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  1. Oh my, that's amazing! Good luck with the project!
  2. Original character because I need to do more of those... http://25.media.tumblr.com/55292b2cc084c8d41b0e6631d128c013/tumblr_msz8ntuwq21r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  3. Fu...sion Ha! Uma and Nox fusion would be no different, but the fusion will have funky black and white clothes and hair like Cruella De Vil. 'Cause they have the same face and all. I don't know what Uthar and Nicholas will turn into. Gyen and Tei fails their fusion because the one of the fingers missed. Ouch. Kind of makes me wonder what will happen if they did fuse. Will the fusion result be a hermaphrodite or genderless?
  4. Wellp, there's always real-life eraser My main use for digital is to rotate/resize when I accidentally draw the head too big or the body too short or whatever. And Copy-pasting. I like the grainy feel of paper when drawing and I actually draw faster on paper. It's just that the end result tend to be better on computer.
  5. Yeah, that's my personal opinion only AND my very lengthy reason for my I thought it was so. I had issues more with how you word things. You're making it sound like I hate "trying out new things". And whut, you don't exactly "study" anime style :S What IS there to be studied? I mean, anime is nothing but simplification of reality, so rules that apply to realism applies in anime too. I don't study anime style.I learn the anatomy and life-drawing. I just happen to start my learning by drawing anime and so the style got stuck.
  6. Just saying why this one has more "detail" than the other one. And my art skills and medium used probably has something to do with it. The ship comic is drawn last year on a US-Letter size paper. It's a bit smaller than A4 so if I want crazy details I have to have a pen with very small nib (which I don't have). This comic page is drawn some few weeks ago on computer, so it's easier to add details (I just draw on a very big file) and if I do something wrong it's easier to erase/undo. I've also improved a lot this past year, so the drawing itself is probably better even without the effects and background.
  7. Art is art, but art theory exist for a reason. Stuff like "rule of thirds" and the "golden ratio" isn't created for giggles. Human biology and psychology and all that. Of course the artist is allowed to do whatever they want, but these kind of stuff is worth knowing anyway. Which is why the frame needs to be bold so that the "main image" don't blend in with the background. The characters in Meroko's art has no "face", so to speak. In this kind of image, I personally think it's best to put focus on the character's gesture and full-body pose instead of the face. Making the eyebrows and nose thick would draw attention to the fact that the face is blank and distract the viewer. In general, though, having facial features be thicker than face lines is akin to having a live human being in a 2D cartoon. It's fine if you want to be artistic in an unconventional way or experimenting with style or you just like it that way, but emphasis on "unconventional". Why are face lines normally drawn thicker than eyes/nose/mouth? Because it both reflects realism and out of artistic necessity. The thickness of lineart emphasis shadows. That's part of the reason why it's recommended to draw liines with varying width, even if the picture will end up being shaded/toned/coloured. The shadows on the face is less dark than shadows where the head meets the neck and hair, so it makes more sense to draw the eyes and nose and mouth and eyebrows with thinner lines. The lines are also meant to separate sections, this is kind of obvious. The parts that meets the background has to be thick to distinguish the character from the background. Characters blending into the background is not very good. Thick lineart also helps separate the face from the hair. Hurray for art theory babble. This is what I was told when I was learning about line weights by teachers :lock:
  8. Meroko, next time DO leave the eyes in so we can give input This I actually disagree with. Because the face is "blank", it would be better if the eyebrows and nose be THINNER than the face/jaw line. Making the eyebrows and nose thick would highlight the missing eyes and make it seem like a mistake. Making the lines thin would make it seem more like an intentional artistic choice. Heck, even if there ARE eyes, I don't think the facial features should have thicker lines than the face. The face lines is a "frame" for the face. To make the face features thick would make them "pop out" of the face. It's fine for expressing intense emotion, like anger, but not for general "quiet/still" art.
  9. Hfff, I've gotten rather rusty. I haven't painted in so long. I think that armor really should've been shinier.
  10. Weeee~!! http://24.media.tumblr.com/c8727fe2538018bdffac65141888e00e/tumblr_ms2ui7VydL1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] It's a parody of this poster: http://31.media.tumblr.com/bec187db3f50d43fe8b9fa67bd4f48dc/tumblr_ms2ui7VydL1r7k0jco2_1280.jpg[/img]
  11. That's because the one with the ship is a submission to a "drawing class" website and I'm not allowed to give it any shading. The inking details are the same, though.
