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  1. Angel Protector (Rp Sign Up)

  2. Angel Protector (Rp Sign Up)

    Ok I got this Idea for a rp that I really Wanted to try out.Hope It Goes Well STORYLINE 1000 Years Ago A Legendary Hero Saved The World From Total Destruction From A Evil Lord.Just Before The Lord Died He Muttered A Curse On The Hero,His Last Words Were"In Your Next Life May Demons From Hell Curse You".The Hero Died Soon After But Since He Went To Heaven The Goddess Give The Hero A New Life and so The Hero Was Reborn As A Young Girl Named Amy But As The Curse Said Amy Was Cursed With Bad Luck,When She Was 8 Years Old All Of Her Pets Died,Her Parents Were killed In A Accident And Whenever She Makes A Friend They Soon Disappear So She Has A Poor Childhood.When She Grew Up She Could Not Get A Job And Lived In A Small Apartment Until One Day A Great Evil Was Decsend on The Earth.Heaven was Facing A Crisis The Goddess Thought Of A Plan To Train The Once Mighty Hero To Save The Earth.She Sent Angels To Protect Amy And Teach Her The Way Of Combat..... RULES You Can Choose One Of The Three Races ANGEL,HUMAN and DEMON. Only One Villain(Great Evil) Will Be Chosen. You Can Create Your Role/Relationship With Amy In The Decription. FAQ Q:What Is The Judging Criterria For The Villain A Decription,How Well You Intruduce The Charater Q:Can We Say What Kind Of Race We Are ECT Snow Angle,Fire Deamon? A:Yes HOW TO WRITE YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE YOUR USERNAME YOUR CHARACTER'S RACE DESCRIPTION ABILITIES YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGHTS YOUR CHARACTER'S WEEKNESS
  3. The Afterlife

    This is the story about the ravenfoot family hope you enjoy --------------------------------------------------It all started when James Ravenfoot got in detp with some strangers that when life changed for his family. Young Te'jial and Gyendal were Playing when they heard a knock ond the door,Standing their was a strange robed man his hood covered his face.He Motioned for the siblings Father. "Father A man is looking for you" Said Te'jial "Who is it" Said James as he staggered to the door.As soon as he saw who it was his face turned as pale as a ghost..... --------------------------------------------------Ok So thats the first part I know i need Imagaination and its kinda short tell me what you think i'll update soon
  4. Walkthrough

    Try looking at the FaQ it sure helped me
  5. Check for Poison maby that's the problem?
  6. spider egg

    i need help with finding the spider egg is it in the spider's den?
  7. Help Anne's Hope

    Ok thanks to Quester I managed to pach up the game so hopefuly it will be out soon and we also renamed the game so its a suprize for all of you
  8. I just Used Some Goodies and i was wondering If i could use them again because when i try it wont work again. or is their another way to get levels fast without killing monsters again and again plz help
  9. Help Anne's Hope

    Help I need Some one Who Can Test The First Part Of the Game And May Willingly Edit the game pls Despret need of one because the game is in a mess Thx
  10. Anne's Hope

    Ok SO im Making This Rpg For Fun And I Dont Know If its good.Its About A Girl That Dreames Of Learning Magic But No One Belives That Magic Is Real So She Was Very Sad Until One Day SHe Was Beaing Bullied. She Felt A Strange Fealling Then Suddenly She Casted A Force Feild Spell That Protected Her Im Still Working On It but I need Some Feedback. I Got Some Insperation From Avyond
  11. Where are you from?

    Just Like Hui i Live In Singapore Its a Tropical City Free of Natual Disaters And Conflic Also Is Quite Safe And Life Is plesent Their. But People like to complain And Save Seats AKA "Chok" with Paper and Ect. We also Speak A language called SInglish AKA Un proper English. So Yeah Life In Singapore Is Ok
  12. Feast of The King

    Hmm i think its good you should have a choice that leads to a good and a bad ending
  13. MY USER NAME: Helper MY CHARACTER'S NAME:Amy MY CHARACTER'S SEX:Female DATE I CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 4 Dec 2013 MY CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Mage MY CHARACTER'S SPECIES: ShapeShifter MY CHARACTER'S AGE: 10 MY CHARACTER'S ABILITIES:Very Good at ice spells a)Physical:Can use a Longsword Very Well b)Magical:Can use a little bit of all kinds of magic. c)Other:she can summon Creatures to help her in battle MY CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Very Good at Magic and using a Staff,Wand and Orb Stick MY CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Has some problems changing into some forms CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: 13 Dec 2013