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  1. OK I used the mouse instead of the arrow keys and got the mermaid dialog. Thank you for your help. I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish the game.
  2. I walked up to the mermaid hit the spacebar nothing happened. No dialog. My characters can walk all around the area but nothing happens.
  3. Yes I'm at the point where I need to speak with the mermaid. "obtain mirror from mermaid use on statue".
  4. You cannot finish the game unless you can talk to the mermaid.
  5. The game doesn't freeze. The mermaid character will not interact with the characters. She doesn't move. Edward doesn't make the comment about the mermaid.
  6. I am experiencing a problem with the mermaid in the game. It is frozen. I can't interact with it. Can it be fixed.
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