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  1. The biggest mistakes I've ever made are: AV1: Kept downloading goodies and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting them all. AV2: I still do this one sometimes, I download and add the party goodie and can't figure out why its not working, I download and add it like six times before I realize and immediately feel like the biggest dumbass, "Maybe I'm supposed to friggin leave Bogwood and come back before talking to Gavin!"
  2. I recently started replaying the Aveyond series, and realized that I haven't seen any posts detailing the monsters stats before, although I might have just missed them. Anyway, I decided that I should write down what I could of the monsters stats, as the title suggests:) It should be noted that I have only replayed "The Lord of Twilight" so far, and the list is in the order of when I personally encountered them, so it is possible there are certain monsters not on here yet, please be patient as I will edit this with the new monsters as soon as I have finished "Gates of Night". Rat: 3 HP, 13 EXP Moth:2 HP, 8 EXP Fox: 11 HP, 4 EXP Forest Guardian: 11 HP, 5 EXP Dragonfly: 20 HP, 9 EXP Wild Chicken: 13 HP, 6 EXP Skeleton Guard: 276 HP, 65 EXP Skeleton Guard Leader: 286-599 HP, 65 EXP Brown Wolf: 20 HP, 10 EXP Red Wolf: 16-26 HP, 11 EXP Esper: 37 HP, 18 EXP Green Slime: 40 HP, 16 EXP Gray Wolf: 68-104 HP, 45 EXP Harpy: 21-37 HP, 12 EXP Storm Bird: 25 HP, 13 EXP Green Mini: 26-45 HP, 14 EXP Red Mini: 48 HP, 16 EXP Poltergeist: 501-532 HP, 306 EXP Rogue 1: 33-69 HP, 24 EXP Rogue 2: 71-88 HP, 30 EXP Rogue Boss: 637-706 HP, 460 EXP Crusher: 153-193 HP, 60 EXP Snake: 143-162 HP, 40 EXP Frog: 113-122 HP, 38 EXP Hag: 159-203 HP, 137 EXP Spider: 43-85 HP, 25 EXP Giant Spider: 938-1234 HP,931 EXP Snow Wolf: 140-222 HP, 56 EXP Frostling: 216-360, 91 EXP Ice Pixie: 269-339 HP, 86 EXP Pig Man: 223-290 HP, 47 EXP Heptitus: 4400 HP, N/A EXP Please be aware that these are approximations only and should not be used with complete confidence. Moved to Aveyond 3: Lord of Twilight. ~Mopiece
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