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  1. Wellp. I was tired of explaining my whackyland because it would bore the old viewers to tears.


    Basically in my bizarro continuity, Agas/Rhen is a couple, Rhen eventually went with Agas to do daeva stuff (long story short, basically the daevas are like the demon realm's government, hence paperwork).


    The one who became queen of Thais is their daughter Rhen Jr.

  2. It's really much easier to be sell games today than it is before, what with the Google PLay market...


    If you make an app, sell it for $1 and 1000 people is willing to buy it, you get $1000. But as with any business, you don't know how many downloads you'll get in any given time.


    Ditto Bryce about risks. There's always a risk.

  3. Ean's faceset AND sprite are both generic, so there's nothing wrong with his appearance, IMO. There's no problem with the Snow Queens herself, what with her sprite being Vague McVague forever as well. I don't particularly like the over-sexyfied dress but eh. I can deal with it.


    It's just the fact that it doesn't match the game at all that bothers me so much :S

  4. Ditto all the common complaints. The AV2 crew were nice people, but I thought they were bland. I just don't care.


    The AV3 people makes me mad sometimes, but at least they have personality.


    But at any rate, I already have grievance against the new cover title. The old one was good. Unless Amanda's shifting the focus to make the game more about Ean than it is about Iya, the cover title is misleading. And heck, the artist even got Ean's weapon wrong. He uses a claw, not a sword.


    Minor nitpick, but still :S

  5. theAdept_Rogue wrote:


    Can't say the same about the facesets though, which, in my opinion, is the worst in all AV series (I don't even think it's a custom made set. It looks like it's downloaded off from somewhere else, and for a non-freeware game, that really sucks). If they do remake the game, I'm seriously hoping that will change


    Definitely not. It's made with FaceMaker, which is a freeware face generator.


    And re: scenery, I... have to say I'm not entirely fond of the tilesets. It's too pixellated and clashes with the characters. RMXP sprites are still smooth, even though not as "glossy" as RMVX/Ace's sprites. It's a bit too much to ask to rework the tilesets, tho.


    I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who complains about the tileset anyway.

  6. The goddess in my opinion rules over both sides. Whether or not people actually believe in her is irrelevant.


    To extend on that, my headcanon goes this way:


    Shadow Aveyond is the "main door" of sorts between Demon Realm and Human Realm. This relates to the whole thing about Aveyond being the link between the two realms. The name is "Shadow Aveyond" not because it's dark/evil, but because it's a shadow of the real Aveyond. A weak copy. It's only there for function's sake.


    And then "demons" don't always want to rule humans. Most of them don't even care. But every once in a while crazy ones show up and then problem happens because the Shadow Oracle keeps on helping them. That's why the goddess dissolved Aveyond in AV2, keeping only a small portion of it available, just so that the connection is not lost completely. Only after situation is back under control that Aveyond is rebuilt.


    I won't elaborate too much because it's out of topic, but in my headcanon Ahriman also made a huge mess in Demon Realm way back before AP, so that's why it's dissolved in AV2. After AV1, the Demon Realm government has to sort out the mess that Ahriman made first.


    Sheian Lyr has a statue because that's where the stray humans mostly land when they somehow stumble into Demon Realm. Because of Shadow Aveyond's presence, any "illegal" door to Demon Realm would throw the person to somewhere near Sheian Lyr. You have to steal from it because Demon Realm's law of existence is wonky (poison = medicine, anyone?).


    The "main doors" connect to each other, provided both sides are open. Anyone who passes "legally" will land in the door of the other side (Shadow Aveyond and wherever the human realm door is). Anyone who passes illegally, or if the door on the other side is locked, will land in the nearest open (illegal) portal or somewhere near the main door.


    "Legal" permission to cross over can only be obtained from the Real Oracle or Demon Realm government.


    But yeah, that's just me and my theory.

  7. The Oracle said that Aveyond was the binding between the human realm and demon realm, presumably meaning that Aveyond is what keeps the two realms separate (at least, that's how I interpreted it).

    That interpretation makes no sense. "Binding" means "tie together". If she meant "keep separate", she would have said that Aveyond is what "separates" the two realm, not "bind".


