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  1. In Petrified Pains I see what looks like a tunnel in water, am I supposed to get to it some how?? I do have water boots
  2. When in Ulrock do I empower Robin's blade??
  3. Not sure what I am missing but from Halaina portal I only see Scuttle Beach portal Love the game but all this back and forth is driving me crazy...I forget a lot of things by the next I get back where I just was..
  4. How do I get back to weeville?? I am trying to return the tiny furniture
  5. It is green when I go to pot..I have clicked on agreeable potion then spider eyes and it stays green nothing I do will clear the green not even the rock powder
  6. my pot is green I have tried using the undo vials to restart a new recipe and can doing anything...I am trying to make the agreeable recipe I have the spider eyes...what do I need to do step by step please when I approach the pot what do I do...sorry just so confused I have made one other recipe but it's been a time back....Thanks so much I have tried the rock powder
  7. The king keeps saying are you ready to enter the trophy room...I'm not sure what to do? Also how do I open secret door behind king??
  8. Thank u I got it I am trying to find the oars, but have not seen them. The one thing I've noticed is that in both places, dig spots are there, but Fang is not in the group, and Myst will not stay in her four-legged form outside of fights. Are they in plain sight? I have not seen any fairies, either. Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  9. I have killed everything and collected 19 planks but I can't find the 2 oars...what do I need to do??
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