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  1. This forum is more about the games. It's not a personal website. Which is why I don't get how the forums will continue on this domain, since I assume with Amanda going into tools development, this site will be more of a place for people to contact Amanda for any tools they need, etc, unless I'm reading it wrong? Personal sites are more about the person, or with focus on the person's skills. This is a site to sell games at the moment Sad to see this happen, but best of luck for the future, wishing Amanda loads and loads of success.
  2. Since spoilers are presumed to be here, the curse never existed Think of the priestesses in Aveyond, which is pretty much the alternate ending. They love everyone of the Goddess's children. What I loved about the end was Myst threatening to turn the Oracle to stone, made me laugh as she can be annoying
  3. Finally finished the game. Firstly, with the negative stuff, since there's very little of it and I like to end reviews on a positive note The story was very linear at times. In every previous Aveyond, your quests do mean you don't know exactly where to go, there are multiple locations you could go. In this one, it's pretty specific, go here, do this, go here, do this Rowen's a swordsinger? And that's the problem, I found out on this review thread, will be replaying to find out where, but that's seriously, something like that should be more easily noticeable like the Covens were, you were given info on the first one, so you knew you had to look out for it The ending. No offence, but it felt forced, it didn't feel like it was supposed to end there. Not to say it was a bad ending, it was just completely unexpected. It made the game feel short even though it was anything but that, since it took me two weeks to finish thanks to exams. It just didn't feel like an ending, I was sure you'd have to fight the other demon too So yeah, not the best Aveyond in the World On the positive side, well, everything else Boyle= Awesome! Myst= Double awesome! I didn't like Ingrid as much as these two, so she's a distant third but she's still an amazing character. The rest were also a lot more fleshed out than previous side characters in Aveyond. The story was good and not forced until the end. Very greatly developed and thank God for the Oracle not being able to bore us this time, my usual reaction to her is the one Myst had The battles were amaaaaazing. I loved the system with its new way of fighting. I'm actually glad we didn't have a character whose only job is healing. Myst probably did the most damage attacking wise in my party (Without using spells that is), so her role as a healer was definitely secondly for me The art, that is gorgeous! The music is amazing And well, overall, very good game 8/10. Not my most favourite Aveyond but a top game, nonetheless, on a new engine, and with so many new things, I can't wait for whenever the next project is released whether it's Aveyond or not.
  4. I'd like to test it too Tested the previous two games too
  5. I think you could use this one if you wanted to http://www.rinmarugames.com/
  6. Actually, if you look at the kickstarter link, the last update was a new kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/projectbc/vacant-sky-awakening-a-pre-apocalyptic-rpg Now on the new kickstarter, there are updates Hi everyone! I'm excited to finally chime in with a major update: we've just produced a working build of the game using the functionally-complete battle system. This has been the major milestone we've been working toward for the past few months and its being finished means we've finally got the single largest task of the game done. Though it's feature-complete, there are some look+feel and graphical things we still want to finish up which we'll be doing in the coming weeks. As soon as we've got the highlands battlefield ingame as well as some issues with animations worked out, I'll be sharing some screenshots and video. -Bishop And on June 10, barely 17 days ago Another quick follow-up: Barring any other polish items or bugs that crop up, the battle system is done! Most of the team is currently on a well-earned vacation but when they get back, we'll be finishing up the last few assets that we need to put together a gameplay video for you guys. I'm really excited to show this off.
  7. I'm a guy, but honestly, there is no Prince Charming or Princess Perfect waiting for anyone. No relationship is ever perfect. And it never can be, it's two different human beings. What you should look for is obviously someone you like who is a nice person, treats you well, makes you happy.
  8. Same problem, can't access it
  9. My first ever Status!!!

  10. 1) Finish my projects 2) Get a better part time job 3) Get a 4.0 this time
  11. Yup, seems to be 1000 posts, I can't change it despite being an ex-guild member
  12. Would probably be the Civilian that gets killed early for no reason, given my luck
  13. Cool, we're gonna have something like the Battle Arena that never happened
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