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  1. My name is Hideyoshi Toyotomi, lord of the Osaka Castle. https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/q71/s720x720/1013674_10200514347880218_303650353_n.jpg[/img] Well. Not. But his nickname is supposedly "monkey" and my Chinese zodiac is monkey, so it works (still not) :lock: :banana: D_A was in Japan and dressed up as Taiko Hideyoshi Toyotomi because feminine kimono are boring. And that fish in the background is a statue in Osaka Castle.
  2. Texture, stock patterns, and layer effects. The lace is stock patern. The splattered and grainy effect background is a combination of texture and layer mode. Texture can be anything from ink stains to cardboard to dirt to cracked concrete. It is then dumped on top of the image, with various layer settings applied. Above the layerwindow in SAI, there should be a drop down menu of layer mode (it says luminosity, overlay, multiply, etc). Play around with those until you find a good one. Then combine it with another layer of colour gradients, also set on a layer mode that is not just the basic "normal" mode. You can find tutorials about this on deviantart. Look for "texture background" tutorials.
  3. Why would you need to copy-paste the sprite over and over? The animation didn't have that many frames in it.
  4. I like how the linearts are coloured. I don't like how the lineart on the girl's hair is lighter than the hair. Don't do that. It looks weird. The shading is much better, heh. I have no complaints because it's anime.
  5. Ah, yes, Veldarah. It's got a very Chinese-sounding feel to it, so I remember it the most.
  6. I like that giraffe pot. It doesn't look wonky, don't worry. It just looks very cute and cartoony. Re pixel sprite: Well, it's only an hour. I usually spend at least 2 hours on my sprite siggie/avvie sets because I customize the backgrounds with Photoshop and that's when I don't customize the pixels (my Gyen/Mel kissing sprite took, like, 5-ish hours to make just because I want it to be so perfect and detailed and blah). You waste less time than I do. I'm just that pathetic when it comes to fandoms I care about
  7. You can't get any tips from those because those aren't tips. That is just a showcase of "amazing arts". At best you'd get motivated to do better, and at worst you get insanely jealous "Tips" are instructions/advice/directions/general guidance on a certain subject Just looking at an amazing art won't help you anything unless the artist is there to explain how they did it.
  8. I tried. But then I'm a terrible writer and the story won't come out right so it's been dead for months. Here are SOME of it: - Mostly focused on Agas. - Te'ijal and Gyendal - Te'ijal and Gyendal's family There's random rambles scattered all over the place and I don't really remember where I said what, but those are more or less the complete compilation of what needs to be said. The "aside" stuff I'm saving for some other time, in case I end up pulling it back to original again.
  9. Your stuff is your stuff. I am just too nitpicky so I find regeneration, no matter how long it takes, is still overdoing it. Regeneration is something that some demons have, but it is a species thing so the only time a daeva can have regeneration is if they're a demon of that species. I am a big canon stickler. Every time a new Aveyond comes out and provides me with new info, I update my nonsense-verse to fit with canon info, even though because I've ruined AV1 and everything that follows can just go out the window And, well, my weird plot requires that human-like demons like Agas and Nanghaithya could pass as humans and NOBODY WOULD KNOW, so demons don't have any "aura". Only those with acute senses or special ability can sense demonic presence, but normal people can't. Most demons look like monsters anyway, so it's kinda easy to tell. I have another long story about why the current daeva group has a lot of humanoid members, but let's not go into that here. It's hardly relevant to Aveyond anymore anyway. My daeva history goes back to a long time before Ahriman and it's pretty much an original story already. Re Ahriman brainwashing: For the daevas to not realize that Ahriman is trying to do something bad to them and beat him up before he even tries, it still means that they're careless. I mean, they're godmode beings. They should FEEL it if spells are being performed on them! (I have another long story for how Ahriman hoodwinked the daevas, but again, not the place). In short, my daeva/general Demon Realm stuff is its own thing more or less. I could take it, claim it as my own original story, and it wouldn't even have any trace of Aveyond in it if you don't already hear me ramble about it in Aveyond context :S
  10. @Lindrah: I know that's what Meroko did! I'm not blind However, there IS still an art to writing decorative text and the way Meroko did it is careless of design. It's just two characters plonked on top of each other without any consideration of what it would look like, so it just seems very strange. @Meroko: See above reply to Lindrah. I know it's for fun, it's doodles, it's rough scribbles, but what you did ended up looking more like a mistake to me. You know I'm nitpicky like that Not policing you to go change it or anything. I just personally find that it's quite... awful to look at.
  11. It's manly enough when considering what your normal style looks like. Why is the Black Moon characters all weirdly written like that?
  12. That's not an opacity problem, as I didn't even USE "opacity". I just painted right on the image coz I don't have the original file with layers. The hair shade was off-colour. I chose a colour that was too desaturated. Yellow is a considerably bright colour so I should have used a colour that's more bright (saturated). And there's another tip for yah. Avoid colours that are too near the left and bottom edge of the colour dock unless you're doing a complex painting that needs lots of different colours or the base colour IS dark/greyish.
  13. Yees, the blue-haired girl's sprite clothes really need working on. It looks like a weird kind of overalls.
  14. Semantics. Line tool = pen tool. Yes, you can import scanned art into SAI. Just set the sketch layer to Multiply and put the colouring layers underneath. And I still think the shading's too pale, but maybe that's just me. In most anime/manga/whatever, the shading is this dark: Contrast, mister. Contrast. It's your friend. I get told a lot in school. Little to no contrast = BAD.
