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  1. For me I don't give my daevas super-healing. It's kinda overdoing it. My daevas are powerful, but their healing sucks unless they actually go out of their way to learn healing. I characterize them as having the idea that "offense is the best defense". Healing? What's that? They're also not born super powerful. They ought to have scars from then. In my head even powerful healing magic only heal fresh wounds; they don't wipe out scars because scars ARE healed wounds and you can't heal something that is already healed And plus, if you play the game their healing powers are actually kinda lame. You knock 4000 damage on them and they only heal like 500 I try to use as much canon material as I can get, LOL. The only thing straying from canon is probably me making Nanghaithya the best healer among the daevas just because he's the weakest daeva we had to fight in-game. In your party healers are usually the one who is the weakest. (When daevas and/or Gyendal is brought up, I ramble like no tomorrow so don't you worry)
  2. But it looks OUT OF PLACE. Don't get me wrong; I don't mind Nobunaga being manly and badass. In fact, I am more disturbed by a pretty and sparkly Nobunaga than a manly one. Thing is, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. I look at a book of pretty boys, then out of nowhere, BAM! Badass!Manly!Nobunaga. It just ends up being mind-boggling. All I'm getting out of it is that the artist thinks "He is already too sexy I don't need to do anything to him". Which is, you know, an idea that is kind of hard to wrap my head around :S It just... doesn't make sense.
  3. You can't exactly say "Nobunaga's face is so iconic", though. Various interpretations of him make him look quite different from one another. The only thing that they all have in common is that he has a scowling expression and moustache. That's it. And they could retain those "features" and still make him pretty. Saitou Dousan was prettier and the guy had a beard too! What I was wailing about was more that he was drawn seriously far more manly than everyone else, with a thicker jaw and all that. He looks fierce, not pretty or sparkly.
  4. Uh... I recently saw this book called Sengoku Jidai no Ike-men ga Kakeru Eshi Jiten. Which is... "Guide to draw historical Japanese figures as hot guys". So I went and did the ones I thought was the funniest. http://24.media.tumblr.com/ad1fe5e851e2efda2f6ef5042f31d0c4/tumblr_mnxbgmFaji1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img] I seriously sat there and laughed for a good long while at Yoshimoto Imagawa and Shingen Takeda. They're the very last people I would think of if you ever tell me "Ikemen warlords". Especially Imagawa. It's a common trope to dress him up to look like a stupid clown, so making him look super duper pretty and girly threw me off the loop. Saitou Dousan I wasn't expecting to be included in the list, but then again, there's a whole bunch of people I don't recognize included too. This book apparently covers a wider scope of people than I expected. Drawing Mitsuhide Akechi makes me feel like drawing shoujo Gyendal. With his hair on reverse. My Gyendal has long hair on the left side of his head; Akechi's is on the right. Good grief, it makes me feel kind of funny inside. It's like, I was flipping through the book and BAM! Hi, not-Gyendal! And I find it funny that of all people, Nobunaga Oda is the only one who looks exactly the way he's normally drawn. That is not pretty. That is kind of manly-looking compared to everyone else. Maybe the guy's face is too iconic to alter too much? Because they don't seem to care about going whacky with everyone else's faces!
  5. @Lindrah: It's funny because it's BOTH old and new. It's a new rendition of my old design. The scar wasn't originally there. "Old Agas" is now the Agas I use when I feel like drawing canon and not my La-la-land I added the scar because hey, he's a demon warrior. Guy should have scars somewhere.
  6. Nothing? It's a funny coincidence, that's all. Geez. You're over-reacting. Do you want to ask about way back when I first started or do you mean my current continuity? - Way Back Whenever: No particular reason/timeline. Agas just glomps on Rhen whenever he could to annoy Dameon (and the rest of the party members) because he's that blond moron and that's how he rolls. - Now: He meets Rhen via dreams because he's in Dreamland and somehow managed to walk into people's dreams. They become friends up until they find out each other's identity and had to fight because duty calls. They make peace again later after Ahriman is done with but they don't start dating until like a year or so after AV1, though. A more in-depth ramble about Agas. I made some vague references of how he and Rhen started dating, but you have to read through a huge long rambly chunk of text first.
  7. Your Agas had a scar? *did not see it* That was the outdated/canon-style Agas design anyway. My "official" Agas is the androgynous one with white hair, which is also my "d_a wrecks canon and doesn't care at all" version.
  8. I forgot to mention that the markings around Kelloth's eyes reminds me of my own Kelloth. Who I still ship with Agas forever (Agas/Rhen is my AV1 OTP). I can't post it here because it's suggestive (contains naked people, even though the private parts are covered by arms and stuff), so you can see it here.
  9. @Indra: Oh how funny, you have a wedding pic as sig and I actually have a Lars/Rhen banner here too. Anyways, yeah, the Herbert Gallery thread was started after I shifted focus to AV3 and I couldn't be bothered to move all my daeva pictures over here. And I haven't been drawing much daevas lately since I redesigned them anyway, so... Gyendal overload ahoy! @Lindrah: Yiish, yeah, the old Agas was a moron. I pulled him away to use as my original character. New one is a stick in the mud. Complete opposite, LOL.
