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    DayDreamer got a reaction from Kaiso in Ban the person above you   
    banned cuz I haven't been here for ages
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    DayDreamer reacted to Scrivener of the Gods in What AV 1 Character Are You?   
    So, I updated it and integrated the druids, and I STILL got Danny, so, yeah.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from SCAR in SCAR's [D-U-N-G-E-O-N]   
    this is intense.....love your work....especially cuz it hints at the dark side too *evil grin*
    really this is a treat for my sore eyes....my poor eyes have seen nothing but piles of questions and never ending notes for the past month...*sigh*
    keep up the good work! *thumbs up*
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    DayDreamer reacted to tiniponi in Member Title   
    Ok, everyon, please don't continue beating a dead horse.  You contacted Amanda about it, so now she knows there is a problem with titles.   Please be patient until she resolves the issue.  Remember, she is working on Aveyond 4 as well as other things, has a very young child, and is super busy.  I suspect she is taking time from her schedule to look into it. 
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    DayDreamer reacted to Mae in What is your New Year resolution?   
    I really don't have any new year's resolutions, but I do have new year's hopes and wishes. My biggest hope for this year is that I finally graduate uni. If not with my MA, then at least with my BA. About 25 pages of text stand between me and my graduation (ten of which is an essay that's preventing me from getting a BA) and if I don't succeed before July 31st, then it's never going to happen, because the uni system here gave up major-based studies a while back and the transition period to the new system is almost over. No resolutions, though, because those 25 pages have been there (or. more accurately. not been there) for about three years now.
    Also, I wish that I get a full-time job at the place where I now work part-time or at least continue getting enough hours to support myself financially. I so enjoy my job, because I get to interact with people and I get to do a job that matters in the world, at least to some people.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from Rich_Wind18 in What pet would you have?   
    I know,right???? he's irresistible!!!!
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from BlackPrincess in What pet would you have?   
    yeah,once a monkey "borrowed" one of my shoes,and never bothered to return it.... ....and I didn't go out for a week after that incident,cuz I had to return home with one of my feet bare.....well my cousin helped,by LAUGHING shamelessly......imagine having to walk for 10 minutes in such a situation........and I was on a VACATION at the time.....a lovely,family reunion.....
    well,it turned out to be a nightmare.....!!!
    anyway.......I'm currently obsessed with pandas now 

    oh,you soft and squishy,round and fatty thing...........I'm gonna name you PO!!!!!!!!!!  
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