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  1. The aesthetics r nice Ur arts r really improving!!
  2. can u PM me ur e-mali address. It'll be easier 4 me then, that is if u don't mind
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  7. A Morning At Sedona Mansion Part 1 It was a summer morning in Sedona. It was a normal warm day with the usual daily activities. Or rather it was supposed to be…… “Where did this come from?” The pirate was examining a large black box in the center of a room. “Can I help you, pirate?” a familiar yet deep voice made him spun towards the direction. “Ah, Te’ijal. I could ask the same thing.” John quivered, inching away from the vampress. “You seem to have forgotten the fact that this room belongs to me. Now as for my question…….” “I-I see.” He gulped. Even though the vampress didn’t possess any threat, the others were always careful around her, especially her belongings. “I was just wondering about this strange box here.” He pointed to the large box on the floor. “Oh, that one. That’s my coffin.” “Coffin? So, vampires do sleep in it.” “Yes of course. It is much more comfortable than any place else.” She opened the lid. “The inside seems nice.” “Well, then.” Te’ijal smirked. “Would you like to try?” “Er……I don’t think-“ “Oh no. I insist. It’s the least I can do when you took the trouble to come to my room.” “Er……um……ah yes. Wouldn’t it be hot inside since it’s such a hot day. Maybe sometime else. See ya-“ “That is absolutely not the case.” Te’ijal grabbed him by his collar when he was starting to leave. “I can assure it is much cooler inside since we, vampires, prefer much cooler temperature.” And he knew there was no escape……… “Why did it have to be so hot today?” Rhen mumbled under her breath. “I need to cool off.” She remarked as she reached the kitchen. “Let’s see, what do we have……” She searched the cabinets. “Maybe I’ll be able to find something in his cabinet. Hmm……ah, found it.” She took out a cold bottle of milk. “I can make a milkshake. Even though he talks too much, Lars at least made himself useful by freezing two of the cabinets.” She remarked while preparing the drink. “Alright it’s done! Now I need to hurry before he finds out……” “Did you just touch my cabinet?” ‘Speak of the devil……’ “Ah Lars,” she slowly turned around racking her brain about a way out. “What are you talking about……” she sheepishly smiled. “What am I talking about! Did you just-“ “That aside, its so hot today, wouldn’t you agree?” she hurriedly said. “Why don’t you have a……a drink, that right! I’ll make you one.” She patted herself in her mind for thinking of an idea. “Eh? Wait, are you offering me?” “Why of course!” “What’s the trick? There’s no way you would do something like that for me without a purpose.” “A purpose? Really now, and I thought we came to an agreement about getting along.” She crossed her arms hoping he would just buy that. “Um……well……fine then………” “Okay, sit right there.” He sighed. He still had a mild doubt about it, he couldn’t argue about what she just said. In fact, he promised himself that he would avoid a conflict with her as much as possible. ‘Now, I have work again,’ she sighed in her mind. ‘Why couldn’t he come a little while later.’ As she was going to take the strawberries, she spotted the vegetables beside. ‘Well, I never said what kind of drink I’ll make.’ She smirked. “Crumpet, stop.” “What do you want demon spawn?” Galahad said continuing his pace. “It’s too warm today and I am not in the state to endure your nonsense. I’m going to cool off.” “In that case you could embrace me.” She smirked. “My physical temperature is quite cold. It could be in your liking.” “Don’t you dare take another step close! Stay away. I’m going outside.” Saying so he went out. “Now how shall I entertain myself?” she sighed. “He did say something about cooling off. Even though my suggestion was the best, I’ll look in the kitchen for alternatives.” “Here you go! Hope you enjoy it!” She smiled. ‘Why the heck is she acting so……’his eye twitched “Thanks, I still don’t get why-“ His eyes widened as soon as he took one gulp. “So, how is it?” she suppressed the urge to laugh. ‘Did she add capsicum and chilies in it?! Wait what’s with this taste. Just how much salt did she use!’ “What you- ‘Wait, she actually took the effort to make something for me.. She’s trying to reconcile but maybe she can’t make a decent drink. That’s why she’s just trying to hide her embarrassment. That’s why she’s acting strange. Not that I thought she could.’ He mentally sighed. ‘Even if I try to correct her, I doubt she’ll listen and it’ll end up in another argument…’ “Well?” ‘Revenge is so sweet. Oh, in this case, it’s hot.’ She mentally laughed. “It’s nice.” “Eh? It is?!” “Yes, look I’m drinking it all up.’ Suppressing his disgust he drank it all in a breath.” “……………you actually drank it?!” ”Ya, can’t you see.” He coughed suppressing the urge to vomit it all out. “Aha……ahaahahahahah.” She burst out. “I can’t take this anymore!” “W-What the………you actually made it that way on purpose?” “hahaha, of couse I did! And you……haha……you actually drank it all! Ahaha……..” “No wonder it was disgusting………why you- “What’s with commotion here?” “Te’ijal, you……won’t believe…… how stupid he……” she couldn’t finish her sentence before bursting out again. Te’ijal raised a brow at her. “We were just having milkshakes. She just can’t make a decent one and accidentally put something stupid in her’s. Don’t pay attention to her.” Saying so he got out. “What did you say? Hey, you! Wait right there!” Rhen went after him. “Hmm……milkshake. I could make that for crumpet.” She nodded to herself and searched for the elements she needed. She had observed sometimes Rhen making it and so she thought she could do it on her own. However, “That southern woman keeps different things over Aia in her cupboard. It would do no harm to add an extra ingredient.” She searched in Elini’s cupboard and she came across a small vial containing a colorless fluid inside it. “Well, it has quite the smell. I’ll put it in.” as she put the last ingredient in and mixed it, footsteps approached the kitchen. “What adultery are you doing in here, Demon Spawn?” “When you address me with such words you become even more appealing crumpet.” “I thought I could get something to quench my thirst,” Galahad sighed and turned to leave.” “In that case, there is one right here.” She brought it in front of his face. “How did it happen to be there? Did you do something?” “It might be that it was just there and you happen to come on the right time.” Te’ijal planned to surprise him. “I shall have it then.” He took it from her hand. “It does have a strange smell. Those kids have been bringing quite some items.” Saying so he drank it as Te’ijal looked on. “It has a strange taste.” He commented after he finished it. “Why is it so hot today?” he sighed as he took of his jacket and turning to leave. As he did that he bumped Lars. “Hey! Watch where your-“ Galahad left him without even turning. “Huh? Don’t you dare ignore me!” Lars stopped in his tracks, “What’s that smell?” “Crumpet is making such an amusing expression!” Te’ijal perked “Seriously? His face was red and he was sweating way too much and you call that……wait, don’t tell me,” he turned to her. “What did you do?” he asked her with a blank face. “Quite the amusing expression. You all never tire me with such entertainment.” “Entertainment, huh?” his eyes twitched. As he was going to open his mouth, he spotted an empty glass. He took it up. “So, this is where the smell was coming from. What’s this?” he saw the small vial. “Jeez, this smell is so intense.” “Yes, I have taken a liking to this smell. That’s why I added in the milkshake for Galahad.” “Wait, what?” he inspected the vial and smell again. “oh no. You didn’t do what I think you did……How did he drink it all?” “You’re making another amusing expression.” She mused. “Did you discover something.” “We need to hurry up and find him before he does something stupid.” Saying so he left the kitchen followed by Te’ijal. “Stupid?” “Yes, because that thing you added was………really now?” he stooped suddenly near the staircase. “What’s wrong, human?” she saw a shirt on the floor. “Seriously?! He’s taking off his clothes?!”
  8. Since I have a long vacation, I thought to start my unending list of fics again. I hope I haven't lost my touch (If I had any ever)
  9. it was.......really nice. it felt quite original as per the storyline
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