens: Well, now I know why I don't like drawing eyes until last. Because I feel like the person in the drawing is watching me and I hate it.It's kind of creepy :s
  4. The reference I used is a Japanese youth actor tho XD To be honest I miss the Gyendal things and daeva things XD But I'm lazy and I don't feel like drawing fantasy things. Too much funky details. Hello! Yes, I draw with hand. And even when using computer I have to manualy draw, hahaha. It's not like the computer can magically draw the picture for you Most of the things here are coloured with computer, except for the food. And the manga is just a picture practice. I have no stor, LOL
  5. I'm painting portraits again. I promised everyone on Tumblr I was gonna do Te'ijal, but eeeeh... I got distracted by other things:
  6. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    Man, thank goodness we saw Agas in the prologue or else I would be doomed. I hated fighting the Dreamland monsters so I woulda been waaay unprepared to fight him if I made a mistake I was paying enough attention to the cutscenes to notice Indra (she DID actually say stuff, unlike the others who just appeared for all of 30 seconds and the vanished)
  7. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    I always said Nanghaithya and Rashnu got their roles reversed, LOL. The only daeva more colourful than Nanghaithya is Saurva, who is scary enough to not look like a druid (at least I like to imaagine so LOL).
  8. This bow only has attack 110, so if you don't need Poison then just skip it.
  9. That chest contains a pretty powerful bow for Te'ijal with a chance to poison the enemy. It's up to you whether it's worth the trouble or not. It kind of depends on what bow your Te'ijal has at the moment, and if you need the Poison effect or not.
  10. Oh, I see. So what made you think those ones were realistic must have been the colouring. Because the black and white I posted up there is actually more realistically proportioned than the djinn and the samurai. Hahah, I don't even have a manga for you to read, so I don't care
  11. @Specter: Yeah, your criteria of "realistic" is different from me. I don't know what kind of cartoons you mean, because this is pretty standard for the higher-quality anime out there. A lot of anime are "anatomically/proportionally correct", like what I did, but I (and generally everyone else) still call them "cartoon". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also try to draw manga sometimes: I kind of like the old-fashioned manga style with lots of cross-hatching. Also, because I'm cheap, no screentones. All the effects are drawn by hand. It's not a good idea to do for an entire manga, but eh, it's been done before (Koi Kaze), so it's okay.
  12. What realistic??? It's more than obviously cartoon! This is realistic: THIS IS NOT: They must have a different idea of "realistic" than us! They're anime-style, because the contest is for anime art contest! Thanks for the compliments XD The gun was rather tricky to draw, hahah
  13. Realistic? The two dudes from the above post? Definitely not! I'm glad you think it looks professional, though! Thanks But if by "realistic" you mean the Lars picture, then that's a different case, LOL
  14. Characters I entered into a character design contest in February. Didn't win, but oh well. The djinn/blue elf/whatever is coloured in Photoshop, the samurai dude coloured in Paint Tool SAI,
  15. You call that muscles? She's thin as a stick! XD Old art anatomy-derp aside, well... yeah... even wooden swords are pretty weighty. Rhen should have at least some muscle after swinging them around for a year at Shadwood XD And since she got to use actual steel swords in the travels, she probably bulks up a bit more during the quest LOL
  16. I made a Lars... I just reinstalled AV1 in my new laptop and I'm playing and I'm having fun...
  17. Oh, he does have many expressions. I'm just showing you the default face because you don't need to see the extra emotions right now. And yes, it is. Haven't you heard of Singapore's iconic merlion? This is the monster version of it
  18. Well, they used to allow 100kb in the old site. I do understand why they downsized the limit, but now I can't use my nifty GIF avvies anymore, LOL.
  19. I love the RPG Maker VX samurai pack. Not sure why people got bored of it. I haven't seen anyone use that pack in forever. I mean, if you make commercial games, don't you have to do some editing and making custom art anyway? So the limited size of the pack shouldn't discourage anyone from using the pack. Does that mean the developers are lazy or something? Or maybe they're just too under-budgeted to pay someone to tinker with the samurai sprites... Anyways. I'm just here to drop some of my edits because I'm trying to make a game with the samurai pack and stuff, and I don't have a detailed plan yet so I don't want to make a development thread just yet.
  20. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    @Tei: I checked whatever it is that you inputed in the first post. You might have done something wrong there, because for some reason the URL looks like this: http://www.deviantart.com/download/519810637/rashnu_doodle_by_teiraven-d8lhcgd.png?token=aae20d7aa0b8d8ac36a416d3b7ad7c717e5d1a3d&ts=1426217254] This doesn't work. Not even removing the "skejhvmsjkfhvjs" behind the ".PNG" will make it work. The only URL that would work is the one with lots of "fs" like the URL for Vohu I put up there, LOL :D
  21. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    You sure you aren't doing anything wrong? Seems to be worknig just fine for me... Did you remember to rightclick-> view image, and then copying THAT url instead? This one: http://orig15.deviantart.net/f4e4/f/2015/079/6/6/vohu_manah_doodle_by_teiraven-d8mhzh2.png You'r NOT supposed to copy this one: It won't work. It's not an image URL. But either way, heh, standing there holding your arm is a perfectly common pose for a shy person XD I tend to stand like that when I'm in a crowd of strangers
  22. Oooh, you remembered those! Yes, "Aveyond fanart" counts. By the way... The newest Aveyond pics still show up properly in the "This universe makes no sense" thread, so there's still stuff to look at in the last pages. Everything else in the pages before are all screwy, so unless you have the patience to highlight the links and copy-paste them to your browser... it's better to just leave them alone. I rather feel bad about posting old material, but since you wanted to see them again... (AV3 LOT cover styled after the Twilight novel covers. The hands are supposed to be Gyendal and Mel. Why yes, I painted the hands myself. Dunno how I managed to draw dirty hands like that, but I did) (The Darkthrop Prophecy covers made for fun because I didn't like the official cover) (Gyendal, Evil Queen Mel, Uma and Nox, and Yemite) (The daevas as the Amaranthia guilds. Agas = Brotherhood, Saurva = Dragon Lords, Zarich = W&W, Indra = Enchanters, Nanghaithya = Druids) (Some lulzy fake cover for a non-existent game about the daevas. It's not real. Don't worry about it. It's a VERY old picture from 2010) (AV1 alternate cover just for fun)
  23. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    I draw Eithera with Saurva quite a lot, actually But I count that as "crackshippery picture" and not "druid picture". *le gasp* How did you find 毒愛??? *makes an exaggerated horrified face* Nah, you probably got it from my regular agas blog, right?
  24. Oo, me likes the new screenies. Especially the visual quest log. Pictures make everything better. I Will try demo when I'm not on mobile.
  25. I'm practicing my soft-shading colouring in Paint Tool SAI: When I colour pics, I tend to colour in a painterly style, so...trying to do one of those softer anime shading style and everything... And more samurai... Happy birthday, random samurai dudes!! And more samurai... I'm not gonna explain this, LOL. Just Google it.
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