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  1. If you read at the top when you target a monster it "does" say that the monster is tripped if in fact you have. If you don't trip the monster when you target him (when Mel throws her trip) it says "missed". So you know just by that if the monster is tripped or not. I've had a monster tripped about three turns before they become okay. Sometimes only once though. And I don't understand why people would be fooled by the 0 MP label. All the labels say how much MP is used. 0 means you use zero. Seems perfectly clear as is.
  2. Finished playing AV3.1 without the goodies. Looked here to see about the side quests because the game ended before I finished doing some of them. I got all but one done so was pleased. A couple of things I found really nice. (I've read about 2/3 of this thread so may be repeating.) Someone posted on the first page about the corpses disappearing after you collect from them. I think that's awesome. Also, the clouds floating overhead leaving a shadow trailing along the ground. That's just cool... for me, it just is. My hat's off the to crew on this one. Exceptional work! Love it... will play it again to finish all the quests and level some from the next Book. Thanks, Amanda, for all you hard work on AV3.1. <---me anxiously awaiting the next Book!
  3. This is just terrible... just awful... this is very sad...
  4. ((Now that the holidays are over... course Valentines day will be here before we know it... what's up with all the rps?))
  5. ((Sheesh... I think I went blind just reading that post!))
  6. ((I kinda painted myself into a corner by going to lunch at the Lucky J. So... in the mean time I'm crocheting my fingers into total numbness and working on the newspaper and cooking, cleaning, homework with the kids, ironing school clothes, did I mention I was crocheting? I guess I'm kinda thankful for the slowness at the moment. Always here checking in and reading the posts. Did I mention I was crocheting for Christmas that's just 15 days away?))
  7. The holiday's are kicking my butt... I'm crocheting everything and I still have lot's left to do. Then there's the wraping and cooking and inbetween everyday things. Rush, Rush, Rush, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry... gotta go, gotta go, gotta go! Well, ahem... there's slow and then all of a sudden you just have to hurry! Uh... right... we were talking about posting... yes? I posted myself into a corner when I posted last on insurrection... I went to lunch when everyone else was having breakfast... so... I'm waiting for everyone else to get to high noon. So... in the mean time... checking my mail, crocheting, cooking, cleaning, wraping, newspapering... And here's one for ya... what in the world do you get an 11 year old and a 14 year old that believe in Santa but won't give up what they want??? I know, a mimicking parrot and a board game...? Okay... my break is up... onward...
  8. I would definitely have to agree with you on this one. Slow isn't always bad.
  9. I emailed Basset and she emailed back that she wanted to be part of the rp. She said she would check out the thread. She also sounded really busy with school.
  10. I've heard from Riven. She has no interest in coming back and playing. I told her we would write her character out of the rp. We could have someone meet us as we're leaving the Inn with an urgent message for her and the person bring the message could take her place as our guide to the valcano. Mae was suppose to have the map to the inside of the Valcano. When she didn't post for so long we were going to have Basset take over the map from Mae. Playing without Mae we can continue to the Valcano and someone leans or steps on something that triggers a virtual map?... opens a secret space?... plants the map in that persons mind? Hmmm...
  11. I actually could go either way. Bottom line for me is I'd like to see the rp restarted. I would prefer to start where we stopped. I would agree with OneFeather that we have a lot invested in the characters and have spent a lot of time developing them. On my side, there would be Basset and me. I emailed Basset and she seemed to be interested. I don't know if she will have the time because of her studies... which will leave me on my own. Riven can walk away and be replaced with someone else. We could still venture to the Valcano and collect the black box. At that point we were returning to Wanderer and then head to Charon 5 to the old man. I even did a map of Charon 5. I think it would be easy to pick up where we left off. If the vote goes to starting over I won't have a problem with it. My vote right now would be to start where we left off.=
  12. I don't have a problem starting over. I enjoyed playing my character and enjoyed the interaction with the other characters. I'm game!
  13. That might not be a bad idea, Marian. If you wanted it to still tie into the existing thread there could be some huge anomoly (sp?) and only certain characters survive. Some could mutate into other characters... like the vampire... some entity could be there waiting to absorb his body... hostile takeover... that way the vampire could still be played just with another controling him... like on Dr. Who... Afterwards we could all meet up like we had talked about and venture to the valcano together and then split up again when we get back to the spaceships. Lots of ways this could actually go... or are you talking about starting from the "beginning"???
  14. Riven had picked up her rucksack and walked out the door headed towards the Valcano and the route we had planned out. I see two options, get someone to replace her (I can ask if someone can play her - I'll send her an email) or write her out.
  15. Bellyndra had already had a busy morning. Checking on her parents, she had found them feeling better. She had also set up the sparing matches with Travist for day after tomorrow. She still needed to set up a council meeting with the Elders and finish her lesson plans for tomorrow. With every day that went by there seemed to be more that needed to be done. Pushing those thoughts out of her head, Bellyndra headed over to the Lucky J to have lunch with Travist. As she was opening the door she noticed Wafer across the street and waved hello to her. And Jax was on his way out the door as Bellyndra walked in. "We've got some good specials today for lunch," Jax said to Bellyndra. "Enjoy your lunch." "I will," Bellyndra said to Jax, "and you enjoy yours!" Bellyndra walked over and sat next to Travist at a cozy table near the window. The warm noon sun shone through and warmed her.
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