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  1. I don't necessarily agree with automatically respecting anyone who is older than you. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should behave in a polite and respectful manner towards others regardless of age, but I think that respect is something that should be earned, not just given away freely for no reason other than age seniority. Sadly, there are far too many elders who use the seniority=respect mores to get away with immoral acts.
  2. Cass, my husband is more than a decade older than me (more than 2 actually). Age is definitely just a number. That being said, I don't know how old you are, but if you are under 18 it's not a good idea to date anyone who is over 18 until you are, as well. It can create major problems that will come back to haunt you or him/her later on in life.
  3. I think people should be allowed to speak their minds. That being said, just because you are ALLOWED to do something doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD. Sometimes people use jokes as a coping mechanism for tragic events, and don't really intend to be mean.
  4. @NightOcean, my husband is from Chicago, too! We love to visit. We always have lots of fun! I'm from Oklahoma.
  5. It's actually pretty cool, when it's a clear day, you can see for miles. You can look down and see the people walking on the sidewalk below you. They reported on the news a few months ago or so that the glass cracked while people were standing on it. They said there was no danger because of how the box is made, but they closed it down anyway, just to be on the safe side until it was fixed. It's back open now!
  6. I have a Kindle, and I also enjoy reading paper books. I prefer the Kindle because I can carry around my entire collection in a compact form that weighs less than one paper book. The Kindle I have is not backlit, so it is extremely easy to read when I am outside, inside, or riding in a car or on the bus. I know a lot of people prefer reading paperbacks, but I honestly would not be sad if paperbacks fell out of production. I don't necessarily mean that any paperbacks in existence already would stop being traded or sold, but there is no reason to cut down so many trees just so you can enjoy the feel and smell of the dead paper. This is especially nonsensical when there is a perfectly viable alternative in the e-readers that are currently and will be available in the future. I know a few people mentioned a drawback of the e-reader is that getting it wet can damage it, but I've spilled drinks on my Kindle and had it in the rain and still have no problems with it. I do know people, however, who have cracked the screen on their Kindles. I tend to take extra special care of my Kindle, just as I would with any paper book that I have ever had, so it's really not an issue to me. It's also nice to have your Kindle library available for download across multiple media, such as the Kindle reader for PC, phone, and the actual Kindle, so if I am in a dark area that needs a backlit screen, I can switch from my Kindle to my phone without having to figure out what page I'm on, since it keeps track of that for me across all of my devices.
  7. A lot of people have a fear of heights. I'm guessing the sky box at Willis Tower (the Sears Tower) is out of the question for you? My mother is terrified of heights, but she was able to walk out onto and even laid down on the sky box. Funny thing is that she had more trouble at the St. Louis Arch than at Willis Tower, even though the sky box at Willis Tower is so much higher than the St. Louis Arch. The difference is that you can feel the St. Louis Arch swaying in the wind. At least the Sky Box at Willis Tower feels like solid ground, even if it doesn't look like it!
  8. I enjoy drawing, as well. I would love to get into painting, but I'm sure I wouldn't be very good at it! It's fun to try, though.
  9. @Mae: Yes, his medical needs have helped me overcome it at times. It has a tendency to crop back up, though. My parents and a lot of other family members just don't seem to understand that it is a genuine phobia. I am grateful that my husband is understanding about it. He doesn't let me get away with letting it rule me, but he also doesn't make me do more than I can
  10. I've never been a fan of cats. Mostly because I'm deathly allergic. I think they're cute and all, but all the cats I've known have been mean. I guess I'm just a dog person. If I could have any animal as a pet (and if it were safe to do so), I think I'd choose a tiger. They are just so majestic.
  11. @Mae Yes, it can be quite debilitating at times. Especially when you have a young handicapped child who needs lots of doctor appointments. Luckily I've gotten to know the receptionists for all the doctors we use, so it's not as bad. With the lobsters, it's only the live ones. It's the legs that creep me out. I get creeped out by anything with 8 legs.
  12. I like this topic. I find it very interesting. My phobias are arachnophobia, telephone phobia, and Dendrophobia. My arachnophobia is not limited to spiders, but includes all arachnids and other 8 legged creatures, such as scorpions, ticks, and lobsters. Telephone phobia causes me to experience full blown panic attacks at the thought of having to call someone or talk to someone on the phone (especially if it's someone I don't know personally). Dendrophobia is the fear of trees. It really only affects me at night when you see them in silhouette. They just creep me out at night. During the day, they're fine.
  13. I'm working on my Master's in Accounting at the moment, and I make time for gaming. It's a good way to relax and take a break from studying. Granted, I only have classes three days a week, but I do have a lot of reading and studying in between those days, plus assignments. I also have two children, one of whom has physical disabilities. It's just a matter of prioritizing and managing your time. You have to take some time for yourself or you will get burned out fast.
  14. Hello everyone! I am brand new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I've enjoyed the Aveyond series for years now, and I have frequented this site as a lurker for almost as long. I finally bought my own copy of RPG Maker and have been dabbling with that recently. A little about me: I'm 28 and almost finished with my Master's in Accounting. My hobbies include playing games (especially any and all RPGs!) and reading. I used to enjoy knitting and crochet, but I had to give those up after bouts with carpal tunnel in both wrists I look forward to meeting all of you!
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