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  1. I just finished playing the demo. Excellent work on the map. I loved exploring and was happy you kept the secret area chest. I love the faces of Talia and Devin. The music took me back. It was a wonderful overall experience. I encountered a few errors so I will go ahead and list them. 1. Renald the barkeep says, "Business is good. Thought without the presence of your beautiful grandmother." Thought needs to be changed to though and I would personally add a couple of more periods at the end of the sentence to show him trailing off into thought but that is just my opinion. 2. Talia's profile says she hopes to become a herbalist someday. Should be an herbalist. 3. Hebert, the old man who needs the quill, regives you the quest when you speak to him until you have the quill. 4. "There are 0 more firewoods," for the firewood quest. Firewood would be singular and plural. 5. When lying to your grandma about your naming, "You tell grandma that Avrail said you were to become a herbalist, as you have always wanted to become." Grandma should be capitalised and a herbalist should be an herbalist. 6. Talia asks for one of Barbar's apprentices. "May I borrow one of your apprentice? I need someone escorts me to mainland." A couple of errors in those sentences. 7. The words tend to transition quickly and sometimes I cannot read what is being said. 8. When Devin says, "Let's take the ferry to mainland." I would say let's take the ferry to the mainland. 9. All monsters reappeared on easy mode, not sure if this is intentional in the first area though. I added this because it says on easy mode that most will not respawn. Overall, very good job. Mostly spelling errors are what I found. This was fun to play and I cannot wait to see more. Thank you so much for my smile.
  2. I know this is an old thread, and if there is an updated version, please point me to it. I downloaded the font patch and followed the instructions but no font change in game. I've run the installer and it is in the correct location. I've tried reinstalling the patch and the game several times with no luck. I downloaded the patch from this forum and the game from the aveyond website. I've looked everywhere I can think to make this work. I am running Windows 10.
  3. Oh, yay! I'm so excited for this reboot! It looks great so far. I just redownloaded AP and found this thread. So glad I did. Great work!
  4. Ooh! I would love to beta test Aveyond 4!
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