    Unless that's an editing error and whoever wrote that was sleepy and didn't realize they made a mistake :facepalm:


    Yes, there was a statue of the goddess in the Demon Realm, but that was in Shadow Aveyond, where everything is inverted.




    I never knew Shadow Aveyond is spelled "Sheian Lyr" :roll:


    The very reason why I brought up the darn statue in the first place was because it's in Sheian Lyr, which is a demon village.


    True, but that does raise the question as to why she wanted to help Mordred in the first place


    I still say that the Shadow Oracle is like a robot/puppet who helps anyone who came her way without discerning between good and evil. That still makes some sense.


    Why did she help Mordred? Because she helps everyone, evil intentioned be damned. If Ahriman comes along and asks to be sent to the human realm, she'd probably do it. Why did she send Mel off with the tainted staff? Because to HER, there's nothing wrong with the staff. It's just a super-special-awesome weapon and Mel is allowed to have it because why not?

  8. theone wrote:


    Though that raises the question of why Rashnu didn't stop Gyendal, considering he was friendly enough with Teijal (Or was that in Kaz's story only?)

    First, the "WHERE DID DRUIDS GO???" question needs to be answered because that's the whole point :o


    The shrines looked like they've been abandoned for a veeeery long time. If all the druids up and left at the same time, BEFORE Gyendal even started to do anything, it could have been that Rashnu wasn't even aware that there was anything afoot when he left :S


    I mean, remember that Gyendal isn't doing anything weird before he found Mordred's book, and that is NOT very long before AV3 started. It's not like he's been at this project for hundreds of years! I would give it about a decade or so prior to AV3 because he said he spent a few years looking for Mel. Even then, he MAY have not made his discovery public. If nobody knows what he's doing, there's not any proof that he's doing anything that needs to be stopped at all.


    Plus, there's this new vampire council that didn't seem to be there previously. My headcanon is that Rashnu was the previous governor of Ghed'ahre, got bored, established the council so the vampires can take care of themselves, then left to do... whatever.


    And about Gyendal... well, remember that the vampire public didn't even KNOW about the orbs until Gyendal made his public speech in AV3? I supposed Gyendal only told his minions and Te'ijal about it and nobody else. Te'ijal didn't like the idea of enslaving humans and they got into a big fight over it. Then Gyendal ran off and the rest is history.


    But that's kind of beside the point. I still wonder just what is up with Demon Realm. The Oracle said in AV2 that Aveyond bridges Demon Realm and Human World and it would be BAD if Aveyond disappears, so... WHY????? I mean, if Aveyond disappears, what would happen is that the Demon Realm would be lost and then it's a good thing, right? No more evil demons!


    That is kind of important because there's the goddess statue in Demon Realm too! You have to steal from it to increase your luck, but hey. The mirror-Aveyond portal DID lead back home. The Oracle may be helping both Mel and Mordred, but she still DID help Mel home. She never promised she'd be home untainted. So the human-demons connection is kind of an important thing to consider in relation to the goddess.

  9. Bah, you replied before I was done editing my post.


    That's the point. Green Rock Temple WAS actually dedicated to a god: Ahurani, the god of agriculture.


    So... the druid serve minor gods individually, but the "great goddess" entrusted them with the Sword of Shadows? And because the minor gods become irrelevant/told them they're allowed to retire, they just retire and abandon the temples?


    Or maybe the druids still believe in the gods, but the people don't anymore so they run off elsewhere because they don't need to answer to people anymore.

  10. Hmm... seeing how Green Rock Temple was desolate and overrun with weeds even when Clearwater is still alive and running, looks like the people simply shifted religions.


    Which makes me wonder AGAIN what was up with the druids. They WERE important enough to warrant being targeted by Ahriman, so... whaddup? The Oracle said "Look, let me be in charge alone now so you won't be in danger", maybe? I mean, they're not just random priests serving some god. They have some kind of power/importance to be keepers of the Sword of Shadows!

  11. I don't think the Oracle is fully the goddess in flesh. She's either an "avatar", a sockpuppet or meatsuit for the goddess, or a prophet/priestess who the real goddess speaks through every once in a while.


