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  1. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    ... Lol! That's funny; fanart before the game^_^ Sounds like fun!! Plus it's Aveyond -- you know it's going to be a great game! I think everyone here probably knows as much about Boyle as I do at the moment. A retired villain playing a hero seems like a great premise for a character. I really liked his worn and patched costume too. Needless to say, those little patches were my inspiration for this: I was in a bit of a hurry with this one (finishing up the last big batch of text for our update) but I was really surprised by how nicely the pose worked, and the colors came together in a fun way. Well, I think so anyway^^ Hope he gives you guys a smile^_^
  2. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    Aww, thanks everyone^_^ It's helpful, I think, to have a thought behind a drawing when you start it, so I'm really glad if my "headcanon" added to the piece rather than take away from it. Oh!! And they're finally showing character previews for Aveyond 4! Maybe I'll be able to do a drawing for it soon, huh? That would be fun~
  3. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    Sorry for the delay everyone -- I just wanted to add a couple of touches to my new pic so I could post everything together. And then I lost track of time^^;; Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new drawing! It's fun to think of Iya and Ean's life before their adventure started. I don't think Ean was known for being a musician, or being particularly interested in music at all. But learning to be a great singer was so important to Iya, and he's her best friend. The idea that he would learn to play the scales at least, and a few cords, just so she would feel more confident in her singing practice, that thought really made me smile~ @LHMH2015 I like the name "Lem" a lot, so I'm glad you thought it was a pretty good nickname:D (I certainly would never consider a nickname for someone if I didn't think it was a really cool name!) But if everybody calls you LH, and it's a name you like, then I'm happy to use "LH" too^_^
  4. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    There's a follow option? Follow... follow.... follow... Oh my gosh -- There it is! (Clearly I need more practice with forums^^) Thanks for the info, LHMH2015! It's really a huge help^_^ Hmm... I wonder, do you have a nickname you use here? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to pronounce "LHMH", so I've been reading it as "Lem". Is that close to right? @Specter Oh, what a good idea! I'm terrible at typing on my phone, so I don't know if I'd be able to reply until I get home. But it sure would be a great way to keep in the loop, even when you're out for the day^_^ Also, I'm super glad you enjoyed the drawing tooXD
  5. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    Oh, my gosh! So many people came by to say hello, and I was off with my head down working on our game's new update. I'm sorry everyone^^;; I wish I would get some sort of a notice when there was a reply here... Maybe I missed an option somewhere? Anyhow, hello^_^ I'm glad so many people have enjoyed my little drawing. I'm trying to fit in doing some more fanart to post on our Facebook, so I'll try to do another drawing from this series soon! @Moonpeace A drawing for Aveyond 2, right? That was actually my first Aveyond game! It would be fun to draw something from it. I tried Ahriman's Prophecy, but was so bad at it that I couldn't really get a feel for the game or it's characters/story^^ So I think 2 will be easier to draw from^_^;; @SilverDragon Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it^_^ I'd like to get to do more drawings too. We're starting production on our next game, so my time is going to be pretty divided. But I want to make time for drawing, whatever that requires. I hope you're getting to keep up with your drawing too! It's hard to make time for those sorts of things, but it's a good thing to do too. Especially if it makes you happy, you know? @Pit-Face Lol, they're kind of a neat couple of characters, aren't they? Here's to wishing them their happily ever after^-^ @LHMH2015 It takes a little bit of study and a whole lot of practice to learn to draw. More than anything though, I think it just takes time. @BlackPrincess Oh, how did I draw these two in particular? Well, I often do the thumbnail for a drawing on paper, then place it on my tablet, trace it, resize, then do cleanups from there. I think this drawing was done entirely on my computer though. I didn't use any reference for the pose after all, but I did spend a lot of time trying to find references for the character designs. There's a surprising range of interpretations, given the alternative sprite sheets that were developed for them. I think I ended up going with something a bit down the middle. In the end, I'm glad if it looks and feels true to both characters^_^ The coloring technique I used is pretty close to the one I developed for our game, Artisan. I guess by now it's pretty ingrained into me^^;; I hope that answers everybody's questions, and I hope to have another drawing done for you guys here soon! Thanks for stopping by^_^
  6. Beta Testers Needed for Artisan: Going Home Again

    Hmm, that could be. In my mind, it happens that way because the person giving the objective knows the players need, but not how far along she's come in it herself. They would rather over give, than miss by a little. But I see what you are saying too. It's a conflict between balanced gamemplay and logic of narrative. It is something to consider, certainly!
  7. Beta Testers Needed for Artisan: Going Home Again

