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  1. ~~That story was just Awesome guys , we did very good job , I today just read all again and I am impressed *_* , Love you all and its great to remind this good times :3 ~~ But do you know , we left story in very interesting moment
  2. @Matriamat Thank you ; D your set is from the best game~~ and this flowers are soo cuutie *w*
  3. @Kirara Ohhh ; D maybe a little xDD Call me Asia is my name ; D
  4. @Lara Thank you ; D @Kirara Yaaa Vocaloid and BRS *w* I just love it <3333 And your set is sooo Kawaii ^^ @Daeva Tahnk you ; * I love your set ^w^ cute and swwety ^^
  5. Hi Everyone ; D It's mine new set here *w* I hope you will like it ^^
  6. @kirara Thank youu so much your is so Kawaii and blueee *.* <333
  7. @Daeva you know my friend made this for me and maybe its bright but its really nice ^.^ @Astra Yaa fire xd this girl is like a fire amd background too ^^ anyway thankies <3
  8. and here it is my neeew set ;3 Hope you will like it ^^
  9. @kirara yaay yaay ^.^ love lucky star *.* @Thha your siggie is really nice bcs of this chracter on this *.*
  10. @kirara Yaaay Thank you it's from lucky star *.* and your sets is soo kawaii *.* <33 i love purple *.*
  11. @D.A.T thank you so much~~ Your siggie is cool *.* @kuro-kun o.o my bf got the same nick _._ nice and thanks o.o your set is nice anyway ;3
  12. @memozia cool new set and others colours sets too *.*
  13. @astra ^^ thank you thank you ^^ Yaa i love her *.* @Valkyyy Yaaay sis <333 thank you i love your set Its Kawaii <333 @Elemental Vocaloid is really awesome hatsune miku rin kagamine and Kaito *.* i think Gumi is nice too
  14. @KIrara Thank you ^^ I think you love vocaloid just like me ^^ its sooo great ^^
  15. Oh..Everyone have very mysterious avatars *.* Great job *.* anyway i made avatar too ^^ i hope you will like it ^^
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