    When she doesn't have the goddess's revelation, she doesn't know anything. Then every once in a while, the goddess would possess her to do things when it requires heavy-duty intervention, like timetravel or nymphs going whacko.


    There's a reason why in religions the ultimate God doesn't go tromping around solving problems for the people. He makes them do it themselves, BUT with His help. Something about "God doesn't help those who don't help themselves".


    Maybe the goddess is also like that. If she goes and fixes everything for the people, they won't even bother to try and would just treat the goddess like a magic-genie to grant wishes.

  12. True that, but I was saying that in reply to the "why don't the gods/goddesses solve the problem themselves?" remark.


    It really doesn't make sense because the nymphs thing implied that the Oracle is THE most high goddess of awesome, but... she goes all "yikes, Aveyond dissolved and I can't do jack about it!" and "What's Mordred orbs all about? I dunno!".


    Maybe the Oracle IS the goddess who created Aia, but she is not the ultimate all-powerful deity. There's still a power above her that controls the other things that she couldn't.


    Or maybe the Oracle meatsuit is like a prophet that the goddess gives revelation to every once in a while. When Ishtar and Heptitus happened, the goddess borrowed the Oracle's body temporarily, but she ISN'T really the goddess.

  13. In my personal headcanon, the Oracle is just some kind of human "meatsuit" for the goddess so that when she talks to humans they don't explode.


    But her "human meatsuit" forces her to downgrade her ability, like maybe it blocks her visions of the future or it takes away most of her power.


    As I said many times, I like to think the goddess works the way the Judaism/Islam/Christianity God works. The way the Oracle calls on people to solve the problems of the world is just like the stories from the Old Testament. Best example: Moses. If you don't know who he is, Google him. He's pretty well-known even outside religious circles.


    God calls Moses to free the Hebrews from Egypt and had Joshua lead them to battle to reclaim Canaan. God could've done it Himself if He so wants to. You know. Magically teleport all the Hebrews to Canaan and drive out the people who live there, but He didn't. He had Moses do all the haggling with the Pharaoh and made the people walk a loooooooong distance and fight bitter wars. Why? I don't really know, but that's what happened.

  14. You know... a lot of these stuff don't actually have a deeper meaning beyond "Oops, we forgot that so-and-so happened in the previous game", so that technically throws a loop in speculation, buuut if we want to forcefully fill up the holes with random explanations....


    though I have yet to see another entity who could grant levels.


    You forgot the mysterious old lady that randomly showed up to give Stella levels when she had to do her test of purity or whatever up in the mountain in AV3. And the same random old lady gave Mel and Uma and Nox bonus levels in Demon Realm.

  15. Regardless of what is or is not "fact" ie intended by the creators of Aveyond, a work of fiction is up for interpretation by anyone. Sometimes making up your own explanations makes it more enjoyable. This thread is not about stating The Absolute Facts. It's an open discussion.

    I was under the impression we're trying to find out "what is true". Not wildly theorizing!


    If this was a wild mass guessing thread from the get-go, why didn't anyone say so? I wouldn't have argued so hard about sticking true to actual facts! :S

  16. Regardless of what is or is not "fact" ie intended by the creators of Aveyond, a work of fiction is up for interpretation by anyone. Sometimes making up your own explanations makes it more enjoyable. This thread is not about stating The Absolute Facts. It's an open discussion.

    I was under the impression we're trying to find out "what is true" using the facts we have from the game. Not wildly theorizing! If I'd known this was a wild mass guessing thread from the get-go, I wouldn't have argued so hard about sticking true to actual facts! :S


    Okay, then. With that out of the way, I can stop being so serious about this. It's not like this is a real religion.


    (Speaking of the Snow Queen, what the heck happened to the poor Mountain King and why did no one address it? In AV1 the Snow Queen was a mystical ruler of the snowy Mists. WAIT. Maybe the Oracle brought her back there at the end. Hmmm.)


    Oh, I remember the Mountain King was discussed very briefly a long time ago, but then got forgotten. I don't remember it going anywhere at all. I think it went something like, "Hey, what happened to the Mountain King?" "I dunno. Oh well. Hey, you remember that other stuff?" And then subject was changed.


