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  1. Yes, I am walking around in Whisper Woods with Fang and I see the dirt patches. It seems like there are about 4 of them. Nothing happens when I click on them and I don't see any kind of purple lights. I just noticed that I don't have a recipe for the resize potion that supposedly someone in Tor is supposed to provice. I guess that must be why, but I believe I've talked to everyone there. I thought it was supposed to come from someone that is near the Inn, but no one around there is giving me anything. Oh gosh. I've been walking around off and on for almost 2 days now. Very frustrating. I even went back to the Gingerbread house to see if maybe I never finished the conversation with Lorelai. OMG! Thanks for trying to help me. Sometimes you just need to walk away for a while. I finally found the person with the resize recipe and now I'm off once again to Whisper Woods. I thought I had talked to everyone in town. Thank goodness. Merged posts. Please don't double posts, just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  2. Apparently not. I have Fang equipped as the Minion and Boyle set as the leader. Is there something else I'm supposed to be doing? I have looked at my stats, change equipment, everything, and don't see how to do anything like that.
  3. Thanks for your help. Dummy me. I made the potion and forgot to take it with me. But now I realize I didn't go back and get that cheeky out of the other cell before I left.
  4. I have Fang back and equipped. I have walked all over Whisper Woods and have clicked on every dirt patch I could find. I am not finding the witchety grub. I also see in the walkthru it mentions that I would see purple lights from time to time that would lead me to these mounds when I have Fang equipped, but I don't see anything like that. I have spent an awfully long time walking around looking. Can anyone help? I even went back to the End of the World to make sure I triggered that quest and to Ingrid's house to make sure I hadn't made the potion already and forgot to take it with me like the last potion I made.
  5. It looks like nobody is really on this forum anymore but I thought I would ask anyway just in case. I have gone thru all 20 pages on here and don't see where anyone has had this problem. I have gotten the quest from the Mayor to kidnap her enemies. I have the agreeable potion. I'm now at the prison in Windshire and there's no key on the table in the room upstairs. I've already talked to the prisoner and now it just says Hey break me outa here. Is it possible that I already got this key and used it on something else? If I did that, is it gone for good? Please don't tell me I have to start all over again.
  6. I may be in the wrong place to ask this, but after playing this game for about 6 months, I downloaded the music pack. I hate to say it, but I was so used to the original music I wanted to go back to that. Can anyone tell me how to remove the music pack or do I just need to re-download the whole game? By the way, I thought I was on the forum for AV1. Now that I look at it, there are questions about AV2. (Love that one too) Just want to get my old music back.
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