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  1. Im glad you emjoyed the demo and the bugs you found is pretty hard to explain but Ill work on it The game might be released within just a few weeks so stay tuned and thank you again for playing Radiation
  2. Radiation. An Action Adventure Rpg! Synopsis A young man namd Rick suddenly woke up surrounded by the wreckage ih his house. Astonished by everything he saw,he stood and he walked to go outside and see whats going on.And there outside,he saw the city,Destroyed,abandoned and no life can be found.He saw a dead body holding a mysterious gun which he took. Alas,when he ventured farther,mysterious monsters came out of nowhere! Even thought he is scared,he fought the monsters that terrorizes the ruined city until he passed out.After that,a group of Rescuers came and told him everything about what happened. "Different countries suddenly came over a huge misunderstanding.They all stated a Nuclear War and hundreds of Missiles were launched.When they all hit,Millions!Billions of lives were gone!The chemical energies that came out from the nuclear rockets affected its environment and every living creature turning them into a monster...Monster that kills human survivors..." Knowing those things,he also found out that he was in a Coma and he had beed sleeping for 5 months already.Knowing nothing from his memories...They were all erased.Now, his quest was to defeat all those monsters and make a better place for humans to live.As well as to find his missing memories. Characters: Main: Rick(Can be renamed)- A Survivor knowing nothing of his memories.Surprisingly good with guns and swords, he ventures to find his missing memories and to make a better place for other survivors Supporting: Athena- Leader of the Survivors Rescue team.The most fearsome of the group and specializes Snipers.Brave and strong,her goal was to save her comrades and to find more survivors. Harry- Smartest one in the group.Formulates plan even in the direst situation.Can handle rifles easily and is very nice.His goal was to learn more about the Monsters like the professor. Troy- Strongest one in the group.Emotionless yet Brave.He is the master of Shotguns and can perform close-combats against monsters.His goal was to never die and never let others die. Professor- The genius behind the special bullets created to destroy the monsters.His goal is to restore Earth. Screenshots: Crafting System!! Many Weapons to choose from!! Scripts Used: SAS ABS,HUD,Damage Sprites,Heal Player,Multiple Actors by Khas Quick Item Slot : Xail System One Player Menu by Tigurus Dash Stamina : Yami Engine Symphony Dash Disable : IXFURU Class Change by Hime Dual Weild by Fomar153 MOG Advance Load bar, MOG Animated Title,MOG Scene File by Moghunter. (Thanks to all of you ) Game Link: Without RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pj92v3ndp7a8adr/Radiation.exe RTP Link:http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages
  3. Thats awesome then!Maybe If I played your project I might learn more when.it comes to rpg making!
  4. Is it just me or the link is dead? Im realy looking forward on playing this one
  5. Just saw the screenshots and it really looks so interesting.If I may,I want to do a Beta Test on this one once it comes out. The Theme,The mapping and so much more is very well detailed.
  6. The full game link will be posted tonight.Thank uou and yes,It us inspired by Dont Starve and Minecraft.
  7. Just Survive!! An Arcade,Survival,Rouge-Like(Or is it?) RPG Game!From the Greaper Games! Stranded in a Deserted Island?Don't know what to do?!Don't just stand there! Do some thing!Start Scurrying Resources!It wont walk right for you you know! Plant Crops!Chop Trees!Mine Ores!Do all of that before the dangerous Dark Came! Randomly Generated Map and Resources! Crafting System! And Cooking too?! Time based as well?!There is Dusk! Dark and Dawn!Ang all back to day! Just Survive!Come play now! Game Links: Without RTP:http://www.mediafire.com/download/b9edhye8kw2ruly/Just_Survive.exe With RTP: https://www.mediafire.com/?h1ipij2g0n0ehn1 Special Thanks to: CP's Random Dungeon Generator Script (Made everything possible!Thank you so much!) MOG's Pickup and Throw Script (Made my game even better!Thanks!) Tsukuhime's Random Event Position(Thanks!Your a Life saver!) Raizen's Lune Ultimate Anti-Lag!(Done so much!Thank you!) Mr. Bubble Crafting System Script!(Another Life saver!Thank you!)
  8. Haha I'm happy to see that you are enjoying the game so far!I wish you will enjoy more as you progress and Yes,the link is updated just download it and the errors found are fixed!Good luck at the game and thank you!
  9. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I think I forgot to edit the link so I will update the game plus the Item Quest you're talking about really meant to vanish all Items if they don't meet the required number so you must bring all at once . Sorry again but still,thank's for the comment. P.S. I'm a Filipino and I'm so bad when it comes to English but I gave everything I have to polish the Messages and texts in the game so please understand
  10. Note: The game is crude because it's my first game finished,so if you have bad comments,just leave.... If you have suggestions please do,It may help me in the future.But still thank you for those who downloaded this game! Storyline: Years ago before the modern civilization lives a mysterious race called the "Elementalizers". They were kept a secret for such a very long time so that everyone could live with each other peacefully.But alas,the secret was revealed and they were treated as a threat.Anti-Elementalizers;the race that vowed to kill all Elementalizers,started to make their move and a war sparked. The Elemental Spirits awakened and bothered about the war so they summoned the Holy Elemental to stop the war and it caused to materialize Elements into Magical Orbs. The war stopped and the Orbs were kept.The Elementalizers,again,hid their race but the Anti Elementalizers are stillon the go.The Spirit foresaw the Void Elemental will rise and conquer the world together with the Anti's.The prophet that a Hero will be soon born and save the world from Devastation.... And there where the Game starts.... Screenshots: Features: *Monster and Items Collecting Quests *Numbers of Monsters and Creatures will ascend upon you. *Different town to Stay to. *10+ Dungeons to Explore *Many Secrets to reveal *Surprising Aftermath(Extra Storyline after the game) File Size: Main Game:12.0 MB http://www.4shared.com/file/0-kBbPKdce/Elementalizers-Elemental_Disso.html RTP:180 MB + http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages (Install Both) Special Thanks to: Sunfluer A Girl....
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