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  1. Whoops; I didn't know there was an already existing server hahahaha Please do post the invite link in this thread @moonpeace Preferably a permanent one haha
  2. Hey all! I've taken the liberty of creating a subreddit purely dedicated to the Aveyond series, as well as a discord server! (The link to the server is available in the sidebar on the subreddit.) This was done with the blessing of the devs (they even made a post about it on facebook), so I guess this makes the subreddit *orator voice here* The Official Aveyond Subreddit! Check it out at this link, and be sure to join the discord server too! https://www.reddit.com/r/Aveyond/
  3. I've been thinking (a lot)about a Terraria/Aveyond crossover, and I honesty believe that the idea is amazing. For example, a new Aveyond game featuring multiple weapons, items, enemies, and bosses from Terraria could be created (smashing Ahriman with a terra blade? Sounds awesome), while a new Terraria update featuring many items, NPCs, bosses, weapons and accessories (using a Sword of Shadows to destroy the Moon Lord, anyone?) could be implemented. This could also bring a lot of attention to the Aveyond games from Terraria's (massive) playerbase, as it is a relatively little-known franchise.
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