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  1. Beyond Magic II- arriving on february 2016..Double the crazy...double the fun!
  2. Thanks winterflower. The game is a romance with some comedy and drama(but mostly romance and comedy...xD) I´m finishing the testings(since the game is already finished) but I´m not rushing it since Amanda still hasn´t put up my last game called "Beyond Magic". But the good news is that one more week and this game will be more than tested and officially finished!
  3. Pumpkin

    Tei's Art (!?)

    I like your art style and I can see you are improving a lot by each drawing. Keep up the good work...
  4. "Tale of the princess goat" https://i.chzbgr.com/full/8569504512/h3D88A5AF/ Rina is known all across the lands as the princess of thieves.If it exists, she can find it and steal it! https://i.chzbgr.com/full/8569506560/h0DABD44F/ Leviathan, the prince of the Ocean only wanted peace and quiet, and wasn´t seen in dry land for ages..up until the day he comes out of his domains and announces to the world he will give a party to invite all of the red-hair girls of the kingdom, and intends to marry one of them! https://i.chzbgr.com/full/8569507328/h414F8CC1/ Jack is a mysterious servant that keeps following Leviathan with fishy intents... https://i.chzbgr.com/full/8569508608/h1B20DB39/ The Poet continues his travels all across the Omnia world, trying to share his beautiful poetry with everyone... The fate of this team will cross paths in a fun and crazy adventure.(more news and images uploaded later...)Many kisses...
  5. But i have an acount there and i upload there images and they work fine on other forums... But i will try one of these you recomend If they work, then its fine by me\ /
  6. It is one called "can i has cheezburguer", but it lets me put here the links to the images...just not the images...
  7. For me worked just now, but when i atempted to do it the second time, the error occured again. so i now realize i can only post pictures i already have in another forum, because if i try to put images here even from sites i have an acount and it was me who uploaded them, the error occurs... Never mind this...ill put images in the other forum, and then ill put them here, when i need to show pictures in the future...
  8. That code code is missing something slimm... I always upload stuff to an image hosting, but i can only post here the link...that´s not quite the same thing.I wanted to post the real image that is already hosted somewhere, so we can see the image- -' How are people doing it.I see in the art threads and other threds people doing it...
  9. I wanted to upload images directly to the posts but it sais i dont have permission for that...how come? I wanted to post pics for the game im making so the thread becomes more prety, but i can only post links to the images...what am i doing wrong?
  10. The incredible hulkkkk\ / If you were a disney character, which one would you be?^^a(vilains, animals and everything included...chose one)
  11. In the summer, maybe 7 days...- -' In the winter, maybe 5... If you by accident found a magic kingdom all made with sweets(chocolats, gelly beans, marsmellows, candys of all kinds and cotton candy, flowers made of ice cream, and rivers made with fruit juices and all sweets you can remember, would you take a bite out of something, or would you wait till you find someone that said it was ok for you to eat, even though that there was a chance of no one ever appearing?!
  12. I already have a cat, but i´m almost convincing my sweatheart for us to have a mini pig....So, My answer is a mini pig They are so cute and fluffy and well behaved...
  13. I love to read bookssss\ / My favorits are comic books with donald duck and mickey mouse and goofy and many others.^^ What would you prefer between these flavours?(you can only chose one ) -Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolat, minth or strawberry!
  14. When i grow up i want to be a seagull and forever watch the sky and the sea, and eat corn and travel all over the world(the chances of this happening is like...impossible, but one can dream out loud whenever...^^ eheh) If you had to chose between mushroom flavored noodles, or mexican nachos(also known as doritos)...what would you chose?^^a
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