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  1. Zap the corrupt officials using Thundershock. Just kidding. I completely understand how you feel. Even I am from the Philippines. Well, we all live in a democratic country after all, and if we, people, think that there should be a change in the government, all we have to do is muster up the courage and rise together to protest against them.
  2. karen081998

    Magic Debate

    I believe that magic exists. :dragon: There are so many things that science can not prove alone, and besides, there are different kinds of magic in our everyday lives.
  3. I'm from the Philippines!
  4. I really :love: fluffy puppies http://cdn.theanimals.pics/pictures/s3.favim.com/orig/47/cute-dog-dogs-pet-pets-Favim.com-432557.jpg[/img]
  5. :dual: Entomophobia - FEAR OF INSECTS but I'm more on the Katsaridaphobia - FEAR OF COCKROACHES
  6. :love: Omg, those bats really cute! >o<
  7. I played through the game without any equipments or weapons. I survived only until Nanghaithya because I saved my file right when she talked to me, and my hp, mp, and items are no good anymore, so I had to play again. Tbh, I replayed the game the three times already before I could finish it. It was the first RPG I played after all. I really love the Aveyond Series, and I can't wait for the fourth one! :love:
  8. :FunnyBunny: Hi, everyone! I'm Karen. I'm new here. It's nice to meet you all! :hamster: Likes: Playing RPG, Watching Anime and Cartoons, Drawing, Singing and Dancing, Playing Sports, Playing the Piano, Eating, Sleeping, Procrastinating Favorite Games: Eternal Eden and Aveyond Series Favorite Characters: [Eternal Eden] Noah, Jean, Fierro, Joelle [Aveyond] Rhen, Lars, Elini, Te'ijal, Galahad, Ean, Rye, Emma, Gavin, Ava One Eye, Mel, Edward Favorite Couples: Rhen :love: Lars, Te'ijal :love: Galahad, Ean :love: Iya, Rye :love: Emma, Mel :love: Edward
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