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  1. aleli

    help with the troll!!

    thanks!!i decided to use it on the troll
  2. The troll is blocking the way!.. and wont let me pass....i think that the magic mushroom has to something to do with it but ive already forgotten where it is..........
  3. aleli


    thank you
  4. aleli


    i can get a blessing from heptitus right? but she keeps saying, leave before i turn you to toads how can i get the blessing from her??
  5. aleli

    No thistle root

    how can i go to Ishtar after i gathered the 5 souls??
  6. ahhm.. thnks! how can i find that horse??
  7. how can i unblock the passage to aveyond??
  8. aleli

    where is the dreamer's tear?

    thnks!!i've already finished aveyond.thank you very much
  9. where can i find the dreamer's tear in dreamland? and how can i see the invisible enemy(i don't know who it is) in a dark caverns near thais?
  10. aleli

    help with druids

    where can i find the druid of time??? and what is the use of the magic clock?
  11. thnks!!do i need a dragon here if i need where can i find it??how can i capture will i need something??
  12. where can i find lord zorom after i had the agea???