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  1. I made some researches. Some people say that it can be a false positive made by the anta virus program. I have update my anta virus lately. I don't have a lot of experience with Windows Defender, I was used to Bitdefender! I redownloaded the game from the site, scanned and launched the game. Everything is fine for the moment! But they say that we have to be careful too… Sometime hackers use that kind of thing to put real malicious programs...
  2. Hi! Today, for the first time, I received a virus message for the game Aveyond Gates of Night (my favorite). I purchased the game last year from BMT on a CD. Windows Defender is telling me that there is a trojan:Win32/Bitrep.B in the game. In the program Files, Aveyond-Gates of Night.exe. Also, Aveyond III-Gates of Night. Ink. I have unistalled the game and plan to install it again if everything is safe. I'll scan th files of the game before installing it! Had some issue of trojan with Aveyond 2, also on CD in the past. I change the CD, and I don't have the message anymore... 😮
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