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  1. I see my name What did I do this time??? Welcome to the forums, new people We're having something of a dry spell here, so it's good to have some excitement. I hope you have fun! @Lindrah: YES, welcome to the daeva legion! Rhen and Harem is fun, yes yes 'cept my Rhen-harem kind of includes daevas too, just for giggles. I forever curse this person for bringing up Saurva/Rhen to me. Bleh. But my Saurva is a playboy so it makes sense. Elini/any daeva is fun too. I used to have Nanghaithya/Elini, but then I changed my mind. Do take over my spot as the daeva fanartist. I'm kind of taking a sabbatical from that position
  2. Yeah. I don't think anything is going to change Sargon's opinion about the intellect of the human race.
  3. And it's back to the previous arguments of what exactly defines "intelligence". Thus all those blather about evolution amounts to nothing because the main issue here is what constitutes as being smart. Your definition of "intelligence" is very narrow. You seem to think that only doctors and scientists to be intelligent or something. People with doctorate degrees and high education and high IQ. You don't consider "diplomacy" and "management" as intellectual skills even though they require clever thinking to pull off. And both of them are VERY necessary skills to have in today's age. So no, people have not become less intelligent. It's just you who have a very limited definition of what is considered "intellect" and that you won't accept the fact that people are becoming too lazy to use their brains to their full capacity. If you're going to go back to the "But look at the research that shows IQ has decreased", don't even bother. I already stated that a person's IQ can increase and decrease depending on what they actually do with their brain. It's not a genetic thing. Read this article. Those who are born with higher IQs are at an advantage, but that doesn't mean those with lower IQ are stupider by genetics. They CAN "catch up", it just takes them more time. So it again supports my claim that you're not getting dumber. You're just too lazy to use your brain properly. If people's IQs are decreasing en masse, it means laziness is, or maybe even HAS become a culture.
  4. \My argument is and always has been and will always be that humans have not become more stupid. Evolution happens, but "stupidity" is not genetic so evolution does jack to intelligence. If there is a decrease in intelligence, it's more like we humans are doing it to ourselves and we can change it if we tried. We are the ones creating a culture of laziness ourselves and the future generations are going to inherit it and propagate it.
  5. I wasn't aware that was considered an attack.
  6. You tell me I say things I NEVER said and then proceed to tell me things that I have been saying all along. You are asking questions that are irrelevant to the issue and you are forcing the questions into the direction you want to. All of the questions you asked can have answers that do not follow your "step by step", but even if I tell you that, you will tell me I am wrong. No matter what I say, you will take my words and twist it around and I'm tired of re-explaining what I mean because you will continue to twist and mangle it to say that I'm wrong. If you're so determined to BE stupid, then fine, go ahead and tell yourself you are. It's rather tiring and pointless to argue because you're so dead-set on believing so and telling you otherwise will always be met with deaf ears :roll: Talking with you is seriously like talking to a broken record.
  7. Your inability to read astounds me. Tell me, what did you think I meant when I said this? I don't disagree that human evolve. I disagree with what you claim the aforementioned evolution affects. Next time try reading more carefully. I still don't understand why you continue to insist that we all have become dumber. You refute every single argument saying otherwise, almost like you WANT to be dumber than your ancestors. What is WRONG with you?
  8. It does indeed :S Maybe Amanda just didn't know "masamune" is someone's name? "Zeus armour" or whatever isn't "armour made out of Zeus" after all.
  9. Argh, I just remembered that this has happened to me before!! Darn this "update" :facepalm: I reaally need to keep this in mind for future reference.
  10. Humans have this thing called reason, animals don't. This "reason" thing affects behaviour and way of thinking. That's why I'm very skeptical and consider it different. But this is quite beside the point. Stop diverting the argument. Human evolve and adapt, yes. Why do you think I brought up environment? Did you by chance not know that "environment" is what causes natural selection to happen to begin with? I'm saying that this evolution you like to harp about does not lower "intelligence genes", but MAKES PEOPLE LAZIER, because I do not believe one moment there is such a thing called "intelligence genes". But all that aside... You're going on and on and on trying to prove to me that "people are stupider because genetics". So this means you would rather be considered stupid than lazy? Wow, do you hate your fellow humans so much that you would rather tell them they biologically have lesser intellect? Instead of the more positive idea that they are under-motivated beings who have the capability to become better if they only tried hard enough? You, sir, are a horrible, negative-minded person.
  11. You are just repeating the same old argument of "natural selection" and "stupid people breed stupid people" over and over and over. You're not proving anything. Humans beings are not foxes. Have them experiment with humans, then I would accept that theory. Yes, I do say that it's because people's brains are getting more and more lazy. GRADUALLY. In 100 years. GRADUALLY being the keyword here. What happened in the last 100+ years? Oh, only a crazy load of advance in technology happened. Without calculators, you actually have to USE YOUR BRAIN to do math. Without refrigerators, you have to pull all sorts of tricks to make sure your food don't rot, and to come up with those tricks you need to THINK. Without microwaves, you actually have to reheat your food with a stove, so you have to learn how to use one! And know what to do with the food so it doesn't burn up. Without GPS, you need to MEMORIZE the way to places so you don't get lost. The more you rely on technology, the less you use your brain. This is what I meant by "lazy". Using less of your brainpower makes you less intelligent. I repeat the work out analogy. You don't work out, you don't have stamina. You don't use your brain, you become stupid. People become stupider in the later generations because more high-end technology happen and people think less and less. Again, the power and ability is still there. It's just unused. Not because "stupid people breed more stupid people" :roll: People nowadays aren't genetically stupid. They're just lazy and ignorant. It can be fixed if only they could be bothered to do something about it, but more often than not they don't.
