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  1. ((okayy, soo wait. where r we then??? I was confused when we were still r.ping. soo i need to know what the plan is before we start up again???? Or did everyone leave and we have nothing to continue with this topic???? Because just posting like this is becoming spam. You can send me a p.m message if you'd like too.. or not))
  2. Okay, okay I guess i won't leave yet. But I may not have time to post sometimes, just a warning to everyone. But umm, I'll be here. (^__^)
  3. (I want to continue with this r.p, but I don't believe I can. i don't even understand what is going on. soo.. I mean you guys can continue if you'd like, but I'm just going to say that i probably won't reply after this message that is being posted now.(*_*) -aremis/lonelyangel)
  4. Purple steam flew out of the small kettle in a clump. Magic is always fun to use if you want to see the exotic colors fly out of the kettle. The magic potion was going to be made for human transformation. All of Blaire's spells works one hundred percent everytime, and this one was going to be just the same. The air was full of all sorts of different scents, none of which she could properly know. Blaire grabbed a huge spoon and twirled it around in the kettle very slowly, it swisped around freely and made the magic potion as one potion, the scents flew together. "Raspberry Vanilla." Blaire finally said to herself, under her breathe. The potion was now a light pink color and the steam had stopped flowing out of the top of the kettle. One last thing, the final thing the potion needed, and that was a blood sample. Grabbing a knife Blaire felt her hand across the blade. It wasn't sharp enough to peirce the skin. She threw it back in her kitchen cabinet and tried another one. Her fingers went past the blade, blood trickering out of her index finger. She looked down and saw her finger, desiding the use it she walked back over to the kettle with her finger in her mouth. It stopped hurting after a few spells she'd thrown together. All of which needed a blood sample, and she made potions often, so she didn't care to really do this anymore. Blaire grabbed the knife and stuck it to her arm. She hadn't damaged any skin yet, but she new this one was going to have to be good blood to make the potion well, not her usual blood which she took from her arms. Blaire took the knife off her arm and thought for a moment. The stomach could always work. Though, stomach blood was used for very improtant spells, if she was to throw it in this one it could ruin the potion. She decided to use her 'spell book' to figure out what to do. She strode through a few pages of the dusty book, reaching the blood portian. Stomach blood is always used for those specific spells that need transformations. Of course people should rarely use this because for the potion you will have to regularly take blood from your stomach. To some specific types of people it can damage your figure and cause alot of problems with blood flow and the way you will turn out later in life. It's not very good for those who have any special disabilities or who are pregnant, have heart failure, and other things that are listened in the back of the book. Blaire slammed the book shut and threw it back behind her head. She of course didn't have any of the diseases that were listed in the book. But she also wasn't a human, so that could cause problems as well, but she just wanted to be regular and she was willing to take a chance to be like everyone else. Blaire had to take hold of herself to be careful, so she placed both hands on the handle of the knife, not just the right one as usual. She would have to stab herself slightly, and even if this was going to hurt it was what she'd have to do. One, two, three. She looked at the knife and closed her eyes. She was standing in a bucket now and was going to just allow the blood to flow into that and from there she'd pour it into the kettle. She reminded herself that time was running out and she'd have to do this farely soon of the potion would get to hot and melt itself's ability to take affect on her body. She shook her head and grabbed the knife to her stomach again, this time she was going to do it. Blaire took one breathe and shoved the knife into her stomach. The pain was increasingly hurtful and she screamed for almost an hour. She'd been hoping to say that it wouldn't hurt, but it was to late to go back. Blood ran out of the front of her and through a few other parts that the knife had cut. she sat down in the small bucket and put her hand to her stomach pushing down to stop the blood. She didn't want to see her stomach of course, she'd probably faint or go into shock, the blood just kept coming. After a moment she decided to use the blood that was in the bucket and pour it into the kettle. It made a sizzling sound as it obsorbed into the kettle faster then it had come out of her. Then she let it sit for a moment and then she whisped the fire away and let the potion cool. She still had her now bloody hand pressed to her stomach. Tears where now blood like and she was sitting in a blood of herself's blood. She couldn't take it anymore and she ran over to the counter, or limped over to the counter with her spells on it and searched for minutes on end trying to see if she had any potions that took pain away or healed. But she wasn't that type of creature and she was built to outlast most of what happened to her exept for losing blood. The only other thing she could to was what her father had taught her to do whenever she was hurt, it wouldn't completely heal the pain, but it would take it away for a long enough period of time for her to stitch it up and fix what she had to. Her fingers slid together until both hands where up in front of her face. She spoke in latin for a while speaking to the heavens, "Si EGO crudus , EGO crudus. Si EGO suffoco , EGO suffoco , sive EGO intereo tunc EGO postulo nonnullus succurro. Thymbra thymbra thymbra of Olympus don't reprobo illae votum of ignoro , vos teneo EGO postulo vos." "If I bleed, I bleed. If I choke, I choke, but if I die then I need some help. Savor savor savor, of the heaven don't disaprove of this wish of distress, you know I need you." "Vos don't agnosco is labor. EGO may exsisto an fornicis hostilis sive vos underestimate meus capibility ut distraho res tunc vos should agnosco ut EGO postulo succurro magis tunc umquam. EGO didn't volo nascor amo is. alica est pro bonus utor. Commodo aestuo?" "You don't understand this distress. I may be an arch enemy but if you underestimate my capibility to distroy things then you should understand that I need help more then ever. I didn't want to be born like this. The spell is for good use. Please heave?" She spoke like this over and over, taking about what she was meaning to do. She saw a light out of the window of her old house, it hit her eyes and she couldn't look at the light, it followed her even after she ran into the other room. The light was hurting but after a minute she didn't feel anything. She felt her stomach and then looked around arms and legs to see if anything else was still bleeding, nothing. She grabbed her kettle from the other room and set to work on her transformation.
