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  1. The biggest mistakes I've ever made are: AV1: Kept downloading goodies and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting them all. AV2: I still do this one sometimes, I download and add the party goodie and can't figure out why its not working, I download and add it like six times before I realize and immediately feel like the biggest dumbass, "Maybe I'm supposed to friggin leave Bogwood and come back before talking to Gavin!"
  2. I recently started replaying the Aveyond series, and realized that I haven't seen any posts detailing the monsters stats before, although I might have just missed them. Anyway, I decided that I should write down what I could of the monsters stats, as the title suggests:) It should be noted that I have only replayed "The Lord of Twilight" so far, and the list is in the order of when I personally encountered them, so it is possible there are certain monsters not on here yet, please be patient as I will edit this with the new monsters as soon as I have finished "Gates of Night". Rat: 3 HP, 13 EXP Moth:2 HP, 8 EXP Fox: 11 HP, 4 EXP Forest Guardian: 11 HP, 5 EXP Dragonfly: 20 HP, 9 EXP Wild Chicken: 13 HP, 6 EXP Skeleton Guard: 276 HP, 65 EXP Skeleton Guard Leader: 286-599 HP, 65 EXP Brown Wolf: 20 HP, 10 EXP Red Wolf: 16-26 HP, 11 EXP Esper: 37 HP, 18 EXP Green Slime: 40 HP, 16 EXP Gray Wolf: 68-104 HP, 45 EXP Harpy: 21-37 HP, 12 EXP Storm Bird: 25 HP, 13 EXP Green Mini: 26-45 HP, 14 EXP Red Mini: 48 HP, 16 EXP Poltergeist: 501-532 HP, 306 EXP Rogue 1: 33-69 HP, 24 EXP Rogue 2: 71-88 HP, 30 EXP Rogue Boss: 637-706 HP, 460 EXP Crusher: 153-193 HP, 60 EXP Snake: 143-162 HP, 40 EXP Frog: 113-122 HP, 38 EXP Hag: 159-203 HP, 137 EXP Spider: 43-85 HP, 25 EXP Giant Spider: 938-1234 HP,931 EXP Snow Wolf: 140-222 HP, 56 EXP Frostling: 216-360, 91 EXP Ice Pixie: 269-339 HP, 86 EXP Pig Man: 223-290 HP, 47 EXP Heptitus: 4400 HP, N/A EXP Please be aware that these are approximations only and should not be used with complete confidence. Moved to Aveyond 3: Lord of Twilight. ~Mopiece
  3. I have a windows 8 touch screen laptop, and recently started to work on an rpg, but in some of the windows such as the database and the event command screen do not adjust for the taskbar or even the bottom of the screen, they just keep going, and this has made it difficult to work on my game as it has blocked off some of the buttons I need to get to. I have tried to look for a solution but can't find one, could anyone give me a hand?