  12. Welcome new peeps. Oh, I see KTC's done a re-introduction. Do we oldies need to do that again? XD This is daeva_agas, or agas, or D_A. Occasional angry ranting screamer, former self-proclaimed daeva overlord, and still am a crackshipper and the Phantom of Amaranthia. I'm technically one of the "newer generation" people, because I wasn't really active until this site is live, but I did lurk in the purple site for a good while. Have somewhat drifted off to play with ninjas and samurai for now, but Aveyond's still niggling me in the back of my mind. AM's been rather dry and quiet lately, so I don't post all that often, but I still lurk like the Phantom that I am.
  13. Your computer looks like windows Vista. Try typing this in the "address bar" in your folder: C:\Users\[your main username]\AppData\Roaming\Aveyond I
  14. Does it work when you do it with keyboard? Maybe the mouse command is having issues.
  15. Download here. Just click the "for rpg maker vx" tab.
  16. Might be helpful to some people... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxzNddMkdf8#at=102
  17. Could it be that the file got corrupt? While I was on a trip a while back, I accessed a bad site that contained some malware virus and ended up with a ton of my games being corrupted and unplayable. I had to reinstall them all.
  18. RMVX Ace? I think it would be a big hassle to use the "freestyle". I mean, the tilesets are limited, so to use that style it would have to be parallaxed. Even then, it's going to be very awkward because the engine is not meant for those kind of customized angles. I say stick to the normal front view, and use the custom-angle buildings only sparingly.
  19. Pointless context-less comic page. This could be anything. Crazy samurai angry at his wife for cheating. Crazy samurai angry at his maid for doing something wrong. Crazy samurai angry at his daughter for dating some guy without permission. http://25.media.tumblr.com/b7f9c6a3011d8ba1ec35fcce97ea796b/tumblr_mq9u2kqrFn1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  20. Oh really? You misunderstood my point and gave me way-off-mark rebuttals. That looks more like you don't understand to me :S Did you even read the wall of text, perchance? You can disagree, of course, because a lot of the stuff are unconfirmed and really, ANYTHING goes. But eh, I find your arguments wander off towards unrelated topics, so I feel the need to address those too. We were not discussing if it's possible for parents to have children with higher status. We're strictly discussing about the Oracle and the nymphs. Discussing other parent-child relationship is a missing the point entirely. If you don't like me using real-world gods and goddesses as examples, you can't use other parent-children relationships to refute my opinion. You can't say that Haurvatat is the ONLY god to ever show up in front of humans as though it's absolute fact. Just because we don't see other gods showing up doesn't mean that they don't. Whether or not she was previously human is irrelevant. You CAN speculate that she is the only god to do that for so and so reason, but you cannot tell me it's absolute fact.
  21. Sorry to double post, but I think that wall of text is big enough to give people a headache. See, if we're even bothering trying to igure out how RELIGION works in Aveyond, it means that we're treating Aia as a world of its own. The NPCs may have stock lines and a lot of things are gameplay conventions, but it IS still meant to be a "real world". Just because NPCs say stuff, doesn't mean that it is definitely true. They're people. People gossip. Wild rumours happen. There are myths and legends that may or may not be true. While a lot of the legends DO turn out to be true, it still doesn't mean that every single legend spoken of IS true. Only the confirmed ones are true. Until it is proven true, it isn't. Basing theories on "what-ifs" that were never confirmed is pretty much making things up from thin air. It's cool and interesting and stuff, but then it's not so much speculating anymore. It's, again, making things up and defeats the purpose of trying to speculate something logically.