  5. [[Okay, well this was supposed to be a project I was supposed to do in english. I'd basically have to create a monster and fill in a history, background, and alot of tid bits about itsself. But i went to Taffy97's house because, I don't know, she was going to help me with it, and we came up with a story I guess. I don't know if it's going to be good or not, but here it the introduction.]] INTRODUCTION! Everything had always been hard for Grim Blaire. She had originated for Baba Yaga, Vampires, and the Grim Reaper. Blaire had been born from the Grim Reaper and from an apprentice of his who’d turned out to be a vampire after marriage. After learning this he tortured her since she was considered as part of the ‘undead’ and he couldn’t kill her and take her soul. After she’d lost all her thought of blood she became a veget- arian and was kept down in Grim Reaper’s dungeon for eternity. Baba Yaga was known for turning against Blaire’s family, and she fought with them every time they had an aquentince. They’d always known how Blaire’s originated from that, expect her, herself. Grim Blaire had been turned into something so unnatural and unlike any other creature she had to say down in the depths of hell to keep from doing what she was made to do. Her powers where so godly and mighty that even she didn’t know why she had them. She was able to control her thoughts for eating children and drinking blood, but after she was older her powers grew into taking and making souls as well for people. When she was six she began to teleport places through time and space. And finally when she was eight she had fluttered out purple wings. Her powered seemed to grow every so often, and it was impossible to say exactly when she'd be able to stop them all. Grim Blaire hadn’t known her true identity until she was four years old and ever since had kept her true looks a hidden part of her life. She’d thought that throughout the horrible things she was doing in her life she could possibly quit and go to school. Grim Blaire’s father disapproved and told her that she couldn’t handle it; it would take a huge effect on her life. But of course she took a leap and went against his ways.
  6. Thanks for the posts. I haven't been able to get on amaranthia for a while. Soo it might be a while until I post again. Thanks, and I'll try to fix the spelling mistakes! Lol, anyways,....
  7. OCC: thanks alot. I appreciate the comments! Chapter Three: Ryder snapped up in shock. Maybe it was because Ashlee was almost breathing like a lion. "Who? she questioned. "Not sure." Ashlee said as she pulled Ryder up near her and picked her up. Ryder was about eight years old. But it was just that Ashlee was really strong that she was able to pick her adorable sister up. "Stay here."Ashlee said as she pushed her sister away from her a few feet. She sighed and rushed down the beach as fast as possible at the on coming person. as she reached closer and closer she noticed that there was more then one person. About three, to be exact. Ashlee groaned and raised her eye brows as sand flew into her face. The beach as still cool as she finally was about five feet away. One of them was a boy. As he continued to run down the beach he looked behind him. Suddenly to slam into Ashlee as she ran. He looked about eighteen years old. He was basically on top of her as he gave a faint glare at her. He seemed to be wearing pretty dark clothes. His facial expression was quite strange. He looked like he wasn't a very talktive person. More quiet but cute like that in a way. Ashlee smiled as he got off of her. "Sorry." ashlee started but he stopped her. "It's me to blame." he smiled again. "I'm Chris." as he shook her hand. "Ashlee." she said. These are my friends. We're staying here for a while until we find a perminant place." he said. His friends ran up. After an interoduction Ashlee looked back at her sister who was standing firm as a stick on the beach. "You can stay with us." Ashlee laughed. "We live over there. It's pretty big. Nine bedrooms. Four restrooms. I don't know. What do you say?" she asked politly. "I say we stay."Hayley shrugged.
