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  1. The monsters are visible and therefore avoidable and will disappear when killed, reappearing upon re-entering the map. I can't say how long the game will be when completed, but I'd say this current version plays for about an hour. It is lacking some of the features I have already created to make school more interesting though, and will probably be fairly boring if you play and the end of the demo isn't defined so the game won't tell you when it is no longer possible to progress in the story. This is, after all, a casual project I started a while ago to see if I could actually make an interesting game so I'm not too committed to it however I will most likely finish it some time but I can't really say when.
  2. The error when saving that I know of really shouldn't come up in the current version, as too the extent of me testing it is know longer present. A reminder that saves from older version will not work after the update, and even having them in the folder will cause an error. Yes, this reply is late and long over due however I've been working on other things lately and have left this in to my to do pile. It may or may not be picked up seriously very soon but I do hope to get back to it some time. Many apologies for my procrastinating ways but it's something I've not managed to get over.
  3. Either of you have examples of your work? That would be helpful.
  4. Sprites and story aren't really the problem, but I am a bit lacking. What forms of spriting do you do?
  5. I would appreciate some help, but which aspects do you think you could help with? How much experience do you have with RMXP?
  6. Please don't rush me. I know I haven't been working on it very fast but you must realise that this is an one person project unlike a lot of other games. This means that if I'm unavailable then there will be no progress on it at all. I will have it out, I do have my goals and I really don't need any more pressure than I already have. I have a lot of mapping to do in this release, something I'm not particularly good at so I take quite a bit of time doing that plus my indecisiveness makes for what others may view as little progress.
  7. Don't worry, I wont make it cost money. This is only my second or so project so I don't think I'll be up to the stage of charging anytime soon.
  8. Hm, I think there might be a bug with the exams in the current version, but it's been fixed. I don't know whether the version avaliable for download is fixed or not.
  9. I guess I could afford to work on it harder, but Ia m busy with quite a few other commitments.
  10. @ M.C: I don't really like the side view battle systems as I think the pictures are too small. Many people do but for me to change now would mean redoing a lot of things. Thanks for the suggestion, though! And you don't have to help me, I'll ge5t it sorted one way or the other.
  11. Those ones you linked to are RMVX sprites, but I use RMXP unfortunately. They're easy enough to convert and I'll see what I can do with them but what I really need are battle sprites. Thanks, though!
  12. Thanks Destinyluck, for looking but I think I may attempt to draw one using reference pics. Also, I apologise for the delay in the release of the next demo but there's really not much that was added plot wise so I'm working on putting more in for those of you who don't want to start again.
  13. Really? That would be great! I've searched around for spiders already and haven't found much, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I was actually looking at the bee when I drew it. That must be why.
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