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I'm DayDreamer,previously known as SeerCassandra,but I recently changed my username,cuz I found the old one rather funneh and stupid   <_< 


Anyway....you can call me Dreamer,or maybe Cassy too,if you wanna  :) 


I'm 19 year-old college student,and I like making friends :D.....I'm usually shy and quiet around new people,and tend to open up only when I'm really reaallly comfortable with them.....but I'm very loyal to my friends,and I love them all very much :) 


I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan.....and love reading crime,fiction and mystery novels...and you should also know that I'm totally OBSESSED with chocolate and choco-recipes!!! XDXDXD


my favourite colours are black,dark red,purple.......and I loooooooooooove emerald green.... :lol: 


I also like watching anime...my favourite one is Naruto....I also like Cardcaptors,Maid-Sama,La Corda d'oro,Death Note and Fairy Tail :D 


and I love playing all kinds of games,be it FPS,RPGs,hidden object,etc...etc..........my favourite game is obviously Aveyond....I also like Eternal Eden,Edolie,Half Life,Dream Chronicles,Aliens vs Predators,Plants vs Zombies,and many more (seriously,there are so many,I can't remember!!!! XP )


 So if you ever wanna talk to me,feel free to PM me anytime..... ;)...I guarantee you that you'll definitely get a reply....maybe not instantly :unsure: ,cuz I'm not always able to browse through AM,thanks to my very stuffy schedule  <_< 


Well,that's all there is about me..... :D 


See ya'll in da forums B) 


P.S. I'm also a hopeless romantic at heart,and I also eat choco-chip cookies when I'm upset  :wub: ....not that you should know......uh.......forget you ever read the P.S :P 





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