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  1. USERNAME: dtlgamera NAME: Lilith Tabatrieon GENDER: Lilith is a female being. AGE: Lilith would appear to be at a younger age than her current age, she is at the age of 20. RACE: Lilith is a partially full human, she is part elemental. APPEARANCE: http://i48.tinypic.com/2m4vu3b.jpg[/img] (Lilith has longer hair though) FACTION: Guild Member (Guildless) [GUILD NAME & POSITION: Guildless CLASS/JOB: Necromancer, Blood Magi, Ice Mage, she has an occupation as an actress. SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Lilith studied to become an actress, she is somewhat good at lying and acting. Lilith is rather skilled when it comes to controlling magi and combat, her ability when used will appear in a dark aura surrounding her then shot at the target(s). Lilith also learnt how to cook from scratch starting from a young age LIKES: Lilith is madly in love with magic, specifically her magic. Lilith enjoys music. Lilith enjoys the shade. DISLIKES: Lilith hates when someone will mess with her hair, she can not stand when her hair is touched, unwillingly. Lilith can not stand when there is someone in vain, near her sight, it pains her. OTHER INFORMATION: Lilith was born from a rather wealthy family, they own a bank. Lilith grew up studying in the art of Media, she loved how the same person would have different personalities. Lilith finally found out that she was able to use magic, it started out when she picked a flower and it withered slowly, it was icy hot even after it's rotting. Lilith learnt how to control her magic from randomly happening everywhere, she was amazed she could use magic. (Hope it's not too late!)
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