  10. You only said there's Saurva, Indra, and Rhen :roll: So I thought that's Indra :S That's androgynous? He still looks manlier than the Agas I drew last year You know, the one painted on an old paper texture and wearing a furcoat in this post
  11. Your Saurva has a stubble? Reminds me of DarkthropProphecy's Saurva... Where's Agas?
  12. Look at the "This World makes no sense" gallery for CaterpillarStella. I have three galleries here and that's the Aveyond-only one. None of them are hard to draw, really. They just look "different" because I actually took the effort to purposely make them look different. I'm really tired of drawing the same generic faces all the time.
  13. Again, having high IQ only gives you a head start. You have the ability to accomplish more in shorter time. But those with lower IQ aren't any less worthy/useful/intelligent than those with higher IQ.
  14. No, Daren's arms ARE too short. I seriously was half-asleep drawing that, but whatever. Dameon has more beard than Pride, heh. And yes, it's him and Daren. I sometimes ship them because it's funny. LOL, Jove... He's actually one of my "default dudes". As in I could draw him in 5 minutes without even thinking because his face is so generic The "hidden clue" is the misuse of foreign language words as names. I might as well tell you because it hardly matters. "Senjahari", "Parang", and "Semut" are Indonesian words. "Senja hari" means "dusk/twilight". "Semut" meants "ant". "Parang" is a kind of machete. It's funny because I see in a lot of homemade/indie games people using foreign words straightforwardly as names and it's just REALLY weird when I actually understand those words. I mean, imagine if I had written those names in English. "Mithra Machete" kind of sounds dumb. By the by... have you seen my Aveyond fanart gallery? Because if you laughed at my butterflydog, I really want to know what you think of CaterpillarStella
  15. Not to mention that, as I repeatedly said, IQ CAN BE INCREASED OR DECREASE IN A PERSON'S LIFE SPAN. The IQ I have when I was born is not the same as the IQ I have now. Being born with higher/lower IQ means NOTHING.
  16. Some pen doodles I made when I was locked out of my apartment earlier. Drawing with a pen is tricky because I can't erase and if something sucks I have to deal with it. Oh well. This looks eeriely unlike me. Like. It's SO unlike the stuff I normally do it's kind of creepy. http://25.media.tumblr.com/8233514cc3d9874cad73dc2d610e507c/tumblr_mnqzg7Ty191r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  17. Rhen looks kind of like a fiercer version of Lightning I like Elini. She looks fierce and wild. Epic.
  18. Your logic is flawed. Math and science are things that can be studied. You are not required to be predisposed to have higher intelligence to do well in them. You can study and understand them simply through hard work. A person with less IQ can do as well as a person with higher IQ if they try hard enough. It has been proven multiple times. Do you think all those rocket scientists and doctors are people with high IQ? Not necessarily. Plenty of them starts out with average IQ. They simply have the will to learn. After all, as Thomas Alva Edison said, "genius is 99% hardwork". Again, it's a misconception that people who do well in math and science are people who are "smarter" or "has higher IQ". Most of the time they don't. They have average IQ, but they just studied very hard.
  19. My new avvie: The shirtless guy in the back is the most tedious work I've ever done ever. The Samurai RTP has different body shapes than the regular VX sprites and they didn't give me any templates so I had to sprite the body from scratch. Grrr. I wanted a very messily-dressed ronin look, you see, and the default sprites given by the RTP don't give me what I want. I kinda dislike Amaranthia's 100000 byte size limit because I'm forced to make my avvie look all messed up due to its size, but eh...
  20. Yeah? Didn't like the taste of your own medicine? I lost count of how many times you nitpick at my side remarks that had nothing to do with my main point. Since you do that to me, I do the same to you. If you mean me niggling over the terms is nitpicking, then no, it's not nitpicking. The terms ARE the very centre of my problem with your argument. That is not "nitpicking minor issue". That is the entire reason why I bothered arguing to begin with. This time I agree with you, because once you narrow down the terms to the very specifics, your argument makes sense and is indeed true. Math and science alone are not enough to survive in this world. Nowadays what is very important are social and networking skills; neither which has nothing to do with math and science. My entire problem has been with what you define by "intelligence" and "smarts". Intelligence is so much more than "IQ" and "math and science". You equating lack of those skills with "being stupid" is quite fallacious.
  21. Stop trying to divert the debate. NONSENSE. You outright stated that in today's age intelligence is not required for survival. Intelligence is NOT equal to "IQ" alone. This quote is still up there. You aren't fooling anyone. Your arguments are roundabout and you constantly distract the conversation by demanding "proof" when you yourself never show your proof either. You can claim you're basing it on research all you want, but you're not giving any proofs of it so you're just as bad as I am. You refuse to believe your point is untrue. This is an inane and pointless discussion because all you're going to do is make up all sorts of reasons and excuses to say that the opposition is wrong. You have ret-conned your arguments, misinterpretted the opposition, and distracted the conversation multiple times.
  22. HP/MP/EXP is pretty much "post frequency stats". It's just written so to be all RPG-like. By the by, the artworks are now moved to Herbert's art gallery forum because there was talk about destroying the Collegium. It hasn't happened yet, but to be on the safe side...
  23. From Indy Aldorlea's game "Book of Legends". Too creepy for everyone? Well... It's not my fault the hero looks like this in his game. http://24.media.tumblr.com/416e6a080f4b57b3d069edebc2e55fbf/tumblr_mnar4umi3B1r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
  24. Woke up from my Aveyond slump to draw some scribbles. Gyendal, Agas, Mel, Nanghaithya.
  25. *applause* Now THAT'S sweet! :amaranth: Amazing improvement! Although now the hair is too detailed compared to the face. Now you'd need to upgrade the face shading too
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