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  1. Hey, welcome to the School of War and Magic! *is late in seeing that you joined, sorry*

  2. The site is amazingly fast. tho I'm kind of lost without the guilds. They made the forums alive with festivals
  3. banned for using 1 instead of one
  4. Making lists works for me. The trick is you have to write it down manually. My new year resolution is: Become more diligent.
  5. ya'll banned for having big siggies and giving me a hard time scrolling.
  6. Mercenary fits you well as a lycan. In Aveyond. I'm probably a cat in teacup town who laze around eyeing a pale human who got fangs.
  7. elonah

    Magic Debate

    It does exist. there wouldn't be a word for it if it doesn't exist. And science kind of recognize magic at some degree. For instance healing of sick people because they believe they would.
  8. elonah

    Eeeee! Books!

    I like reading e-books, the first time I found out I could read using my mobile phone. I bought a lot of e-books. Nice things about it are: I could read even if the light in our room is off, my roommates always wants the lights out when they're sleeping I could read book comfortably even if it has pages as massive as an encyclopedia. People can't see the cover of the book while I am reading, The only con I could think of is feeling the heat from the gadget I am reading from. I couldn't read without stopping on days when it's hot. The heat could wreck things inside the gadget, and my body, probably.
  9. What do you use to color your dragons? They look different from new CG
  10. elonah


    I saw a St. Bernard Dog this summer, it's huge. I didn't heard it bark though. We joked that it will probably sound like a bear I have social phobia, I think. Been having a hard time going out of the house, even just going at nearby stores. I'm getting better though.
  11. Are these like, plot holes?... I kind of remembered playing a quest involving King Lionel, and he turned into stone..I think there are two ways to do that quest, well blimey I'm not sure, I haven't replayed aveyond1 in a long time.
  12. I have two dogs, a belgian shepherd, but I would have panda if possible. I'll give it a hug
  13. You can game all you want after you're done in college. It's a management thing, if you're good at it and have the energy then do it. You see, some people doesn't just need a lot of sleep. It's different for all of us. Get the big picture, if I'm gonna play during college how would this affect me in three weeks, in three days?
  14. hint: You can kill it later after a new cycle.
  15. elonah


    Recently I develop fear with people, usually with jobs like teachers, advisers, receptionist, bosslike. I can speak clearly to somebody one on one and to an audience but not in a closed crowd. I can't look at their faces directly. I wasn't like that before.
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