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  1. Sengoku Basara crossover because Nobunaga's armour looks like Agas' armour http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/face_demon_agas.png[/img] http://25.media.tumblr.com/e13a1bc072e907b00a528f8bf2c672e8/tumblr_mpz6lxgwEa1r7k0jco1_400.jpg[/img] Awkward crossover because in Sengoku Basara there's also a characetr with long white hair, so those who're not familiar of my!Agas might think it's a pic of THAT other guy, pfft.
  2. But she said "Mother of All". It implies EVERYTHING is her children. Even if you use "mother" in the sense of "nurturer and caretaker", that still make no sense. A mother is a parent. A parent is superior. You cannot call a superior being of a higher level your child. You cannot call a being who is more mature/advanced than you your child. It's like if you say "I care for my boss and think of him/her as my child" when you are in fact younger than him/her. Then it becomes rather demeaning instead of nice and caring :S Again, Nymphs with powers to give SOUL BLESSINGS are below her. Even if she's not their real "mother", she is still superior to them because she can punish them. You say we have nothing but her words to go by, but if she is lying, then she IS arrogant and demeaning to claim that such powerful beings were her kids. It's a rather weird assumption that "god/goddess appears to mortals because they used to be mortals too". Greek and Roman gods and goddesses pop by Earth a lot and they didn't used to be humans. Hindu gods use avatars to walk among humans and they didn't used to be human either. God is God and He interacts with humans and make appearances. Re your argument that the Oracle = Avril because "Talia would rather listen to Avril then some random lady nobody saw before": So what? You don't have to know someone to obey them if they're more powerful/experienced. Rhen listened to the Oracle and Talia even though she never saw them ever before. I've had guest pastors speak in church who I never saw or know ever, but I listen and follow what they say because their advice makes sense and I trust their judgement. And plus, a lot of important things happened that involved people who we never see ever. Talia married this random sun guardian guy who we never see ever and Mel marries Lars VIII who we also never see ever. Re Haurvatat: Okay, I totally missed that house :S It doesn't prove anything though, cause the villager said "it is said so", not "it is fact that". So it was a legend, not a fact. If you need more proof for the Oracle's claim that the nymphs are her kids, then I too need more proof that Haurvatat used to be mortal other than some random villager's saying. That was a lengthy ramble, but you did ask if your argument made sense to me. It doesn't make sense to me and all the above is my reason why.
  3. No, the nymphs ARE her children, or at least she's superior above them and those nymphs are either gods themselves or very near because they can bless "souls". To consider herself "mother of all" is arrogant if she isn't really the creator. That is, unless the world is formed by science and all living things came from evolution. Which doesn't explain where the gods come from or why they're even there. Are you sure? There was never any mention of mortals/humans becoming gods anywhere. I just checked AV1. Unless I missed something, the only thing we ever hear about Haurvatat is her introducing herself as Goddess of Healing when we do good deeds and the Dirkon villagers talking about her. Personally not fond of humans-turning-to-gods, but eh. Only Amanda can say if it happens in Aveyond or not.
  4. It doesn't make sense if the Goddess is the creator of the universe. She did say she's "Mother of All", implying that she was the source of everything --> creator.
  5. It's not original because "neutral dark creatures" are plenty, but most people would not choose to call them demons. "Demon" has an evil connotation attached to it. I'm Christian so I generally see "demon" as evil too, but English kind of shoves a whole lot of mystical beings under the "demon" umbrella so... I have seen a number of manga and anime translate youkai as demon, even though youkai are not really the "demon" as the Western world knows it. I think they're more akin to elves and dwarves and mermaids: supernatural/fantasy beings who may or may not be evil depending on which creature you encounter. I kinda went with that train of thought to make my daeva nonsense, really. Without it I'll just dismiss them as evil because I frankly don't care. Bear with my nonsense rant: Daevas and druids are both guardians of their respective realms. The druids take care of the physical, the nymphs takes care of the human souls. Demons have no souls (their life force is also their core of magic), and so they only need one set of guardians, the daevas (keeper of the elements). All guardians are under the command of the goddess. To prevent utter annihilation by the guardians fighting each other to death, daevas cannot kill druids and vice versa (hence why Agas failed to kill Talia and the daevas only took the druids' souls instead of killing them). They can kill each other (Talia killed the former Sun Guardian), but really, logically they have no reason to want to do that. That's it for now. It's all mostly my own ideas and while they're tailored to fit canon, they're still NOT canon.
