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  1. I can access the item without any trouble but when I deleted auto save 0 it stopped showing rgss error thank you tons!! I hope I won't encounter it again.. If ever I get that again should I delete the save file 0 again?
  2. @argoyle I tried this method and every method I could find on net but it still wont work. This method fixes games which have error on start up I encounter error while saving. When I try to safe the safe it shows rgss has stopped working.
  3. I bought this game from steam community and it was working fine but suddenly while playing it crashed and said "RGSS player not working". Can someone help me with this.
  4. Well its sort of like that but more because he looked awesome with that mask that's why.
  5. Because I want him to.. Lol
  6. Happy Birthday gift to my friend.. Here is your cat Joy .. humanized ^__^
  7. Thank you .. .. Thank you ~ ... ^^
  8. Haha its ok .. Most of the people are not into gothic stuffs and piercing .. So I can understand : )
  9. That's a piercing... Lol... Its a different kind of piercing... Button piercing.. When you see it in full size it ll be visible clearly.. Its not full size ... Check my deviantart for full size.
  10. ^^,,, other colors are coming soon...
  11. Original character for my Rainbow Collection: Depicts VIOLET.... Name: AMETH
  12. Finished with my elf fantasy ... ^__^ ION (Original Character)
  13. Thanks.... I am trying to post frequently but for few weeks I won't be able to ... Exams are near so I need to study for that... As soon as I finish my exams I ll restart my drawing ^^
  14. Thank you. And please don't be sorry its ok.. ^^ your English is fine. Well I draw when I feel like.. : ) .. And nope these are not my old works ... It depends on my free time.. Whenever I have free time I draw.
  15. Ahh... a fan of Kim jaejoong .... haha.. cute ... anyways glad to know you like my work.. I ll try to update it frequently...
  16. hahah "Kim jaejoong " Is he your favorite singer ? .... glad you like it ^^... and please dont be sorry ... I really appreciate comments directly from heart ,.. ^__^
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