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  1. iraki

    Goodies not working!

    Yes! So today I uninstalled the game and restarted the computer. Very strange things are happening! When I tried to install again, I got a message saying that previous installation isn't removed and it should be removed first before proceeding. I agreed to that, but the message said ''uninstaller couldn't be found'' and it's not removed after all (although the game didn't appear in the programs list!) I went on with installation anyway and I got a new message saying that it's unsuccessful and it will be aborted! Strange thing is, the icon appeared as if the game had been installed normally and I can open the game! But all my previous saves are there! I have no idea why this is happening and how to fix it! Help me out guys **I have uninstalled from control panel and deleted all folders, also emptied temp folder and app data It worked, finally! I deleted some more traces of the game and installed in on the desktop. Although it still said the prev. isn't completely uninstalled, this time installation proceeded normally and it was successful and the goodie worked too.
  2. iraki

    Goodies not working!

    Hey Mopiece Thank you for the reply. I just tried these things but nothing happened. Same old same old I don't want to have to uninstall / reinstall but do you think it would work?
  3. Hello everyone first of all it's been ages since I've been to the site, so many changes wow! So I've been trying to install the GOD/Gold Goodies with no luck! I'm running Windows 7 and in the past, I had no trouble with the Goodies (on the same computer). I don't know what has happened! I'm replacing the save01 file as usual but when I go into the game, I see no changes! Help?
  4. iraki

    Robin's shop

    Thanks a bunch both of you!!
  5. Happy New Year everyone!! Could somebody make a list of the customers' requests and the items they need from me? I have some difficulty in finding the correct items for certain requests. Thanks a lot!
  6. iraki

    Attraction points

    Where do you find the love potion?
  7. I get a message saying my password is blocked. I sent a message and hoping for a quick reply
  8. iraki

    Post your reviews here!

    I actually think this is one of the easiest games battle-wise (at least for me). So far I have only lost once or twice (in the werebear fight) and I think I'm towards the end of the game. I've never got the ''shivering'' feeling that was so familiar to me in AV1. The items you find by exploring are very helpful and I always sell my previous gear for the better ones I come across at shops. I guess goodies aren't even needed (don't know about later though). I'm planning to post a detailed comment when I finish.
  9. iraki

    court jester

    In the king's castle in Halaina.
  10. Hellooo and welcome! That sounds great! Ahriman's Prophecy will forever be my favourite game in the series, yup it's irreplaceable in my heart I really look forward to such a creation, best of luck and do keep us updated!
  11. iraki


    Yes, because you will need to search there
  12. iraki

    Skull Mountains

    Yeah and use ''devastate'' from Boyle's skills!
  13. iraki


    You need to level up your Night watch status by collecting night bugs and owl feathers and report back to your current ''boss''. Once you get the werebear quests and you find the clues they will grant you access to that part of the forest.
  14. iraki

    Arena pendant

    Lol so Boyle is the hard to get XD thanks guys!