  8. Chapter Two: Ashlee sat up. It was a thought that she could have been sleeping still but the things that happened to her she felt. She wasn't on the ground anymore. She must have been moved after the crash and knock out and now she was laying in darkness. She couldn't move, she could feel, but nobody seemed to be around to hear her thinking and trying to talk. It hurt to. What was happening to her anyways? Was she dead? That was the point but death was always supposably better then living, and much easier too. Ashlee looked through her mind searching for what she thought was her past. It was almost impossible to think up because her memory must have been erased when she fell. The only thing she could remember were the things that happened to her throughtout time for about two years. Alot could happen then, but people believe that it wouldn't be that exciting in two years of someones life. But that was Ashlee's whole life. Her basic reason to want to die and all her sisters troubles and her friends. It was when they moved into the house that Ashlee fell off the balcony at and where her sister went crazy and where all her friends hid out. It was their safe spot. A place next to the beach. It was somewhere nobody went because nothing happened there and also because most of the world's tradgedys happened there but they were invisable and nobody cared about them. It all started when Ashlee and her little sister Ryder moved to the abandoned house next to a beach. Though the house was five stories tall and emtpy and big, dark, and lonely both Ashlee and Ryder loved it. It was so magical and everything happened there. At night it was dark and creeky but in the daytime it was open and very bright with a great veiw of the beach. Remindering herself Ashlee continued to ponder about her past. After a moment she went back to her eyes closed and thinking harder then ever. She and Ryder had been on the beach for about an hour. Though they sought to find something nothing happened. Ryder picked up a shell and examined the past of the shell. Ashlee was going to ask what she was doing but she noticed something running up towards her from down the side of the beach.
  9. Chapter One: Ashlee walked outside onto the balcony. her room was on the top floor, which was four floors from the first. The wind blowing her hair everywhere. Though it was freezing she just stepped over to the railway. The paint was pealing off the sides. But that didn't matter. Just it would have been nicer if she could have had her life be better in a way. Everything just had to turn out the wrong ways. Everything couldn't have ever been perfect for her, not with all the dramatic things and problems flowing in and out of her mind. It could be better in some way to end the whole thing and start over. Began something new, more fresh then what she'd been having to go through for the sixteen years of her life. It was going to end now, here. And nobody, no one, anywhere, or any place, idea, thought, or anything else could stop her now. She threw her her hands almost together on the pole like fence. They turned white from the ice on the fence that stopped her from falling off and landing with a crash. If she fell she'd die. It was true that she wouldn't make it all the way down five floors without breaking her neck or soemthing. Ashlee bit her lip as a chill went down her spine. She closed her eyes thinking for as brief second. Then she jumped up and threw her feet up on the fence blocker as well. Ashlee slowly stood up and then shifted back anf fourth trying not to fall quite yet. Her eyes grew big as she looked down to notice that it was further down then she thought it was. From behind Ashlee her little sister sneaked out onto the balcony as well. Ashlee hadn't noticed yet but she would soon. It was going to be hard to get her down but her little sister had an idea. "Sis? her sister said as she saw Ashlee turn around. Though it seemed like it was impossible she gasped and told her grip on the fence with her feet. She slipped back on the ice and then suddenly started dropping down from the balcony at an increasing speed. Ashlee screamed as the ground began to get bigger and bigger. Until it went black. Ashlee's little sister looked down and began to sigh. She saw the blood flow out and she shrugged walking back inside the house.
  10. ((I'm sooo sorry, I haven't been on Amaranthia, for a looong time now, as you've noticed, sorry for that, but I was having some issues at home, in which had to be taken care of.. but I'm back now, and kind of confused about this r.p now....))
  11. The vampire swooshed her up and carried Rhinnan into an abandend house of some sort. It looked darker then a regular house, and Rhinnan couldn't help to notice that she saw Natalie too. Finally in a while she was glad to see a human like herself. It was so differnt now with vampires and all. " When did you get sent here?" she asked.
  12. ((I'm sorry, but I can't. What does he mean?)) Rhinnan's limp body was being carried by her newly made friends. Her eyes flickered open slowly and strangely but still she couldn't see very much. Her head was burning, and strangely her back had no feeling, just all she saw was blood, blood, blood. This was such a vacation. "Wait. I don't want to go. Just I'm fine..." the words trailed out of her mouth as she hoped it would stop them from making her go home.
  13. Vampires now seemed to be reassuring her that everything was okay. "How many fingers am I holding up?" one of them said. "Three... I think." Rhinnan moaned as they seemed not to hear her. A faint dizziness swooped over her as she tried to lay back down on the cold blood covered ground. "I dont feel so good. I feel so dizzy. Just- don't eat me." Rhinnan said. "I feel sick, like, sick sick. I feel bad. I'd rather die of old age then of a blood sucking vampire, sucking all my blood out. Don't eat me! Leave me alone.... I feel like I'm about to fain-"all of a sudden Rhinnan gave out, falling backwards towards the ground.
  14. Rhinnan shockingly sat up. All of these vampires, fairytale creatures as you'd say basically surrounded her. Her vampire friend, huddled under a tree. "My back... it feels broken." but it couldn't have been she sat up. Turning slightly as her sides began to ache, she looked at her back... There in the back of her back, blood seemed to be pooring everywhere.. a rock was stuck, a hige rock was stuck in her back.... Shock took on her as she couldn't help but to shake...
  15. ((Yeah, I guess the rule is gone. It's too good to r.p now!)) Rhinnan fell back off the car as a vamire hurled towards Rhinnan's new vampire friend, if that's what it's called. Making a yelp sort of sound with her vocal cords Rhinnan hit the ground, knocked out of breath. Watching Natalie inside the car Rhinnan tryed to see if she could help her, something felt broken, like blood was on her or something..
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