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  1. This is awesome! I'd love to play a demo, although if it takes time away from finishing the whole game, I'd rather you didn't bother!
  2. Just been playing this again and there is an option to join Dameon and Ahriman at the end of the game... What happens if you say yes? *curious* tuskel, sincerely
  3. How's it going? Can we help at all? (Even if I can't get to the PC very often, hubby is hogging it playing Elite... ) tuskel, sincerely
  4. Is there the XP "Erase Event" equivalent command in MV?
  5. tuskel

    Is there a free Edolie walkthrough?

    Hi - I definitely did. I simply hadn't gone back to the castle and looked into the open chests... Done all the quests in Silverlynn now and moved on. Thanks for your help, guys!
  6. tuskel

    Is there a free Edolie walkthrough?

    Oh, I did manage to marry Willow and Rhys already! I left the cat where it was, but I don't know whether it changed anything. And I did talk to the girl, but maybe I have to talk to her again...?
  7. tuskel

    Is there a free Edolie walkthrough?

    I'm trying to do all the side quests... And I went back halfway because I wanted to marry Rhys and Willow, so I did make some changes along the way (for example, Tye didn't get the spell because I didn't make him drink from the well - annoying, as that spell was very useful!). However I am in Silverlynn at the moment and I am sure last time around I managed to find the ball for the dog, but this time I can't seem to trigger it... I also have the quest to find bones for Keyla and the Eirwen has to hand herself in to the soldiers. Done the princess and the robber, and released the ghost of the old lady from her house (and I do remember seeing/fighting her last time around as well..) In my party I have Willow, Tye, Rhys, Eirwen, Cerys and Harte (Willow is writing a book about the Soulstresses).
  8. I seem to remember reading some a while ago, and now they have all gone. Has Steam deleted them all so they can sell their own one? :S
  9. Well, that's nice of them! XD U_U Trying again then...
  10. Some scribbles... Just my 2 cents..
  11. RE: Thais maps... Definitely prefer the "old" map, because it looks more like an old city would look like. If it was possible just to make some spaces smaller, would be great! (I like exploring.)
  12. I'd like a large-ish beetle sprite. (About the same size as people, can be a bit smaller, but not tiny.) VX would be fine as well. Or at least something similar I could edit, I don't mind. It just seems that there aren't any beetle/insect sprites anywhere on the internet... Would be greatly appreciated and credited! tuskel, sincerely
  13. tuskel

    Sprite Editing

    Well, it looks fine to me now, but I only use XP so I can't try it out in-game... What exactly is your beef with it? Does it not fit in with your other sprites? The only thing I can think of is to take a shade between your two browns (the highlight of the coat and the dark edge) and add a bit of that under the arms, esp. on row2-pos3 and row3-pos3. tuskel, sincerely
  14. Oh yeah, that menu... Gosh, I was in Candar before I fully understood it! What I really like: Hidden treasures and silly side quests. So lots of them, please! tuskel, sincerely