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  1. Well, I decided to buy the game from Big Fish so that the count would go up. It is hard to decide the category for this game since it is hidden object AND adventure. I think it is almost like Azada unclassifiable. So the game is great. I know some people don't like going back into previous scenes to find things to complete the current scene but I really like that. Thanks. Here are two things that bug me in almost all games of this type: 1. They let you light the fire under the cauldron before there is any water in it. 2. You have to fix a bridge or something to be able to get to the other side, but little things like the gold coins are on the other side and can be collected before the bridge is built. These are not in any way spoiling my enjoyment of this game and this is by no means the only game where these things show up, it is just that I would expect my cauldron to be spoiled by the time I get back with the water.... Anyway thanks all team for a great game. I'm not finished yet. (with the game I mean)
  2. belinda

    Sideview Battle or Default Battle?

    My personal preference is side view; and if I recall correctly I've seen more in favor of that.
  3. The eggs. Loved the eggs and hatching the creatures, especially when they were able to be carried over.
  4. belinda

    Does Age Matter in Amaranthia?

    I don't think I'm quite the oldest but I'm way past 11! I am impressed by the span of ages here and also the internationality [hope it is not off topic to add that] AND how much computer savvy even the "very" young [whatever that means] have.
  5. belinda

    Amaranthia Series 5 - A Chancellor's Life

    Heh! That was pretty good.. I liked it.
  6. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=9249 But you shouldn't have had this problem if you recently downloaded.
  7. belinda

    How do you like your Side Quests?

    Side quests like in the old fairy tales even written ones like "King of the Golden river" where turning aside from the main quest to complete the side quest is actually important in getting you help at the end, like helping the ants and then they help you gather all the grains of wheat, or giving your last drop of water to a person dying of thirst and then the holy water is provided for you whereas the wicked older brothers who tried before all got hanged, or their heads chopped off, or turned to stone because they didn't turn aside to help others in need. I thought the golden frog one was a bit unfair in one way because how did a stolen baby get in there, although I can see the point of meeting a "jailbird"... My favorite one of all was the one where the lovers got split up early and Mel & co help them find each other, delivering letter etc and if you did it right they are happily together in the house in their old age.
  8. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    Hope the remodel went well, story is going well, eager to see what happens.
  9. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    Hey.. ok, but finish this first.. please.. And I think you mean amethyst eyes, not amnesty eyes. I think your spell checker fooled you. But still, keep going...
  10. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    So now you are talking about betrayal.. it was in your very first post, you know, that the story would include betrayal. OK, it wasn't your first one, it was the footnote to chapter two. I still hope it is not any of the good guys we have met so far. You are doing well in the story telling, when you are all done and have it still on your computer you might want to spell and grammar check it. At this point I'd rather keep hearing the story than comment on specific grammar points though.
  11. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    OK, I'm with the love and the magic but I'm not sure I'm ready for the betrayal.. Would kind of like all her friends to stay friends.. but keep going..
  12. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    Yikes! you left us hanging!
  13. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    Sorry not to reply before. I have now marked notifications so that I'll see when you post a new chapter. Getting exciting! And glad the friends showed up. Hope you are saving this on your home computer as well.
  14. belinda

    Black Hearted Love

    I think it shows good start and promise to be a good story. However, you will need to work on your sentence structure and grammar. You have some run-on sentences which do detract from the effect. However you have what I lack, which is the imagination to think of such a story in the first place! So, keep on and you will get better on the details.
  15. belinda

    ipod touch and iphone

    I downloaded this to my ipod Touch!! Took me a while to realize I could move the scene around and also stretch it to see better... Still looks small, of course... but nice to have it. For those wondering, it is free to download and play the first bit, and then 99 cents to do full game. Thanks. This is not precisely a bug, which is why I am continuing this and not posting a new posts. In trying to mini game to set the fountain, where the "blocks" have to be changed, I finally had to skip it as the sensitive-to-touch area around the arrows seems to be too small. I could activate it sometimes but not all the time. I have an ipod Touch with updated OS 5 operating system.
  16. belinda

    I'm skinny, so I must be anorexic?!

    There's a lot of chubby people that wish they had your problems but I think for some reason these days it is considered worse to comment on someone being too heavy than "too" skinny. As long as you and your parents or whoever matters the most to you is happy with your weight, just tell the other people it is none of their business. If you like them tell them nicely, if you don't care, just tell them.
  17. belinda

    Big News From Argoyle:

    Congratulations, Argoyle.
  18. belinda

    Wicked, A Witch's Tale (I HAVE UPDATED!!)

    There's a couple grammar things but as always your imagination is wonderful and I'm enjoying the story. Actually I thought the fight scene was kind of interesting with Sam taking advantage of the goblins "breaking" their wall to let their "friend" in. Reminiscent of Battle of Hastings. Added thought later after reading all story from beginning. I don't think you have to tell EACH event from the two viewpoints, but it is nice to see the "inner thinking" of each once in a while. Anyway I have checked notify also and will look forward to more chapters.
  19. belinda

    A Fool Goes to Germany (Newsletter)

    @princessbina: just wondering where you have heard all these things that the British "think" and "do".. it sounds almost like you met ONE person [either a rude British person, or a rude other nationality person talking bad about British] and are taking all your information from that. @KTC.. here all this time I thought you lived in an Asian country, not an Asian community in USA. Two of my grandchildren are 1/2 Asian and cute as can be. @theFool: hope you enjoy(ed) your German trip (ps: I live in USA and have traveled to UK, Wales, London, Birmingham, Norwich)
  20. belinda

    Things that bug me but are not bugs...

    @Shaz.. I don't think you are obliged to reply, but I thought your reply was very interesting, thank you.
  21. belinda

    Things that bug me but are not bugs...

    Technically speaking the pot while it won't melt could get red hot even from a wood fire. Granted nothing would probably happen to it except it would be really hard to put water in it without a great cloud of steam.. ah! maybe that's what should happen... just kidding. And, granted, with no one there to feed the fire it should be going out anyway... and... ok, ok, its that suspension of disbelief necessary in a fantasy. [like, as you say, picking up dis-assembled objects] The other thing is the fuses on the dynamite are always too short. That is one thing John Wizard does, he makes his people get behind shelter when they use dynamite!!
  22. belinda

    Things that bug me but are not bugs...

    Wasn't sure I could say but the Lost Garden was the one that made me gasp when I first saw it.
  23. belinda

    Amaranthian edition

    I'm torn between buying the CE from Big Fish or waiting for the Amarathian edition. Will the Amaranthian edition have the silver/bronze/gold locks like the CE?? Or something that is the equivalent to make a $20 purchase price worth it?
  24. belinda

    Things that bug me but are not bugs...

    Thanks, Shaz. Maybe everyone could put a teeny bit of water in these cauldrons, pots or whatever. We know that in games the water never boils away but it would keep the pot from burning up! Having burned a few pots in my day probably why I notice it.... But I thought the game was wonderful and the scenes were beautiful, in fact one in particular was breathtakingly beautiful, I almost gasped when I saw it.
  25. belinda

    Amaranthian edition

    Thanks. I am a game club member but I would pay $20 for this game unless you are saying it is more! I don't need wallpaper and I always turn off the sound anyway. So maybe I'll wait. But thanks for the information. I'm glad to support Amaranthia whichever way.