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  1. Irenecij15

    Is there a free Edolie walkthrough?

    Hi all, I have a question for you. When willow gets the quest to write a book for the school which one do you think is the best to go with? The song soulstresses or the dwarves. I cannot make up my mind.
  2. Irenecij15

    Midnight's Blessing 1

    thank you I will try that.
  3. Irenecij15

    Midnight's Blessing 1

    I have another question dones anyone know where the keys to the organ is I have one the child of fear but I cannot find the rest? please help.
  4. Irenecij15

    Midnight's Blessing

    I found it!
  5. Irenecij15

    Midnight's Blessing

    In midnight'a Blessing I am in dracua's castle and I am try to find the password to the gate that the guard wants can anyone help me please?