  6. Uh, quasi? Not to belittle you or anything, but I think your thought process is a bit tangled up. Uh, when did people stop worshipping the goddess? If you mean AV1, didn't we already discuss the why up there? About Haurvatat, it may be that she doesn't appear to too many people. Remember that she only showed up TWICE in AV1 and only after you do a "good deed". Not enough witness = lack of credibility. Then maybe afterwards she gave up on humans and just sulked in her godly realm and refused to appear in front of humans ever again. Also, not many people knows the Oracle is the goddess. The goddess is real all right, but very few had the chance to see that she is real. She mostly prefers to appear as the Oracle, and the Oracle just looks like a very wise magical woman. Those who never saw it would never believe it's real even though they really ARE real. Especially if there are "alternative beliefs" to believe in. Look at Earth. We have bajillions of beliefs and each believer claims that theirs is true. Even if one religion turns up to be the one true religion and everything else is wrong, some stubborn people would simply not accept it, period. Yes, and? Did anyone say it was named after a place in Greece? It may simply the Greek word for "high place" just like how "tamago" is just Japanese word for egg, but hey, it's probably just an easy reference because the Acropolis of Athens is famous and all. Some names are directly lifted from the names of gods in our world, but doesn't mean that it's them. They could be gods in the Aveyond-universe who happen to be named those (read: easy reference; people feel good when they recognize familiar things). Or, you know, they're just priests, like I said before. Priests and priestesses CAN too bless. See Ahriman. Ahriman is the ULTIMATE God of Evil in Zoroastrianism. You know, just like Satan/Lucifer in Christianity is? And yet in Aveyond he's just a very powerful demon overlord, not the king and god of all demons.
  7. My personal theory is this: The Oracle is an avatar for the Goddess. A human manifestation of sorts (just like the Hindu gods like to do). She has powers, but limited. At least not much compared to her true goddess form. She chose to not involve herself too much with humans because she is "The Almighty". Just like how God in Christianity doesn't willy-nilly drop from upon high. He sends His prophets and angels and Jesus to do what needs to be done, and He only makes an appearance when it's a VERY special case. Haurvatat may be the equivalent of the Christian angels (and he/she even has an angel sprite). As per AV2, we see that Thais is a pretty influential kingdom, so it would make sense that their beliefs spread to other regions. That's how cultures spread. Communication happen, and people trade beliefs and cultures through it. Or, you know, this new belief makes so much more sense than the old beliefs that the old beliefs were abandoned. Maybe a ruler somewhere converted to goddess worship and started putting the statues everywhere. And because the goddess DOES exist, magic miracles happen to those who donated. Then someone who saw it went and put up goddess statues in their own place even though they don't exactly care about the goddess. They just want the miracles to happen. I mean, if so-and-so worked in that other place, maybe it will work here too! Re Demon Realm: Remember that in Av2 the Oracle says that Aveyond is the LINK between human realm and demon realm. If Aveyond disappears, IT WOULD BE VERY BAD. By logic, it should be no problem to sever contact with demon realm. No more evil demons wandering around, no more bad guys like Ahriman. But the Oracle indicated that it would be bad if the link was gone, so the demon realm must be important somehow! My interpretation of this is a yin-yang system. Demon Realm and Human Realm are two ends on a scale, with Aveyond as the bridge between the two. They both have to be in balance or else everything will be destroyed. If the Demon Realm is ruined, the human realm will be affected. If the human realm is ruined, the Demon Realm will be affected. The demons also worship the goddess, albeit in their own twisted way, because she is their creator too. Or, even if they don't worship her, they're at least obedient to her. I personally see the demons of Aveyond as more like "youkai" of Japan than the Abrahamic idea of "demon". They're supernatural beings who by nature have a "dark" element (just like witches and warlocks), but they're not necessarily evil. There ARE evil demons, but demons aren't inherently evil. They can choose to be evil or not, just like humans.