  15. Speedpaint because... because. I'm trying a new approach to painting. Seems pretty good. This guy is the dude dancing PSY's "Gentleman" dance up there. http://25.media.tumblr.com/7d3917aa29a2493ec94f13563ce87604/tumblr_mo60zaVxhJ1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  16. Ah, I forgot that now that I look at new posts through the "view all new posts" feature instead of browsing through threads manually. Which is, you know, why I'm here. Amaranthia has been rather quiet lately so it's not at all hard to catch up with every single post recently posted. And anyways, why is it a big news? It would be news if I suddenly show up at an Aveyond 3 discussion thread and proclaim that I've finally fallen in with the Ed/Mel crowd. That would be a field day and I probably should be checking in with a doctor to get my head looked up. This has been an irrelevant, off-topic post. Moving on. :offtopic:
  17. You can count views in here? Didn't know that. Unless you also posted this on Fanfiction.Net or something.
  18. Well, we WERE speculating that the artist was too scared to bastardize the design if he/she drew Nobunaga in "pretty style" and I wanted to see if that was the case. I mean, I do agree that sometimes things just don't translate well in shoujo style and you simply Cannot Do It. Apparently that is not true. I still don't think my drawing is THAT pretty, but at least it's something that fits better in the book than what they actually have there, so my point is proven (needlessly). I don't even know WHY anyone would want to draw a pretty Nobunaga that still retains his "classic" physical attributes anyway. If you want to make him pretty, just throw logic out the window and make him pretty! Like this, for example.
  19. @Meroko: I was wondering because it REALLY looks wobbly. Were you actually drawing with the mouse itself? Because it really bothers me. Or maybe that's just the line tool being wonky? But either way. It's a first-time mouse work. Can't be helped. Like, I would mention that the very curved nose bothers me a bit, but that could also be just style. So. Main critique. I see very very vague shading so I think I can assume it wasn't just flat colours. When you do shade... do try not to use a shading colour that's too close to the main colour. I could barely see it and if I didn't see that tiny bit of shading on the neck and eyebrows I would've assumed that wasn't shaded at all. Shadows need to be bold enough to contrast the main colours, but don't overdo it or it will look weird.
  20. Heh. I see your idea. My daevas are over-powerful, god-moding beings too, but if they can regenerate/has no scars... that's overdoing it and bordering on turning into God Mode Mary Sue. I balance it out by bringing it down like WAY WAY DOWN. One, they're not supposed to abuse their powers and if they do they will get "divine retribution" or whatever (Aveyond 3 proves that even the demons worship the great goddess), and two, their powers don't work as well in human world. Only if they're powerful without their daeva status would they retain their menacing "presence" (aura?) in human world. Beings normally only have that kind of "scary/powerful aura" when they're either flaunting on purpose or when they're just THAT powerful that they can't help but radiate the powerful presence. Those who are truly strong don't flaunt. They know they're strong so they don't need to intimidate. They just crush their enemy and move on. Only if they're by nature cocky morons do they flaunt and puff up and act big. Also, I characterize them as "I don't care derp" because... they're subservient to Ahriman. If they're really godmode beings, they wouldn't serve him. Ahriman is not that powerful or scary. If they serve him, it probably means that Ahriman managed to dupe them. If they managed to get duped, it's either because they're dumb or careless. They're definitely not dumb, so that means they're careless. But that's just me and my fanon godmode daevas. If I go by canon, which was what brought up this conversation to begin with, they're simply not that strong. Which is why Agas has that huge scar across his face. He's canon!Agas, i.e not exactly all that powerful. And all this blah obviously only applies to Agas and Nanghaithya. Saurva and Indra are not fully human-looking, so they're already scary and disturbing and would cause the humans to be wary from the get-go. (See? I think too much! I wonder if this is why people sometimes come up to me and compliment me for making Aveyond. My derp-fanon is probably almost as detailed as the real canon so maybe they thought I'm Amanda's alter-ego or part of the team at the very least.)
  21. First question before I begin to say anything: Do you use mouse or tablet?
  22. Proving my point that it's possible to draw Nobunaga looking pretty while still keeping all his, ahem, "iconic" features. I took the design from the book and just drew it "prettier". Not that I know why anyone would want to make Nobunaga still look like himself but prettier. If they want him pretty, it's better to toss logic out the window and just make him super sparkly pretty (ew). http://24.media.tumblr.com/f59c87d0dd257ea4c9cbd1f20ae3a464/tumblr_mo3z9x7CDs1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] And because I'm stupid I went and coloured it in the style I normally see otome game artists use (more or less): http://24.media.tumblr.com/9a7ca2fdd04fa7f26bd7b2a1e936d3a8/tumblr_mo4jw4YlAG1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] OKAY ENOUGH I PROVED MY POINT AND I JUST SUCCESSFULLY MADE MYSELF ILL. EWW. THAT WAS SICKENING *BARF* OH THE THINGS I DO FOR MY OWN PRIDE. I JUST HAD TO "PROVE" MY POINT EVEN THOUGH IT'S UNNECESSARY.
  23. You got it backwards, friend. I'm the one who's thinking too much
  24. Meh, demons can wound other demons and I like scars, so I give my daevas scars. Plus, scars actually look menacing. It's a knee-jerk reflex reaction, especially on creatures that look somewhat similar to humans. A humanoid being with no scars does not look scary at all. Not unless you stop, think, and ponder about it for a while or you already know that this being has been through so many battles. If you don't and you just look, your first thought would most likely be "Why, this enemy doesn't look scary at all!" And if they're not human-looking, scars are irrelevant 'cause they're already scary anyway (like Aesma).
  25. It's even more herp derp when HIS FATHER-IN-LAW is prettier than him. I failed in copying the art, but whatever. In the book Saitou Dousan is prettier than Nobunaga and I'm just laughing my butt off. Good thing I'm at home, not at the library.
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