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  1. Yup, brambles block the way to Dragon Wasteland. Gotta finish Raven Lord's quest first.
  2. Most of the items you can buy from other shops while other items will be found
  3. I love this game. The story line is amazing. I loved how there were parts of the game that tied to the other Aveyond games: sword singer, squirrels, the dream world, the orb of pettyness (I think) and the princess thinking of marrying a Pendragon to spite her father, the King. I was worried about the puzzles when you first announced it. I dislike pushing boulders around to solve a puzzle. But I love the puzzles you put in the game. The dungeon and the card puzzle was really interesting to solve. Kudos to the puzzle creators. Best puzzles in the Aveyond games. There was a lot to do in this game. There were some side quests that were not stated in the journal so that kept me on my toes. I loved how I had to look careful at the water to find those puddles for lovely surprises. The Cheekis were fun to find. I guess the name was derived from the word 'Cheeky'? The store was a great way to earn extra money and the night mode was fun too. I was thrown off by the new menu and found it rather tedious after a while having to click so many times just to change an equipment or to get to an item which happens to be at the bottom of the list. Also I must have accidentally sold off my map because half-way through the game I couldn't find it. Is there a possibility to make the map an unsalable item? It would have been great to be able to buy items faster like the old games instead of having to press the button 70 times. My stats: 32 hours to complete (I left out the icy and fire islands because of the glitch) My group was around levels 58-64 My favorite characters would have to be Hi'beru and Ingrid. I love their interaction. I couldn't get them to marry cause I couldn't find one ingredient which I guessed was on the icy island. I got the normal ending where no one was married. Great job and I can't wait for Aveyond 5 but I'll wait patiently.
  4. I'm having the same problem. I can't make the fire key though I have both materials as Phye keeps on saying, "Time to make Robin's sword." I've just smashed the barrier to Skull mountain. Forgot about the wizards at Ulrock. I'll wait for the update. Thanks.
  5. The goodie caves in this game are amazing. Especially that extra something that we get later in the game.
  6. That would be the reflective ball right? Go to the mirror.
  7. What level are you? You need to be at level nine to be able to beat the last group after you open the main door.
  8. You're right... I completely forgot I had it on Boyle. Thank you. It's off him now.
  9. When we're moving around, Boyle's a human. But when we have to battle, he's a frog. I know that I can use the 'Pepperdust' to sneeze him back to human, but is there any way I can change him back to human before a battle so I don't lose a turn with him at every battle? Thanks.
  10. I would be honored to beta test Aveyond 4. I love all the Aveyond games.
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