  8. Not even sure what in the world is the point of this thread. Do you want business tips from Amanda and co on how to run an indie game-making business or do you want to criticize the way she's running things now?
  9. Well... There's Acropolis in AV3, which is not-Greece. Those items are probably items blessed by the priests/mages from Acropolis. Or whatever the place's name was before it became "Acropolis".
  10. There's even a goddess donation box in the DEMON REALM, mind you. Either we have landed in an oddly very human-influenced society in the Demon Realm or the goddess is universally worshipped by everyone in the Aveyond-verse including the demons. Yeah, that. AV1 has been a rather quirky little oddball. It has a different belief system than AP, and then for some reason in AV2 ALL the AP stuff resurfaced and the stuff we knew in AV1 vanished. Heck, I was uninterested in AV2 and 3 at first because I saw no trace of AV1 in them beyond Thais and Te'ijal and Galahad showing up. The one thing that makes AV1 different is that MAINLAND DO NOT EXIST. My theory is like this: The goddess-worship is something that the Mainland people do. It was absent in AV1 because Arishta is separate from the Mainland and they had little to no contact with each other. Post-AV1 Arishta starts having major trade with Thais (the last remaining area of Mainland) because Rhen and Dameon grew up in Arishta. Thais probably needs help with money/materials/manpower for rebuilding and then Rhen asks Sedona and Veldarah for help via Lars and Galahad or something. After all, Lars is the cousin of the Veldarah Empress and Galahad is very close to the Sedona king. Then some few years later, with the increased contact the goddess worship spreads over to Arishta too, and over time taking over the local beliefs. The local deities, who are indeed quite real, well... I personally belief that they are gods of "lower rank" who are The Great Goddess's assistants or whatever. I mean, it's possible that everyone worships the same pantheon, but they just choose to worship different gods. Just like all those polytheistic religions out there. You have one leader of the gods and a whole bunch of other gods doing various things. I'd like to point out that these are the name descriptions for those items: - Zeus Mail: Armor blessed by Zeus - Apollo: A bow blessed by Apollo - Archimedes: A hat blessed by Archimedes So it would seem that Zeus, Apollo, and Archimedes are either priests with powers to bless or they are deities. Aren't things just super messed-up now? Heh
  11. Yo, that's an inappropriate example. If you spend just five minutes to check the facts, you will find that BOTH Haurvatat and Ahurani are Persian deities. It's easy enough to find them on Google. We probably just missed one of them because we forgot. I certainly did. I forgot that Ahurani's name was even mentioned at all. Anyways, this is a thread where us forum-goers contribute as we come along, so you can't expect every single darned name to be explained! :S We post when something comes to mind or we discover something new. Not everyone cares where the names come from, so really, I don't think it's "important" at all. You're curious? Good for you. It's easy enough to Google the names you want to know about yourself -------------------------------------- So, I might as well make a new contribution: Tunsten Darkthrop: Tunsten is similar to "Tungsten", the element otherwise known as "Wolfram". Mordred Darkthrop: Mordred is from Arthurian legend, most famous for being a traitor and fatally wounding Arthur. Some say he's Arthur's son from his half-sister Morgause. Others say he's Morgause's son with her husband King Lot. I can speculate that Gyendal derived from the name "Gwendal", but it's only speculation. Amanda has a habit of putting in characters with normal-names-but-with-a-twisted-spelling-to-seem-cool. E.g: Ean = Ian. Dameon = Damian/Damien.
