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  1. Ah thanks for the info. Also I don't have any files from before Mel disappears. A brand new game in TLO will leave me with no money or items though right? No eggs in moo hatchery and no quests done?
  2. I need a save file for chapter three's beginning that finished all the quests in GoN and married Mel because I didn't know you had to propose, I only got her attraction points. I didn't even know you could buy pemberly keep and my save file is ruined. I would have to start over from LoT to fix this... So can anyone spare a copy of their file?
  3. I've played every Aveyond Game and more from Amaranthia. I'd love to beta test for this new one! I've done beta testing for MMOs like Tera and The Elder Scrolls Online.
  4. No, the default isn't what I'm looking for. There is another set of pictures for the main characters that look more realistic and not so cartoonish. It doesn't come with the default game.
  5. I lost my file that had the different pictures for the main characters like Rhen, lars, etc. I like the more realistic looking ones and was wondering where I could find them again?
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