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  1. there is a yellow bag in the hole and however I tried to reenter the hole robin said I won't go down there again. does this bag important and how to get it anyway
  2. hi everyone can anyone list all side quests (the quests not show in the journal) and any quest (main or side) may not be easily encountered. thank you
  3. I am replaying the game over to get all cheekies but no matter I looked around I could'nt find the additional ones: I still can't find: halaina 1 cheeki ( I found the one in the mirror) , and what game snoopy talking about waste land 1 cheeki windshire 1 cheeki and islands and realms 2 cheekies
  4. No I haven't finished it yet. I restarted it on another pc and it is running smoothly. But the funny part, i faced 2 other bugs which I checked and still not treated and now i am stuck, I guess I will restart once again from old save file but will send me back to boyle's experience level 6
  5. By any means, can this book" how to date a witch" the one boyle stole from the library be used later in the game or has it any significance
  6. As far as i can remember u once mentioned when u r still in the developing phase of aveyond 4 that nox and emma from aveyond 3 will be as guests I still havent finished the game. Need to fight the last boss So i am just wondering?
  7. thank you, that's why I can't get to it. I can't win against this bear
  8. yes that's what i mean but i can't find the way to it eventhough i used the cave system and looked everywhere. maybe i missed something
  9. there is a green chest in gingernut forest and a cheeki in a bag but i can't find the way to get it can anyone tell me
  10. thanks Valkyriet I did all u posted and repeat them another time after your post in case i did something wrong no imporvement I don't know if this is a bug of simply there is something wrong with my system which can be found also in other computer systems
  11. thanks as i said no more items in my inventory so robin saying cant open the store but the last item i sold was the gem for the proposed man and no old safe file to load from or else i have to back to the halania dungeon(the only save i had left)
  12. i guess ingrid old hat an the jenx thing never come across, have no idea how to get
  13. i am about fighting herculas and there are some store items for few customers cant find i bought all items in stores and did all quests only left last tourment battle and nw nothing in my inventory to sell help
  14. Has any one found all items to sell for Nan's store customers I made 25 sells so far But I still remember that some customers' request were not in my stock and now I have nothing more to sell
  15. hi there I did but no actual solutions were proposed It is very hard to play and take extensive time and as I noticed many others having the same problem Can u check and help
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