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  1. Thanks!! I don't actually love ninjas. I prefer samurai, but the games both happen to have "ninja" in the title
  2. I'm making a new thread for my stuff because the old one is old and some of the codes are wonky because the new forum has a different HTML format. I don't feel like fixing the codes one by one, so I might as well just start up a new thread. Also because I don't draw Aveyond as much as I used to do... One thread for everything is good enough. So... let's start with FOOD ART It's not really drawing, but... eh... (Toyotomi Hideyoshi, based on historical depiction) (Taira no Noritsune, from the game Destiny Ninja) (Oda Nobunaga, from the game NInja Love) 'Cause agas sometimes cooks and stuff. Each takes about... 2 hours to make? That is counting all the cooking and prepping and stuff. The decorating itself is around 30-ish minutes at most?
  3. daeva_agas

    Tei's Art (!?)

    Ooo, moar AV1 fellas! I'm rather excited to see Nanghaithya and his clone Derez :D Hey! You say that like nobody ever drew druids before. I draw druids too! I'd show you more, but they're all in the old Amaranthia "Art Collegium" and theyre all dead now
  4. Because I was replaying the beta-test of the upgraded TLO that Amanda put up shortly before the migration... Them dummies. Not sure if I prefer Gyengyen being smug or grumpy...
  5. AMANDA SAID IT'S MEL WHat more proof do you need? XD
  6. Click here for Aveyond 2 cover And here for Aveyond 3
  7. Weeelll.... AV3 is also getting minor fixing and all the chapters are going to be released in ONE single bundle. Maybe Amanda wants to get ALL the games fixed up to be released all in one go.
  8. Profile does not reflect proper status. Right now Mel is dead and Edward is very much near death, but because the profile says they're still fine, I can't use Cassia leaves :S
  9. Not sure if this counts as an issue, but... After getting the "put leopold out of business" quest, that Gart guy just flew right over to that dark corner :S Also, even though Leopold is still in business, there's a second Leopold saying that the bistro has closed: ETA: After the cutscene of Lydia's coronation and Gyendal's escape, I'm thrown back to the Eldrion ferry dock? I was at the bridge near Stonetooth earlier before the cutscene started:
  10. Wait... it's a demo version? And it wants me to pay. Can I somehow superimpose this to my already-paid version? Like copy-paste the map files or something or another?
  11. Those people seem familiar, yet I can't put a finger as to WHO...
  12. It's daeva time... Also, I've developed a liking for dating/otome games. So, just for giggles: Karagh and Nasatya are space-filler mooks in my crazy universe, but eh... I need 6 names to fill the slots Karagh is a "stray human" who is one of Agas's underlings and is the "principal" of sorts in the Demon Realm army training centre. Nasatya is, well, almost obviously yet another member of Nanghaithya's clone army.
  13. Something from my old long-winded AV AU... Kinda miss Rhen's Quest, so I've been replaying the thing, and this is somewhat related. Cezeph is the spirit who gives the Sword of Shadows its power. Viseph is... her "partner" who lives in another sword.
  14. Saw the adorable little bundle a while back... Congratulations Amanda and Bryce!!
  15. I'm too lazy to explain. Just a fan-character design for Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou. http://37.media.tumblr.com/1b591be4f5813b102bb062f48034c57e/tumblr_n42zrppfp01r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  16. I like this shorter version, though. My writing is a bit better now and the stuff I cut out were REALLY dumb. Even if I had remembered what I wanted to do with it, I probably would have still done the same.