    The Mountain King is obviously some kind of powerful magic being, as he could make earthquakes happen... Maybe he's not immortal and he died? Maybe the Snow Queen killed him because he's in the way of her plans?


    The oracle only took her daughters away after YOU vanquish them and make things right. She sorta slides in and takes the glory for a victory that she didn't really help with. THANKS FOR NOTHING

    This reminded me of that time when Rhen was asking "So where's Ahriman's lair?" and the Oracle basically said "Dunno, LOL" and Eithera was the one who said "I think it's that suspicious door in my basement".


    Oh, and that time in AV3 where the Oracle is being all "I don't really know about the Orbs, LOL" and she had to go look it up in her library.


    I think she just likes to mess with the people on purpose.


    And on that note... I want to ask "what makes a god a god". Remember the Orb of Life? It brought Stella back to life and reversed undeath (vampirism). That Orb is made by Mordred, who is (as far as we can tell) human.


    I mean, meddling with life and death are usually the territory of the gods. So... if humans can do THAT, what makes a god special? Immortality? Omniscience? What?


    (see, I can make non-angry long posts too :P)

  17. Iniga wrote:

    I think you're being needlessly argumentative.

    Sorry Iniga, I suppose you unfortunately caught me in an argument that got me BOTH very angry AND persistent. I can be persistent without being angry.


    The reason why I was picking on you so badly was because I thought that, since we're theorizing, we have to use the facts. If our theory was refuted by a fact, then we'd have to make some changes on our theory.


    You misunderstood a lot to the stuff I said, so I was mostly trying to make you understand. Which was, you know, what usually why my long posts are so long. I was trying to explain things.


    And who is this "we"? I started this thread because you were telling quasi-candid (rather snarkily, actually) what he/she could and couldn't talk about in the other thread. You "can't" tell me what we can and can't discuss IN MY OWN THREAD. The fact that we went off topic on some tangent about what constitutes motherhood was your doing.

    By "we" I mean "forum-goers who participated in the discussion back then".


    I suppose I worded things badly. When I said "you can't say X", I meant "if I'm wrong for saying XYZ, then you're wrong too for saying ABC because they're operating under the same logic". It's NOT telling you "shut up, you can't talk" :S Unless I was saying "off topic! cut this out!!" to quasi-candid, that is.


    And re: motherhood. That was... because we were discussing the nymphs. That wasn't a tangent. That was relevant to the Oracle's goddess status.


    And "way-off-mark rebuttals"? Oh please.

    You sound like you think I'm lying/accusing you unfairly/spouting nonsense. This is what got me mad, you know. You're kind of dismissive of what I said.


    And they are off-mark. Your replies to me were rather unrelated to what I said. That is, unless we just misunderstand each other's point.


    You've been unceasingly mean and nasty to me since the moment I joined this forum, and have made enough snarky attacks to fill a swimming pool, both at me, and at everyone else who tries to post. You say you're here to help with the forum's "dry spell" but all you're doing is being so hostile to people that they never want to post again, which just makes the "dry spell" worse.

    Hey, I never said I was helping the dry spell. I posted because this was the only discussion going on at the time.


    We can't even talk about Aveyond any more, 'cause you come stomping in with your "I'm right, everyone else is wrong, and I can see in the files and I've talked to the creator so I must know better then you" attitude and scare everybody else away. Why would anyone want to bother posting when it just gets lost in your gigantic raging thunderstorm of derision? This is supposed to be fun, not war.

    Ah, well, I guess that would scare the new people. I don't pitch a fit THAT often, but each time is intense enough to make other people unhappy :o


    My tone may be not very nice, which I would admit and I apologize for that. Feel free to remind me if I'm being too heated, but what I said are still true. Are you going to dismiss all the stuff I brought up as "snobbery" now?

  18. Oh, the Mountain King was discussed VERY BRIEFLY quote a long time ago, but then new topics come up and then most of the forum-goers glommed on the new topics and lost interest of the Mountain King.


    AV3 brought in lots of stuff to discuss, after all. Vampirism, whether or not Gyendal's plan even makes sense, Mel's romance, etc etc etc.

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