  22. Pfft... We need spoiler tags. This huge wall of text doesn't look pretty at all. Oh, that's funny :laughing: I don't see any blankets. I know I didn't make any blankets either. Maybe Elmo's blanket got magically teleported here from Grouchland In all seriousness, though, you're the one who's not understanding what I meant. I was sure I had been quite clear, but let me try re-explaining my point. See, what you said requires the superior being to be your child FIRST. If he/she is your child, then however powerful magically/politically/physically they are doesn't count. That is NOT what I meant. What I meant by "you can't call a superior being your child" is akin to you walking up to the President of the United States of America and declare that he is your son. You seriously cannot do that! But if the President IS your son, then you're allowed to call him son however you want. What does evolution have to do with anything? What are you even talking about? Obviously "superior" can mean many things, but if it involves evolution, this "superior" that you're talking about is definitely NOT what I had in mind. When I said "parents are superior", I mean parents are by default superior to their kids because they have PARENTAL AUTHORITY. It does not have anything to do with physical/magic/political powers. Was that so hard to understand? Since you obviously agree with me about parents having authority to punish their kids, this argument is moot and pointless. Adoption doesn't make sense because in this case, it would be like a fish or a dog adopting an adult human. Remember that we're specifically discussing the nymphs here. Remember that the nymphs have power over human SOULS. Their blessings affect YOUR VERY BEING. This is not simply having super-strong magic powers. This is a serious god-mode thing. There's no way they could have been simply born with that role out of the blue because this is something that requires great responsibility. The only way adoption makes sense is if you can gain nymph status just like the druids. If a nymph retires, they pick a new one. But the game implies that the nymphs have been nymphs since forever. Otherwise Iya wouldn't have immediately assume the Oracle was the goddess when she calls Ishtar and Heptitus her daughters. If the Oracle used to be human, I don't think Ishtar or Heptitus would want to be adopted by her. Whoaaa, hey there pot, I think I just hear you calling kettle black? Look at you. You're stating blind assumptions as though they're absolute fact and it makes me grumpy now :roll: Seriously. If citing real-world myths is a bad example, okay, here's a better one: Rhen and Dameon supposedly had an epic romance, but we never see that happen on-screen. Or we don't see the characters go take bath or poop, but it's assumed that they do anyway. By the same logic, just because we don't see those gods pop by for a visit, doesn't mean that they don't do it while we're not looking. You are wrong to assume that only Haurvatat ever made an appearance in the Aveyond universe ever. There may be no proof that they did, but there's no proof that they don't either. We haven't seen the entirety of the Aia universe, for crying out loud. And even if we DO see them in AV4, things surely have changed since the AV1 era, so it's not really proof of anything. Again, that's the point: WE DON'T KNOW. Yea, it's true that if the Oracle is Avril, Talia would be more comfortable with the choice. A familiar face makes you feel better, after all. However, the Oracle being some random old lady doesn't make it any less likely that Talia would listen to her. We don't know, so we can't assume the Oracle is Avril simply because Talia listened to what she said. But this has very much to do with my "the Oracle couldn't possibly be mortal" argument. I don't agree the Oracle/goddess used to be human once, so that's why I said it's not possible that Avril is the Oracle. That is, unless Avril is not human either and was the previous "avatar" used by the goddess before she decided to just go become the Oracle after Ahriman blasted Mainland. Sure, two can play the nitpicking game. Oh yeah, "it is fact that" is a weird phrase. But grammar and phrasing is beside the point here. I'm just saying that "it is said" indicates uncertainty. It's the same as "word has it xyz" or "I heard that xyz" or "someone told me XYZ". The NPC is quoting a dubious source that has no confirmation, so it cannot be considered "fact". It's not impossible, but you shouldn't be treating it as absolute fact just yet. Again with the Mordred example. Some NPC said that the reason Mordred turned evil was because Lilly broke his heart or something. Is it true? Maybe, maybe not. We don't know. Same thing with Haurvatat. There's no "History of Dirkon" book that confirms it, or a book about gods that confirms it, or the Oracle confirming it, or heck, Haurvatat him/herself confirming it. None. No proof = not fact. We can speculate all we want, but when there is no solid proof, we can't claim that so-and-so is fact. In AP, there was an NPC who told us that the village was built by a sun priest. Later, we find a history book that confirms it. That is and example of in-game solid proof. Dirkon don't return in AV3 so it may be too late to make an in-game proof, but I would take "word of god" as proof if Amanda ever confirms it.
  23. ... Printed this really ridiculous thing just to see if I can print mini-comics at home. Turns out I can. This horrible little thing is pretty much junk. Just look at that skeevy cover! I just want to know if comic pages will print properly from my regular home printer. Did the binding myself too and I'm darn proud of this, even though it looks HORRIBLE. Hey, at least now I know I can produce doujinshi without having to deal with printers and stuff. The quality would be not-so-good, but at least it works! http://25.media.tumblr.com/15bfd6e5bbd4f8cbdc948693ea6094fa/tumblr_mq3xn9Cibn1r7k0jco4_1280.jpg[/img]
  24. Far as I can tell? It was planned, but nothing has been said since CAT's release. Just like how Gypsy's Tale never got a sequel even though the ending implies that there will be a continuation, there is a chance that CAT won't get a sequel either.
  25. Orbs of Twilight? There is no such thing called that Order of Twilight, maybe, but there's not yet any news released in regards to this.
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