  17. Summary: Gyendal thinks Mel is an idiot for sending Yemite off to go find Edward. ------------------------------------------ He had been waiting for this moment. He had immediately seen this loophole the moment Mordred gave him the order, and he eagerly awaited the result. It was the only reason why he followed through on that blasted order that he so loathed to obey. The reason why he didn't really bother devising a new plan to take care of the dark disciples. He could if he had wanted to, but why bother when he could just sit back and let things take care of itself? Gyendal leaned back against the doorframe, listening to the conversation Mel was having with the darkling inside. He couldn't deny that he was a little anxious. Had he been anyone else he might have been giggling with excitement, but he wasn't anyone else so he settled on crossing his arms. The darkling was saying something about how she – it? – had been appointed as the queen's personal servant (through some sort of howling contest, where he was unfortunate enough to be dragged in as the judge). Funny creatures, those darklings were. They truly did care about nothing but to serve “the queen”. He had to brainwash the bunch he took to Veldarah so that they would not question the way he was treating their “queen”. He had to laugh when Mel's first order was to get her out of there. He had been expecting that. Naturally, the darkling told her no. And now, this was it. What he had been so eagerly waiting for. Gyendal found himself holding his breath in anticipation. Go ahead, Mel, tell your little darkling to get rid of the dark disciples, he thought, grinning. You just heard what it said. All the darklings are under your command. Tell them to get rid of those hooded maniacs. His smile fell when he heard her ask for the stupid prince to be brought to her. No. No. NO. She wouldn't... She can't be seriously thinking – But she did. There was a poof, and he knew the darkling had left. Gyendal remained rooted in place, feeling as though his insides had frozen. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. His mind repeated over and over, but he couldn’t tell if he was cursing Mel or himself. She could have gotten rid of those stupid disciples and it would have done them both much good. He should not have hinged all his plans on an assumption. She should have at least asked for someone more helpful, like his sister or her husband. He should not be feeling this despaired over one glitch in his plans. With a sigh, Gyendal dragged himself away from the wall, still feeling rather numb. The musty air in the cathedral must have finally gotten to him. Oh, the woes of needing air to breathe. His steps toward the door were sluggish and heavy, however. His mind swirled with wordless thoughts. His heart was pounding hard in his chest. How peculiar. Perhaps he has caught an illness. He had not had a good sleep in goddess knows how long. He rubbed his forehead. Here he thought he had long since adjusted to not being undead. No matter. He would pick up an elixir in the village. Maybe a little food too, just in case. He would need a clear mind to plan his next moves. This time, he would not fail. ----------------------------- A/N: Yanno, this seemed to be originally meant to be something longer, but I TOTALLY forgot what I wanted to do with it, so I just cut and tidied up the bit I left off with and ended it there. What Gyen is feeling is how I usually feel when I'm like "OMG. OMG. OMG. NO, this is NOT happening. NO. NO. NO. NO!!! I'm dreaming. I'm seeing things wrong. NO." So. No shipping intended with that (not really anyway).
  18. Won't harp about samurai or ghost kimono here 1. What do you generally feel upon finishing the main game? Ha! I knew Yuki was Taira! Wonder why they didn't kill Ryuji, though. 2. What did you feel upon playing Another View? I should've known this was the case. Kirro likes psycho girls with horrible pasts. 3. Any favourite character(s)? Yuki. Though I kinda wished she was actually evil for real. With none of those angsty "save me" remarks/thoughts 4. Favourite music track? I absolutely loved Marc's compositions! Yuki for Snow-Falling. I love that traditional flute sound. 5. Take a random (hopefully non-spoilery) screenshot! https://24.media.tumblr.com/a6392f12e3f81ebfa30dbb6c25ab09e9/tumblr_n2fk8buBpO1sckaego1_400.jpg[/img] If you ever make a sequel I hope you will ruin their lives even further Call me evil, but for whatever reason I was actually laughing at their misery.
  19. Will we hear about their dad?
  20. I like the green one. The blue one and the purple one are too dark and make the title's text "sink" into the background. The text in the green one sticks out because it's bright letters on a dark background.
  21. It's a fan-character, even though it's my own design, so I guess it counts as fanart? Still WIP tho.
  22. Wellp. I was tired of explaining my whackyland because it would bore the old viewers to tears. Basically in my bizarro continuity, Agas/Rhen is a couple, Rhen eventually went with Agas to do daeva stuff (long story short, basically the daevas are like the demon realm's government, hence paperwork). The one who became queen of Thais is their daughter Rhen Jr.
  23. It used to be in one of the old threads. It's dead now. Let me see if I can revive it...
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