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  1. awwww, i love it. it's so cutee, and funny. =]] i likee darka and her annoying sister. haha
  2. Prologue lilly jean mayfield, and her two best friend, dana gray owens, and adrien mae jones have been best friend since the first year of junior high. after a long seperation through high-school in which all three endured mercifully, getting along though with new friends, and boyfriends, some more then others, after each moved away, summer after summer. now, each, unknowing of the others' presence will arrive at Camp Ottowaka, a camp for the young, and hopelessley bored teenagers around the world. little did each know they'd be sharing a cabin. follow these three besties through a whirlwind of adventure! (okayy, stupid prologue, i swearr, the story'll be better! comment so i know if to even follow through! )
  3. Oh my, Omega! :]] I haven't been on in awhile, and I saw this and HAD to read it. Omega, you're amazing! The poems are sooo beautiful. I'm proud of you! lol. Very inspiring. <3
  4. Chapter one My eyes fluttered open. That anesthesiac smell drifted into my heaving lungs. The scent made my want to gag. I'd been in this hospital for as long as I remember, tied stiffly to a bed with test tubes and medicine being injected into my body by scary looking men and woman. My big blue eyes shifted nervously under the fleuroscent glow of the lightd above. A woman was standing over me her pale blonde hair tangled up high in a flowing braid. She gave a tender smile, though the revolt I felt for her seemed to wash over my face because she gave a curious little stare, and then walked away, holding a needle. Yay. More shots. I closed my eyes as her heels clacked on the floor beside my bed. Then a stinging feeling shot up my arm, which was no doubt numb to the highest it could. The pain was as endurable as living in this hell hole. She walked away, huffing slightly as she tossed open the metal door, the one I'd been told wieghed up to an insane amount of 150 pounds. As the lights of the room turned off, one after the other, I breathed softly, my wrists slowly curving under the steel latches that held me tight to the bed. Biting my lip, I was thinking maybe I could finally redeem myself from this... this.. place, if it even was to be called a place. I had been made. Like... like.. Frankenstien. And I hated every fiber of my being. I know, your thinking, "YOU'RE ONE OF THEM MAXIMUM RIDE KIDS!" but no... sadley, this story doesn't end with five kids sailing over the horizon with their 13 foot long wings. This ending sucks.
  5. lol, I love it! 1.) My name's Hailey (though your characters name is Haley) 2.) My best friends name is Alex 3.) It's good! ^^
  6. I love it, don't say nobody likes it, it's a great start! next chapter please? =D
  7. The Lost Kingdom; Intro The lost Kingdom was beautiful to say the least.The flowers grew on every tree, the rivers flowed with clear, bright blue water, and the wind blew with a magical rythmic sifting of bells to follow. Now, on this same, clear, beautiful morning a girl with long straight black hair and a silk dress flowing around her ankles wandered upon a large grass green hill. Her eyes absentmindedly wandered amongst the kingdom below her, and a sigh escaped her lips. A lonely sense drifted upon her stormy gray eyes, and her unique beauty was but one of the many perfect things in this Kingdom. The sparkling chrome of the kingdom below reflected in her eyes. Everything was made of a silver or metal, or chrome. Everything was of siler, green, blue, or white. Gold did not exist. But this girl, this single female atop this hill that strolled absentmindedly amongst the grasses of Tallias had a destiny. One she had not been named yet, but little did she know when she became of age at her 16th birthday, which was coming the following Sunday, would she be one to change that. She sat down on he grass and the wind whipped through her hair. A smile crossed her lips as sh thought of the destiny she would portray. Of what job she would be forced to live and love for the rest of her life, given to her by the oldest and wisest if the town. Mother Gray. Nobody saw her face, it being said that when she gave you your destiny herface is clouded by smoke. She wears all gray and has a thick gray makeup on. Nobody has seen her face. Nobody disturbs her, for she lives in the gran stone tower atop the highest hill in the kingdom, and will call upon you when she is ready for your company. 10 days more and Athenia, the girl atop this hill, would be the one to fufill the old womans company. **** I understand there are many spelling mistakes, but this keyboard is... wierd. I'll edit later. lease leae comments.
  8. I love the story. Very mysterious, very captivating... I feel bad for the bluebird though. She didn't do anything. -is in susense for nextchapter-
  9. I'd be willing to do a story, rp, or poem review if you trust me enough with it. If you prefer a more experianced reviewer I understand. I'm pretty young.