  12. I'm starting to question your comprehension skills now. I never said that everyone has the same intelligence. Yes, some people DO have higher intelligence. What I said was that the generation as a whole are NOT becoming dumber because of genetics. People today still have the same brain capacity and intelligence of the Victorians. It's just that the potential is not used/honed as much.
  13. For some really weird reason, LOT, GON, and TDP refused to work for me. TDP gave me "RGSS stopped working" and both LOT and GON says "Error while unpacking program, code 2". I don't remember which ones, but a number of other RMXP games also gave me the same error messages. It has to be an individual issue because TLO, AV1, and AV2 are fine. Demos of homemade games are fine too. Any idea what might be the issue here?
  14. Still does not prove anything. I still stand by that the IQ drop is caused by lack of brain activity, not by genetics. Technology makes things easier, thus requires less effort to accomplish things. I was tested for IQ twice. When I was a kid, my IQ was crazy-high. It has dropped by quite a lot when I'm older because there was a period of time where I was pretty much a couch potato and lazed all day long. So the IQ drop proves NOTHING. It's like working out. If you exercise regularly, you have more stamina and energy. You don't exercise, you get tired easily. Same with brain. You use your brain more makes you "more intelligent" than those who "use their brain less". It's more of a sociological thing. People of today wants everything easy and quick, and society sometimes actually does provide for them. In the past, you have to do all sorts of complicated mathematics with your brain. Now you have calculators to do the logarithms and quadratics for you. Education material are made more and more easier as time goes for some weird reason. What I learned in high school is considered "college level" material now. I still believe that people of today are simply not giving their brain enough exercise, so their IQ dropped big time. Genetics has little to do with it. And why are you so obsessed with genetics? Not everything is affected by genes. Laziness is a habit, NOT genetic or hereditary. If people are lazy, it's because they ARE lazy, not because "lazy people procreate and give birth to lazy children".
  15. Define "dumb". I've been taught that IQ can increase and decrease within a person's lifetime because of brain activity. Like, if I turned into a couch potato and spend an entire year bumming in front of the TV/computer, my IQ would drop. So all that article is telling me is that we're getting LAZIER. Not that we have less brain capacity. We just don't use our brain properly anymore.
  16. It proves NOTHING. That article only says that "people of this day and age are apparently more stupid than people in the olden times", but they NEVER. SAID. WHY. They simply stated that based on data, people of today have less IQ. Period. That article did not support your claim in any way whatsoever.
  17. But you don't have to. Ahriman is a legit name. Just because your Ahriman has a different personality/backstory doesn't mean you have to change her name to something else You didn't change the daevas' names! Can't wait to hear that sob backstory, though, heh. Want to see how you spin it. I only spun sob backstories for a number of the daevas in my world. I just made Ahriman a little more clever and kept him crazy-evil.
  18. @Questmajor: Yish. I woulda done Gangnam Style if I had enough patience, but I don't, so I did Gentleman instead because it's easier. -------------------------------------------- So this is both a mapping practice and a fanart of sorts. Mapping practice because I want to see what I can do with only RTP tilesets (the samurai pack in this case). Fanart because the blue ninja, the red-haired girl by the well, and the green-haired ronin are characters from some game I will not name because I'm ashamed of it. http://24.media.tumblr.com/7d8e623e762b7739e8885851c2e7a71c/tumblr_mn4uyyVw4s1r7k0jco1_1280.jpg[/img] Could be better, but it's decent. At least it doesn't make me want to abuse the dash button like no tomorrow, and that's always a plus for me. Because I'm not allowed to post the samurai sprite sets ever, here's a GIF of my customized sprites. http://25.media.tumblr.com/fae34c7dae68f52e38e33ebf1655becf/tumblr_mn4wziTvml1r7k0jco1_100.gif[/img] I'm super super proud of the waving animation I did on the girl's front hair and the ninja edit. The girl's bangs originally don't animate, so I had to sprite the animation myself :lock: The ninja is a painful frankensprite that is SO AWFULLY HARD TO DO. The samurai pack isn't coloured the same way the VX/Ace normal sprites are coloured, so it's painful to edit, geh.
  19. My animation is wonky because I'm lazy, but deal with it. And yeah, it's the same dudes from my current set. Plus "mother".
  20. Pfft, I'm worse about being MIA than you, Kirro. No sweat. (and now I feel so cowed to continue my stuff because they seem so stupid now) Ooh, the change is interesting. So the other daevas are not necessarily already around when Ahriman started moving? Nice.
  21. I mean the thorn windowskin :roll: I saw that windowskin being uploaded as "resource" in a number of forums.
  22. Was that custom made? Someone must have ripped it and put it up on forums. I saw it floating around a number of RPG Maker forums.
  23. Look at me with chopped up hair: https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/p480x480/247449_10200266855733069_978307275_n.jpg[/img] ... I didn't really cut off my hair, and that should be obvious by the awkwardly-sticking-out hair chunks. That's my home-made wig made with a small knitted wool cap and craft fur. Looks pretty good in the photo.
  24. That's some pretty darn impressive map tilesets you have there. Interesting.
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