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  1. Hello.I have a problem in Ghed'ahre when I speak with the sheep it appears a box which say that missing file audio/se/goat Can you help me? I love the game so far,one of my favorite:)
  2. Sorry but I dont know the email where I'll send the file
  3. i want to send the file but like pit-face i don't know where or how.
  4. I think I saved the file after the battle because it said that i need to continue with the party from 35 level.i have 1 saved file before but is one hour before.i tried with both:without patch version and with patch version.
  5. Pit-face.i have the same problem.it's frustrating
  6. I can't play the third act.When I click game there appears a game window,but it is black and then exit from game.What should I do?
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