  10. Haha, okay, since so many people are wanting me to continue on with this series (particularly PrincessFurball) I will continue on with it. Sorry that it's taken so long, been so wrapped up in things. 0.o -sleeping-
  11. Well, I know that everyone on this site is... well, the majority, already out of middle school. Not saying you guys are old or anything! Just... that you're Older, then me. Basically, I just wanted to have a recap to look back into,, and to share with everyone else my Middle School Experiance. Things are a little differently, names and everyhting else is changed. But... a quick little recap I am going to scroll through and turn this into a story. So... enjoy. (I have a very interesting life. xD) Chapter 1 Well, so far... I'd basically had a pretty amusing middle school experiance. First off, I'd made plenty of new friends. A few to be Jessi, Chris, Sr. Daniel, Jazmin, Joelle, and.. plenty more, but basically all my old friends and my new friends basically have all connected to my middle school, which has... in so many words, been a hassle to deal with. 0.o Also, my best friends have been through quite a lot to. The soccer season has ended with our team only winning ONE game, that being sixth grade against 8tyh grade. Us being the 6th graders. -digh- We did pretty amazing though... like... not to brag... but we did. It's so much easier to play when your in charge. I'm very braggish, you'll get that message BTW, through this story. But remember, this is basically from my own words. ^^ Okay, so... the soccer season ended with us winning ONE game, and one of my best Guys being kicked off the team. Not a good start right? Then, I got a boyfriend... who... I end up not even liking, which makes me pretty mad. But anyways, I'll probably have to brake up with him soon anyways (a lot of my friends don't like him either) That would be Sr. Daniel. Um, Plus, I was just informed by quite a few friends he's mad at me for hugging Marco which I can't help because Marco's like my brother, so I told him he'll have to deal with it. I passed the first nine weeks with... well, ONE point away from failing. I got a c- in one class. If that would have been a D+ It would mean I was failing so far because I got one failing grade... buuuut, THEN, i found out that I have to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving... which I really don't like. Chicago is cool and all, but I wantr to be with my ma's side of the family... NOT my dads. They're great and alll... but, I'm not as close with them as with my moms side of the family... and, it's always kinda awkward. And I sit there and pretend to be polite when really I'm not talking because I don't know what to say. Then I get on the computer and my dad watches over my shoulder as I type.... it's... not good. Anyways, basically... i've had an interesting live when put into detail but it's getting late and I have nothing much more to say really... ( Oh... but, one of my Best friends IS dating my cousin... -awkwaaaard- and.... yeah... awkward. Everyone's moving and others are returning and I feel like my heads about to explode... 0.o errrg My other posts willl be more eccentric and detailed but for now... this is all you get because I'm tired. ... And... I want to listen to ballroom blitz by Sweet and JukeBox hero. Oooh, and my Dinasour Hr. CD!
  12. Lol, thank you. :0 You didn't have to, but I apprecia6e it. ^^ Great chapter btw. WHOOT , stake 'n Shake!!!!!! ))
  13. Yes, there is an absolutely fabulous series called "Kidnapped" but this is not exactly this story. I titled this book this, and then a little of "Kidnapped" spilled into this book. So few ideas were captured from that series and thrown into this one, but this is a mostly original story. I hope you can enjoy. (Some might be in third-person some might be a personal narrative. I'm sorry if this annoys you in any way, but I'm trying to experiment with which reading type I like better.) Kidnapped Part 1 I awoke. The stench of nail polish remover seemed to seep through my lungs. Burning through them like paper. I coughed out loud, and as my eyes flickered open a low lit room fluttered into my view. The stone cellar had small windows on the cieling, barred, and metal. I was in a thick chair tied with a rope and the occasional strand out duct tape. My hair was pulled up and back in a ponytail, which I distinctly remember my black hair being down when- When what? I then realized what my confusing surroundings, and lost thought of events mean't. I had been kidnapped. I remembered a man with a mask on, a woman with a mask on, and a smaller person I could not make out a gender that had scuttled around. I had been at an amusement park when they had taken me. I remember my scream echoeing out through the theme park, and my heart throbbing with worry as they covered my mouth with a hankerchief soaked in a type of drug that made me weary until I fell into a deep mesmerizing sleep. I then remembered who I had been with at the amusement park. Eddy, my little brother. He was only 8 and the cutest kid in the entire universe in my 12 year old eyes. I had been ready to take him on a rollercoaster he'd been nervous to ride when this all happened. So quickly this happened, it was hard to catch my breath. But now, as I eyed my surroundings, I felt a sick contemption for whoever had placed me here. "Hello!?" I screamed, my voice stale and coming out in a scrathy rough tone. I coughed some more to clear my throat and called again. Once more this throaty voice echoed through the room. No answer. Then a noticable slap of footsteps echoed from outside of the door, and my nerves glided from my feet to my brain where I thought of the possible trouble I might be pulling myself into. But for now, all I cared about was Eddy... How could I let this happen? Then, the door creaked open noisily and the figure stepped inside. I left my mouth open in awe, waiting for a vocal or a measure of breath to escape. It was- [Read on tyo unlock more hidden answers in this story. I hope you enjoy and remember, Comments are always welcome. But remember, this is only a sloppy copy, so spelling and grammar can be adjusted in "Word".]
  14. [Ms Elisa? Dude... get it right, it's Henrietta May. Elisa is up and her room, has never spoken to that chick. Lol, two... A.J isn't a killer, she's a popular juvenile. Hehe, and three Y would the victims enjoy their killers company? Edit it up a LITTLE bit... Plzz? ]
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