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  1. DayDreamer

    Ask Anything!

    Consider two linear equations in two variables, x and y, such as 2x - 3y = 4 3x + y = 1 Instead of one equation in one unknown, we have here two equations and two unknowns. In order to find a solution for this pair of equations, the unknown numbers x and y have to satisfy both equations. Hence, we call this system or pair of equations simultaneous equations. google offers the best explanations,lol. what do you do when you're bored?
  2. DayDreamer

    Ban the person above you

    banned cuz I haven't been here for ages
  3. DayDreamer

    What AV3 character are you quiz

    I got Nox!!! yippeeeee!!!
  4. DayDreamer

    Ban the person above you

    banned cuz I have nothing else to do
  5. DayDreamer

    Ask Anything!

    Well I love music so its difficult to choose one favorite song....but if I have to pick one then....probably Leave out all the rest by Linkin Park... why are cats so lazy? (They're so adorable though...)
  6. DayDreamer

    What AV 1 Character Are You?

    so I got Lars Tenobor... coooolllll XDXDXD
  7. DayDreamer

    Guess the word!

    If it has a beat I'd say is it related to music? Sent from my Lenovo A536 using Tapatalk
  8. DayDreamer

    I'm still here in 2016

    Heeyya Sent from my Lenovo A536 using Tapatalk
  9. DayDreamer

    This or That!

    Winter.. Blonde or brunette? Sent from my Lenovo A536 using Tapatalk
  10. DayDreamer

    How do you grow your hair ?

    Probably by applying shampoo conditioner hair oils and all such good for nothing hair products XD My hair fall problem still persists....lol Sent from my Lenovo A536 using Tapatalk
  11. DayDreamer

    Ask Anything!

    I'm guessing it was a question to which I don't know the answer XD OK I know this might sound lame but how does this tapatalk work? Sent from my Lenovo A536 using Tapatalk
  12. DayDreamer

    Ban the person above you

    Banned coz are u kidding @lhmh2015?! I missed u! And every1 else too....*sniffs*
  13. FUN! FUN! FUN! LOL!!!! XD

  14. DayDreamer

    Doodled doodles (?)

    nice work,Meroko...I've always envied your talent in art..... say,can you draw the ever-so-stoic Sasuke for me? XD ok now I sound like one of his fangirls now....but with your artwork added to his coolness,he would be so....*dreamy sigh* ..........................lol,just kidding!!! XP keep up the good work!