  12. Heh, Hideyoshi is my favourite too. He's cute. Nobunaga isn't bad too. His manic grin is hilariously endearing. Nobunaga-esque, you say? Well, I was basing the faces on the sprites. Obviously I need to work on my "drawing bearded old goats" skills. Though in my defense... the samurai pack sprites are knockoffs of historical characters and this sprite IS a Nobunaga-knockoff. I chose these guys because they're not often used in games as the hero party and I want to be special, but I'm not fond of cocky flamboyant heroes so that's why Shinoki is shoved into the "sidekick" slot. It's like playing AV2 with Gavin as your main hero. No way!
  13. Because I'm still geeking out over Japan's history. http://25.media.tumblr.com/cc5af08adc84839c013d0dc7c2bbba5c/tumblr_mpagi11nI31r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] Nobunaga Oda (top), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (left), Ieyasu Tokugawa (right), the "great unifiers" of Japan. I want them as cellphone straps now. I really do.
  14. Look, understand that not all of the names have mythical roots. If we can't find anything on them, then most likely they came straight out of nowhere. Names like "Te'ijal" or "Vlissre" or "Gyendal" or "Elini" turned up nothing in searches thus far, so we do not explain its mythical roots because we can't find anything. We don't explain Aveyond's religion because it's not the point of this thread. Frankly, I think all of us don't know either. AV1 was an oddball because it strayed quite far off from AP, but then AV2 pulls ALL the AP references back to the surface and actually left out a number of the stuff that was set up in AV1.
  15. It's good for COMEDY, but not for fluffy romance. Plus, it would be painful to sprite.
  16. Original story, yay! Not posting a thread because I'm not too sure about it yet, so I'm posting it here instead. http://25.media.tumblr.com/4252fc80655e2f12cf8661d25fb5c21f/tumblr_mp59q4pHcq1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] Bushitto the poetry-loving food connoisseur is the main hero. Shinoki, the shogun's flamboyant son, is the sidekick. They're the starting party you set out with. The other party members... er, coming soon. Because I haven't written out the story that far yet. This time even though the sprites are default, the facesets will be custom-made by me so I'm roughing out the face designs. I so totally need to observe more anime and games to see how they spice up traditional Japanese garb without losing the traditional aesthetics and turning them into a total WTF-fantasy style :S I'm drawing a blank here.
  17. I assumed the Rekka in my f-list was the wrong person because I can't find any tutorial in her gallery. Link it?
  18. The image wasn't showing up yesterday. And... Rekka's FB? Bleh, I don't think I have it.
  19. The image is dead. And tutorial? Where?
  20. Wellp... that particular Zarich WAS meant to be androgynous enough to be either male/female. He/she/it is simply meant to be purely adorable and kawaii and squishable. Like this Of course, you can run away with it all you want.
  21. It probs is a real sword. Looks sharp.
  22. I would have voted Nanghaithya for the hacker, due to him being the sneakiest and shadiest among the daevas (even though he totally doesn't look like it), but it's your call. Or Zarich, because he/she has that totally-obvious-shady-hacker hoodie look going on (in this particular round Zarich is a girl, but it's up to you). I vote Aesma for the biker gang. The cliche-ish big and scary and looks like a bully type. And then it turns out he/she likes to cook or adores puppies or whatever (in this particular round Aesma is also a girl, but again, it's up to you). Wait, investigation? What is happening in that crazy school? (reminds me of this original story I'm working on where the heroine is a wannabe hacker who is investigating some bizarro trail of bugs and viruses plaguing the school computers and later it turns out to be some shady plot to take over the school or something)
  23. @Indra: It's not mine either. I just rented it in the history museum in the castle. But yeah, it's definitely one freaking epic helmet @Lindrah: It is real metal and felt quite sharp, so I suppose it IS real I was surprised not many people went and posed with the blade unsheathed 'cause you're ALLOWED to do that. The fish was the shape of the "corner decoration" thingy on the roofs. I forgot what the tiger meant. Probably just some symbol of power/majesty.
  24. Are the daevas still around? You're totally allowed to steal my previous incarnations if you want
  25. It's not, but there seem to be a major lack of AV1 talk around lately...
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