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  1. oops, lol forgot to equip it, i can hit hundreds now, thanks
  2. i did, i even went on a ship and sailed some island, and got to the sawers of some city, but every monster i bump into i always hit 1, even bought a dagger in this sawers that consts 1900... and i steal have no chance' i'm to weak P.S. i know lydia stole mel's stuff, but it looked so impussible to play i thought they ment her stuff from her house oops, lol forgot to equip it, i can hit hundreds now, thanks
  3. i just finished Aeyond - Gates of night' and i started playing Aveyond - The lost orb, but all my stuff were gone and i wasn't strong enough to kill a wolf! i used eggs i took from Moo's hatchery and continued the game hoping my equipe will turn out somewhere... but nothing. so is there something wrong with my computer? cuz i realy want to play this game but it looks kind of impussible. thanks for the helpers
  4. i got the music box and got into the castle by making a gurd fall asleep with the music box' then i passed the gurds that are walking around and i got to the room with the quarter key' when i take it someone comes and kicks me out
  5. when i get to the key in the orc palace i'm gettinig throwen out... how cani get it?
  6. damn.... i didn't know that.... i would pick the squierls
  7. This is the only task on the jornal that i have left.... also the save the world from ahrima.... how do i get the ram? looked everywhere
  8. I see a lot of larg cracks in walls.... can do something about it?
  9. i managed to open the blue ones with a key, i think and i have red ones... so how do i open it?
  10. i need glue for gepetto to make fin's toy. anyone knows where it is?
  11. i didn't noticed any sign with the tree simbol at the dragon's city, dargkthor so is there a place where you can learn it?
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