    I'm not sure what's happening. The beta is supposed to go into the demo ending at $10,000 earned, not crash at $50,000. (We made a short build of the game for our testers, so it would be easier for them.) We are currently uploading what should be a fixed build of the beta. Please uninstall your current, then download and install the newest build. Now, for your two question: The number of locations... I guess you could say there are 5, active locations. Two of them are not accessed directly from the travel screen, however. As for relationships, the heroine certainly does grow closer to her friends as their story progresses. It's a very sentimental and heartfelt adventure, I think. However, it's not a dating sim game either. Thank you so much for your diligence. We both greatly appreciate your effort helping us^_^
  8. Beta Testers Needed for Artisan: Going Home Again

    Hi Mickychi! That... shouldn't be happening. Thank you for all the feedback. We are working to resolve this immediately.
  9. Beta Testers Needed for Artisan: Going Home Again

    Hi Esme! Thanks for your feedback^_^ I get the feeling the "its" errors you're referring to are probably display in fonts rather than spelling errors. We'll look into it both ways though, as we're already addressing the fonts in other regards. I will say this about Artisan, it is a very relaxed pace game. The demo we have on beta should be about 2 hours to clear if you're not in a big hurry. The full version would probably be between 4 to 7 hours per play-through, depending on the ending. There are more than three places to go and three people to meet in our game. However, you don't find it by selecting them from a menu at the start of the game. It's really more a world that's explored through others than through locations. I know $50,000 seems like a lot starting out in the game, especially when your starter jobs make between $50 and $100 each. As you grow your skills and gain reputation, you can unlock jobs that will pay more than 100 times that amount! It's a game that rewards training, to be certain. Your goal, however, is to save your house. Without spoiling anything, let me say that we've never claimed the ONLY way to accomplish this is through taking on jobs. The game does have over a dozen endings, after all^_~
  10. Beta Testers Needed for Artisan: Going Home Again

    That's great, Esme! We hope it stands up to expectations as your kind of a game^_^ And thank you, Mickychi^_^ I hope you will give it a try. We'd really appreciate all the feedback we can get at this point in development.
  11. Hi all! OK, my sister and I are in the last stretch of development for our new game, "Artisan: Going Home Again" and could really use some feedback from a few beta testers! We have the latest build on our media fire account: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3t5f5mgkxxjvqg4/Artisan_Beta_Setup.exe You can find out about our game in detail at our site (www.unseenkingdom.com) or at our Epocu campaign (here) BUT, let me tell you guys at least a little bit about it here, ok? http://unseenkingdom.com/artisan_preview_background.jpg[/img]. Artisan is a story driven slice-of-life-sim that follows the adventures of a clumsy girl named Ellie, who leaves her ill fitting job as a waitress to pursue an unlikely career in art. As the player, you choose what jobs she applies for, how she will train her technical skills, what she will do with whatever time off you can schedule for her, and what, if any, friends she will make. There's a lot of reading in this game; both in the descriptions of the many (often silly) jobs she can apply for, and when interacting with the other characters in the game. This is a game that's safe for general audiences, so you shouldn't have to worry about any unfortunate surprises, if that sort of thing upsets you. Anyhow, if you can please try it out: see what works for you, if there are any bugs, if you think something could run a little smoother... Or even if there's something you really enjoyed and would like to see more of in future games! Any feedback you guys can offer us would be greatly appreciated^_^ You can send us your feedback either by leaving it here, e-mailing me or my sister at the addresses here, OR you can leave it on our beta testers facebook post here. Thanks for your time! If I've forgotten anything, or if you have any questions, just let me know, ok?
  12. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    Thanks guys^_^ Maybe I can do one of the characters from the earlier games next? That would be fun! I'll have to replay them for... uhm... "inspiration" first, right? Totally not just playing them again because they're awesome^^;
  13. Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    Aww, thank you! It had been so quiet, I was afraid I'd managed to upset everyone by posting such a sentimental drawing of these two.^^ But I kind of get the feeling you're a Te'ijal fan, so if you like it, it must be OK^_^ OH! I checked out your gaming blog too. A lot of the games you had on it are old favorites of mine -- but a few of them I hadn't heard of before. I'm looking forward to trying them out!
  14. Hi all, I'm Amy, lead artist from a new little game studio called "UnseenKingdom." As a long time fan of the Aveyond series, however, it just seemed so... wrong to not make my first post here a piece of fanart. Te'ijal loves her little crumpet~ Crumpet loves her too~ :awww: I hope this gives a few smiles! (And I still hope it doesn't take these two too many more centuries to work out the rest of their differences^^;; )